Race Review: Reindeer Run 5k

Clock Time:  29:00
Location:  Sea World

No chip timing since this was a fun run, so really…who the heck knows what my time was? I didn’t really know where the start line was, so I didn’t know when I should start my Garmin.

Garmin Stats

  • Time: 28:38
  • Distance: 3:29
  • Avg. Pace: 8:42

Whoah Nelly! Look at that 8:09 first mile. I was rockin’ it. Then I slowed significantly, so hopefully any of my future attackers can only run a half mile or so.

I arrived at the race way too early. And it was cold, overcast, and misting. I met up with Michelle and her friends, Heather and Tracey, and after some hanging around we got into the 8min/mile pacer area.

Michelle, Heather, Tracey and me (left to right)

I do appreciate a fellow photo bomber...

 That’s when I noticed the chic who was 7 months pregnant and the 80-year old woman in the same pacer area and decided to move up closer to the 6min/mile pacer. Only dogs and 8 year old children in this area.  Much better.


Just before we moved up, we noticed this guy. I’m pretty sure his girlfriend dressed him that way because he did not look happy.

In the middle. Huge bow on his head.

Maybe he lost a bet.

The race started and we did a very scenic run through the parking lot. There were many magical things to see here, like lamp posts and parked cars.  Once we got out of the parking lot and  made it into the park, it was decorated really pretty. Lots of lit up Christmas trees, decorations, and staff dressed up along the route including a Santa and some helpers. The rides were all going as well, so we saw Manta racing along the tracks above us and the water rides spashing.


At one point there was fake snow falling in an area (I think I heard Heather say they were little soap shavings). Nice touch. Unless you’re running through it and want to breathe or keep your vision.

This race did have some traffic issues which I wasn’t a part of since I arrived early, but the race started 30 minutes late because of it.

I’m not a big fan of 5ks. Since you have to run them so fast, I burn out quickly (which you can see from my time). Plus, this girl doesn’t get up at 5am to run a race with no chip timing. Yeah, first a medal snob. Now a chip timing snob. When will it ever end?

Overall the race was cute. I don’t think I’ve been to Sea World since I was about 13 either, so it was fun to see even if it was running through it.  I really enjoyed doing something so holiday-themed, but I don’t think I’d run it again unless it was truly just for fun. It was hard to enjoy everything going on around me when I was too worried about my time.

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