Heathe Not-so-Trim

Day 2 of Heathe Trim. So far so good, if you like starving all day long. It’s supposed to be an appetite suppressant, right? I was so hungry all day that I ate lunch at 10am and continued to snack every hour or two until dinner time. Way to suppress, HT.

The Web site for Heathe Trim says that caffeine and artificial sweeteners stimulate appetite, which is why you aren’t supposed to consume any while on Healthe Trim. Well, if I was going to be hungry without drinking caffeine anyway…

Me: 2, Diet Coke: 0

I’m getting ready for the Women’s Magazine Half Marathon this weekend. And by getting ready, I mean I bought 2 cute new running outfits. If I’m gonna be sweaty and disgusting – I wanna confuse people with a cute outfit.

I also bought a rack to hang all my medals on. Medals need love too. Even cheesy two dollar wanna be medals on green ribbon.


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2 responses to “Heathe Not-so-Trim

  1. Maybe it's just revving your appetite? Not that you NEED to take anything anyways.Where'd you get your loot? I think I'm wearing purple. Shocking, I know.

  2. That's all Kohls with a 30% off coupon. Nike shirt was already $9 (on sale 70% off). I think we'll be the only ones not in pink!

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