Linkin Park and My Crappy Camera

I’m gonna find a lake. And then I’m gonna to throw my camera in it.

But before I do that, let me tell ya about last night. The hubs, the bestie (Lisa), and I all headed down to Tampa around 3:00 to see Linkin Park at the St. Pete Times Forum.


Yes. The St. Pete Times Forum is actually in Tampa. 

We checked into the Embassy Suites (which is right across the street) and got ready for the concert. Lisa and I did not intentionally dress alike. When you’ve known someone for 28 years, apparently you start to look like them. Like owners and their dogs.


Lisa took this one. She asked us to bring this sexy for this pic. So we did. Hard.


You know what’s awesome? That my camera likes to color photos as it sees fit. Who needs realism when you can look like your in a sleezy hotel?

After we got ready, we headed out to the arena to meet up with our friends Linda (the evil personal trainer), Jimmy (her husband), and David and Amber.


David and Amber are so cute I always have to get a picture of them.

And then hang it on my creepy serial killer shrine in my basement.


Pendulum opened. I had only heard one song of theirs prior to seeing them but now I need to get their album. They were amazing.


They were so amazing that my camera couldn’t contain it’s excitement and starting taking more pictures in psychedelic vision!


I hate you, camera.

Then of course, the headliner came on stage.

Linkin Park = always worth the ticket price. Always.


Most of my pictures came out like this:


Today I will be buying a new camera.


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5 responses to “Linkin Park and My Crappy Camera

  1. Susan and I were talking about your camera (and hers last night). She is having similar problems. Weird!

    Concert looks fun! Glad you all had a great time!

  2. Sara

    Nice! How is LP’s new album?

    • It’s good! (Although, not as good as some of their previous stuff) Their albums always take me a few listens before they grow on me. (Check out When They Come for Me on the new album. That’s the best one.) 🙂

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  4. dude. we had floor seats too. right where you guys were. our pictures look the same.

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