35 Minute Speed Workout

This wasn’t the workout I was planning tonight, but it will do. My tummy has been feeling pretty questionable off and on for most of the day.  I have small windows of time where I’m feeling pretty good, so I knew I needed to use one of those windows for a workout. So…I created this one on the fly before all heck broke loose.

And if you don’t know what I mean…


I really wanted this workout to be longer, but I’m glad I did something. This one could be a good one when I’m short on time.

Workout Stats:

Mileage run: 3.0
Mileage walked: .5
Total: 3.5 miles

Speed Workout

I picked my “rest” speed as 6.0 mph (10 min mile pace), which is about 30 seconds slower than my body normally wants to run.

Then I incorporated 1 minute of speed alternating with 1 minute of “rest.” I increased the speed by .5 each time until I reached what I thought was the maximum speed I could do for a minute without dying.

Once I reached my max pace, I did a “rest” pace for an extra minute, then started decreasing the speed until I was back at my starting speed pace.

I’ll definitely do this workout again. It was challenging. Plus, I wimped out on incline and cut it short because of my stomach.

Speaking of upset stomachs, have you ever googled “pee and poo?” I highly recommend it.






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9 responses to “35 Minute Speed Workout

  1. tiff

    LOL!! so. i just showed my husband the ‘pee and poo’ while LITERALLY laughing out loud. his response? ‘send that to paula!’ um. k.

  2. tiff

    LOL still laughing about the worst.rainbow.ever. hoo. bathroom humor is NOT lost on this girl!

  3. I might need to get the pee and poo dolls for Livie…hmmm…new potty training strategy.

  4. I did my speed workout today too…I feel like such a slow poke when I see people running at a 9.0 haha. Get it!

  5. hahahahahah! Pee & Poo Rainbows? Holy shit. Literally. I LOVE rainbows…but not the yellow & browners.

  6. Hahahaha oh my god, that is hilarious! Poop humour never gets old to me 🙂

  7. Stacie

    That sounds like a BRUTAL workout! I need to start incorporating some speed runs. Maybe I’ll start with something similar to this (just much slower!)

  8. Mz Teri

    Must have been all those peanut butter oreos you ate. 😉

  9. Tiffy Smells

    This is still my favorite ❤

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