Holiday Pretzels

I just got back from the gym. I ran a super sweaty (and therefore super slow) 7.1 miles and walked 1.4 miles. Those 7.1 were not consecutive because the gym was crowded and hot today. But I was determined to put in some mileage even with people staring at my sweaty goodness. I thought about getting a picture of how I looked after the run, but then decided that no one needs to see that. No one.

Before the gym, I decided to make a test batch of holiday pretzels. I want to make these for the hub’s parents on Christmas Eve. I got the recipe off of a blog I love, Peanut Butter Fingers. They looked super easy, and super tasty.

The recipe calls for three ingredients: pretzels, red and green m&ms, and white chocolate discs. This is the part where I suggest you not deviate from a recipe. Especially when your idea of “getting creative” is microwaving a hot dog and putting it in a tortilla.

Exhibit A: What mine looked like.

White chocolate morsels do not melt like a disc of chocolate.

So lumpy they could do the Lumpty Dance

Exhibit B:  What they’re supposed to look like.



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2 responses to “Holiday Pretzels

  1. The lumpty dance is kinda fun to do though — and I'm sure they taste great. Did Kate tell you how she melted Hershey kisses (she used the white chocolate/peppermint ones – mmm) and Rolo's on top of pretzels? They were awesome.

  2. Yes! She did. I may have to go into experimentation mode with the next batch cuz those peppermint ones sound awesome!

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