Top Five List

Top five things on my mind today. In no particular order.

1. Warrior Dash

I finally signed up. I’m really excited and nervous to do this because I’ve never done anything like it. This will be my first race of the new year in which I will crawl under barbed wire, climb bales of hay and cargo nets, and dash down a river.
This should be a piece of cake since I do this at home. But at home, it’s more like crawling under the sheets, climbing over piles of laundry, and dashing salt on my food. So obviously I’m already in shape for this from all that home training.

2. Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter

I’m super bummed about their marriage ending – and having to wait another year for another season of Dexter. I really like both of them, so now I’m setting them up with other celebrities in my mind. Pretty much everyone looks good with Zachary Levi, so I choose him as my her next boyfriend.

3.  Pumpkin Spice Vitatops

I need to try these. Right after I pick whatever those things are off the top of it.

4.  First Full Marathon

I’m actually considering a full marathon now, which is funny because around mile 11 of every half marathon, I swear to myself I’ll never do another one. Then I’m looking up new races the next day.

If I do one next year, it will most likely be Rock n Roll Savannah in November. Plenty of time for me to train and the drive isn’t too bad. And I promise I won’t keep running AFTER the finish line this time.

5.  Cher

Who DOESN’T have Cher on their mind? This topic came up after emailing with my friend, Kate. I mentioned taking a “Silkwood shower” and she didn’t know what I meant. Then, after explaining that Silkwood is the greatest movie of all time, I found myself divulging things that no normal girl should. So, I might as well share it with you too.

In middle school, I had a big thing for Cher. And that might be putting it mildly. This was a time when I had to see all her movies, listen to all her music, and collect every picture I could find for my bedroom walls.

I remember begging my dad to take me to see Witches of Eastwick when it came out because I was too young to get into R-rated movies. I remember going to the back of my middle school library and ripping out the front cover of Newsweek so I could keep her picture.

Yeah, this was the one I stole. Totally worth becoming a criminal for.

When I was a Junior in high school, I ran into a guy who was in 8th grade with me. He didn’t even say hello after three years. He just asked me, “do you still love Cher?” 

Apparently, I couldn’t stop talking about her during that time either. And don’t you go thinking Cher is special. After several years, I kicked her to the curb for Cybill Shepherd.

Don’t even get me started on Moonlighting

Oh. And I’m not kidding. Apologies go to those who had to live through that with me.

6.  New Kids on the Block

I still know all the words to “Funky, Funky Christmas” and I’m not afraid to sing it to you.

Ok, so that was six things. But wasn’t that 6th thing worth it?


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5 responses to “Top Five List

  1. Yes, I will be having a funky, funky Xmas too. Those VitaTops look yummy!

  2. tim

    i hear once you do one of these… you'll never go back…

  3. That actually looks just like the Warrior Dash with a different name. Can I get you to do one of those with me? 🙂

  4. Silkwood shower = awesome. I watched that dang movie so many times that I don't know if I can stand to see it again. But I might have to try. I'm skeptical of the pumpkin spice VitaTop flavor. The apple crumb ones were resoundingly meh. Lemme know what you think.

  5. Hi! I just found your blog through skinnyrunner. Love it. Had to comment on this post- I love dexter too and was bummed about the split. How did you like this season? Also, love zachary levi too! I just started a running blog too and would love any stories/comments/tips u wanna share runner to runner. Check it out and become a follower if u want! Url is Megan

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