Race Review: OUC Half Marathon

Chip time: 02:05:38

This race took place in downtown Orlando and started by Lake Eola. I PRed (by about 30 seconds), which is better than NOT PRing of course, but in all honesty, after running 5 of these in the past 2 months I just expected more of myself. So there you have it. Sad sap: party of one.

Now on to the race review!

I’ll start this review by saying – never try anything new in a race! With that said, I tried 2 new things. I ran in my Mizunos, their first run over 4 miles. Thank goodness these shoes did not work for Michelle and she “donated” them to me because I love them!

…and I brought food – a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I really should have taken the crusts off…

Michelle and I headed downtown around 6am and found parking supa-easy. We also found this Christmas tree which Michelle photo bombed.

We walked to the start line and had 20 minutes to spare.


We said hi to our friend Kate’s hubby, Steve. He finished in 01:37.

Way to go, Steve!

We got in the 8 mi/hr pace area (not that we come close to running that pace) and we were off…

As usual, the first 8 miles were easy. I ate the first 1/4 of the PB&J around the 7.5 mile mark, and let me tell you how much I hate eating during a race. I had to force it down. And I like PB&J’s almost more than fantasizing about how Robert Downey, Jr. will become my next husband.

At mile 10, I realized I wasn’t going to make a sub-2-hour race. At that point, I just checked out mentally. That’s my main goal with these races, and it’s really disappointing to know you won’t make it.

Around 10.5 miles, I tried to eat another 1/4 PB&J but couldn’t finish it. Excercise, eating, and me is like a trifecta of…something that’s a horrible trifecta together. Like, ice cream and ketchup in a dirty sock. I need to eat something because it really helps with my energy levels, so I’m not sure what to do.

The end of the race featured a craptastic food array including bagels, granola bars, and oranges. No bananas, people? We just.ran.13.miles. Throw a girl a bone. Or a banana.

Overall, it really was a good race. I’m just disappointed in myself.

Michelle and I in front of Lake Eola.

Check out the black swans!

 I am happy to have Michelle with me for most of my races. Everyone thinks we’re crazy with all our running and she’s the only one who will keep me company.
Oh…and Michelle finished in 02:00:18. Way to go, Michelle! She’s just 19 seconds away from our sweet, sweet goal.

Sub-2-hour race…we’ll see YOU in Melbourne.

Updated: I did not see it in Melbourne. heh


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2 responses to “Race Review: OUC Half Marathon

  1. you guys SO rocked this race! so impressed! and just think? this was the ouch half marathon near lake ebola?! what? you GOT that sub 2hr race! BRING IT ON MELBOURNE!!

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