One Girl’s Perspective on Tron Legacy

Remember how I said I haven’t been to the theatre in forever? Well, I went to the movies Friday night to see Tron Legacy. Since this movie does not star Zac Effron or Rob Pattinson, you are right in thinking this was purely the hubman’s choice.

We arrived at the theater at 10pm and were gonna hit up the 10:30 show, which was not in 3-D. The hubman got that puppy dog “I wanna see 3-D” look in his eyes (and he doesn’t even like 3-D), so we decided to see if we could make the 10pm 3-D showing. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Is the 10pm show sold out?”
Box office lady:  “Not even close.”

Ahhh, so no one wants to see this movie.

If you liked the first Tron, you will like the new one. If you hated the first Tron, you will hate the new one slightly less than the first one. I’ll let you decide which category I’m in. I think I’d like to sum this one up with bullet points of my thoughts during the movie instead of an actual recap. Mostly because I don’t think I could recap this movie if I tried. Without further adieu:

  • Opening credits: “I love Olivie Wilde. She can make anything good. Hey, maybe making this stupid movie is why I haven’t seen her on House lately.”

  • 30 minutes: “Wow, they made Jeff Goldblum look really good.”
    The hubs assured me that Jeff Goldblum was not in the movie. I disagreed. I think they made Jeff Goldblum look good…and JUST like Jeff Bridges.”

This picture actually came up when I googled Jeff Bridges.
  • 60 minutes: “Sweet jeebus this is boring.”
  • 75 minutes: “This dude is like, Hayden Christensen caliber bad at acting.”  And apparently he plays with toys of himself.

  • 90 minutes: “Man, Bruce Boxleitner is aging well.”
  • Around when he made the first Tron.
    The Babylon 5 days.
    Not sure of the time frame, but a few years back.
    Him now. And I have no clue who that lady is.
    I just know it’s not his wife, Melissa Gilbert.
  • 100 minutes: “People shatter like glass when they die in the “program”…that’s pretty cool!
  • 105 minutes: “Hey, he’s from True Blood!”
  • 125 minutes: “I’ve seen him before somewhere.”
  • 140 minutes: “I like that girl’s makeup.”

    • 180 minutes:  End credits.

    Disclaimer:  Time stamps may  not be accurate.

    My rating:  3 out of 10 stars.

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