Race Review: Baldwin Park Half Marathon

Chip Time: 02:06:18
Date: November 13, 2010

Swag: One cotton t-shirt, and one 80 calorie bag of Dole yogurt covered pineapple. I’m surprised we had to pick up our packets the day before to get only this. Especially since we had to pick up our transponders at the race only.

Today I ran the first race I’ve ever run alone. Sure, my friends sprint past me never to be seen again in other races, but this one I was actually starting alone. So cold. So alone.

The race was small – approximately 500 people ran it and it was located 10 minutes away from my house. And it was cheap. All good things.

You know how you’re never supposed to do something new in a race? Well, I did it again. I carried a water bottle instead of using my CamelBak. It worked out ok, but I just don’t like having something in my hands while running.

No D-tags for this race, just transponders that you had to give back after the race. When I crossed the finish, a volunteer actually did the “stop in the name of love” hand motion to stop me from walking forward and then took the transponder off my ankle. A little daunting, but it’s not like I was gonna wear it with my favorite outfit.

I swear I don’t have cankles but this picture suggests otherwise.

Oh yeah. Speaking of new things, I wore my Asics for this race. Annnnd I’ll be going back to my Sauconys.

I started on the front line of this race. THAT is how small it was.

This is the front line.

Then everyone and their brother and their walker-using grandma passed me up. I swear I didn’t pass anyone (except for 2 walkers) until Mile 4. It felt like the whole race was in front of me.

After Mile 6, I saw the pace setter ride by and the runner who, I assume, got first place. A chic that was booking ass while her abs glistened in the sun. I had to squint from the brightness of her glory. And then I felt inferior because I knew how far the turn around was since my friend Michelle and I did 10 miles on the same trail the weekend before.

That’s the start line and the pace setter (on the bike).

Heavy police presence at the Port-o-Potties. You know, just in case.

I felt good during this race and I PRed, which was super cool. But a race is SO not as fun when you don’t have someone to share it with afterwards. I definitely missed having a friend there. Now I know why runners have their family members meet them at the finish. Makes such a difference.

In other news, how’s this for the lamest medal ever?

No? Let’s give you some perspective and compare it to my other medals:

Three half marathons and I’m already a medal snob. But seriously, you could make a medal like that with one of those machines that flatten out pennies and put it on a rope. Stay classy, Orlando.


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3 responses to “Race Review: Baldwin Park Half Marathon

  1. aw, I didn't know you did it alone. I kinda like doing them alone, less pressure and performance anxiety for me, but the end is sort of anti-climatic if no one is there.

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