Workin' It Out

(last night’s) Workout: Walked on treadmill 55 min (3.2 miles)

Random stuff first. My thigh is feeling much better today. Glad I did a light workout last night. And about that severe weather – it wasn’t so severe. We unplugged TVs and computers and I cleaned the house instead for nothing. To think I could have been sitting in front of the TV not cleaning the whole time.

You know what I love? New half marathons popping up in my area. The Iron Girl Clearwater Half Marathon on April 10 is sounding pretty good right now. That time of year is a crap shoot in Florida – it can be 40 degrees or it can be 90 degrees. And this girl sucks at hot weather running. I think that’s the only thing that’s holding me back from signing up.

That view definitely does not suck.

So, I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite workouts in more detail (you’ll be able to find them linked on my Faves page too). This past weekend, I did a workout with my personal trainer that I loved. I briefly mentioned it in another post, but here are the details. 

**Remember: what works for me may not work for you. Adapt the excercise, weight, and intensity to your level of fitness.***

We did 2 sets of each of these excercises.



Explanation of Exercises:



  • The excercise looked just like this without a bunch of guys staring at me. Picture one guy. My husband. Laughing at me in the background. We did a full swinging motion on both the right and left side. By the way, please do not do this if you do not know how to swing a sledgehammer. It’s DANGEROUS. Our personal trainer’s husband demonstrated how to hold and swing a sledgehammer and we practiced several times before actually doing the workout.

Fireman Runs

fireman runs

  • They looked like this, but with a 50 lb bag of bird seed over one shoulder. And a lot less smiling.

Tire Lifts


  • We flipped a tire about this size down our personal trainers backyard and back. Use your knees to lift the tire (NOT your back). This crap was FUN. 🙂

 Kettle Bell Swings


  •  Keep your back straight and squat as the bell goes between your legs.



  • I’m terrible at these. So I do my sets by jumping up partially and then using my arm strength to pull me the rest of the way up. These are so good for you and I want to get better at them.




  • Just like this…minus the acrobatic part C.

I felt this workout for 2 days afterwards, particularly in my shoulders, back, and lats. I love a workout that gives you that sore-but-it-feels-so-good feeling afterwards.  🙂


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8 responses to “Workin' It Out

  1. I want in on this action. Even though if it were to be graded I’d get a big fat “F” 🙂

  2. Kim K

    Your workout looks a lot like Crossfit. I love crossfit – the workouts are hellacious but fun at the same time and half the time you don’t even realize the work your doing until the following day. Im glad you enjoy running. I hate it. I’m trying to change that mindset and I actually do want to enjoy it. Love the posts.

  3. Mz Teri

    All this talk about working out makes me feel SO lazy! I bow down to your abilities, Ms. Paula!

  4. Linda

    Hey the kettle bell was 20lbs!

  5. That workout sounds like so much fun, although I’m sure it was insanely tough while you were doing it. My husband would be so jealous, he always wants to do the crazy stuff that the biggest loser contestants have to do.

  6. Stacie

    I am glad your thigh is feeling better!! This girl sucks at running in the heat too. I literally puke. Ya not fun!! That half in April looks so fun! You should totally do it!

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