On to the Next Race…

Times were posted for the Warrior Dash. I came in at 40:36. The hubs beat me by 5 seconds. Hmph! Can’t even wait for his woman.


Now it’s time to look forward to my next race, which just happens to be this weekend: The Melbourne Music and Beaches Half Marathon. There’s a  post-race concert as well as pizza, pancakes, and beer. I like a race that wants to give you back those 1300 calories you burned before you even leave.

The high is 70 degrees that day, so you can be sure I’ll be a sweaty mess after that’s over. (Note to self: wear black).

I’ve been trying something new on a few of my practice runs lately.


Thermotabs is a salt supplement for “chronic fatigue, muscle cramps, and heat prostration.”  They were over-the-counter at the Publix pharmacy when I got them months ago and have been sitting in a drawer ever since. I’m glad I finally decided to try them.

Now, I have no idea if it’s a placebo effect, but man I feel better after taking one of these. I can’t stand the salty, I-just-licked-a-cat taste of Gatorade so this might be just what I need.

I’ve been taking only one at the 6 or 7 mile mark on long runs. This weekend I think I’ll take one every 4 miles. I’ll need it with the temperature. I lose so much salt during a run, I can wipe it off my skin afterwards.

What do you use during long runs that really helps you? Food? Supplements? Assless chaps?

Do you wear underwear with running shorts that already has built-in underwear?  Really curious about this one. 🙂


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9 responses to “On to the Next Race…

  1. I think I can only answer the underswear question by telling a lil’ story. So, my boss and his wife invited us over for dinner and to watch the bball game on Saturday night. He told us to just wear casual clothes and that he and his wife (who are close to our age) would be wearing sweats and their kids would be in jammies. So, naturally, my outfit of choice is yoga pants and a sweatshirt. As I am getting dressed, I asked my hubby if I should put undies on since you know…going commando to my boss’s house felt odd. As I threw on a bra, my husband’s comment was “Wow, you are really going ALL out. Underwear AND a bra. Must be a special occasion”.

    Apparently, I never wear either of the two on weekends. Ha. So, to answer your question–No. No undies for me when I am wearing running shorts. Or tights. Or capris. Or bike shorts.

  2. Katie G

    I wear assless running shorts with food stuffed in them.

  3. tiff

    ❤ assless chaps. blood and semen! what? not mixed together!

  4. Kim

    Wondering where the “i-just-licked-a-cat” common was experienced. I cant say that I have ever licked a cat or that I would assume they are salty. LMAO!

  5. shortystylee

    I signed up for the Warrior Dash in my neck of the woods, but I have to wait until the end July for my turn 😦

    I don’t have running shorts with built in undies, but I am definitely underwear-less with my padded bike shorts.


  6. 13point1miles

    I use Jelly Belly Sport Beans on my long runs. The watermelon ones have caffeine in them and totally give me that extra boost.

    As for what I wear under ‘there’… No undies, no way!! Commandooo all the way!

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