Back to Real Life

Happy New Year!
I’m officially back home in Orlando after a fun week of visiting family in San Diego and eating way too much good food. I had a great time with my brother…

(Maybe next time I see him, I’ll even brush my hair. I said maybe.)

The Hubs…

(I was really trying to get the tree in the background. Well, I say, holiday spirit = captured!)

My mama…

(She was really just hanging around for the birthday cake.)

My niece and nephews…

(Masters of the Self Photo)

(More self photos? Well, alright!)

By the way, my nephew on the right has full use of both of his eyes. Not too sure what’s going on there. I’d love to post some pictures of my sister-in-law, but she’d find out and I might not get invited back.

So, after all the delicious food…

My nephews 12th birthday party…

(Picture it. Fifteen 12-year old boys singing karaoke to “Single Ladies.” I’m pretty sure I saw two of them not even needing to look at the lyrics.)

A classy New Year’s party at my brother’s friend’s house…

(Cristal and Easy Cheese. Nothing but the best for this girl.)

We were all pooped and looked something like this…

Thanks for all the hospitality big bro. 🙂 Love ya!


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2 responses to “Back to Real Life

  1. 13point1miles

    Glad you had a good time in San Diego! 🙂 Happy 20111

  2. tim

    wow. that was exhausting. i ate (everything put in front of me). i watched (kids running amok). i ran (to the bathroom). GREAT visit sis'! we miss you already…. hurry back!!

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