Three Things Thursday

It’s time for another round of Three Things Thursday. 🙂

But first, I just thought I’d mention how bummed I am lately that I haven’t been running as much. I’ve done two long runs (one was the half marathon last weekend) and one short run in the past TWO weeks. Only three runs in 14 days makes for unhappy Paula.

With less running has come more margaritas.

But they are “healthy” margaritas, so does that count? (The only available answer here is yes.)

So, here is my recipe for healthy strawberry margaritas. Now you can drink lots of them and stop running as much too. Then call me and we can cry together on the phone while taking sips.

“Healthy” Strawberry Margarita

  • 2 oz tequila
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 8 oz (Sierra Mist Free, Diet Sprite, or Diet 7-Up)
  • ½ packet Wild Strawberry Crystal Light drink mix.

Mix that up with some ice and then drink 18 of them because they are so good.

If you use Diet 7-Up, you don’t really need the lime juice because it has the strongest lime flavor of the three.

Do it for the strawberries.



Now for today’s three things!

Three Random Acts of Kindness from Strangers

These are things that have happened to me that remind me that the world isn’t all crazy and that there are some amazing, wonderful, kind-hearted people out there.

Random Guy at Halloween Horror Nights

I was probably 17, and my friend and I drove from Bradenton (where I was living at the time) to Orlando to go to HHN. We planned on buying tickets at the door. When we arrived, it was sold out.

We stood around outside the Universal Studios entrance trying to figure out what to do – drive 2 hours back home or make the most of Orlando and go to dinner. We were bummed to say the least, so we decided on dinner. That’s when a guy came over because he overheard us and gave us 2 tickets to get in. That’s over a $100 value right there.

We were blown away. We insisted that we wanted to buy him dinner or give him money for his kindness but he refused. Then he told us we could buy him a drink or food if we saw him inside. We looked for him the whole night but never found him.

Later, we got our pictures developed from that night and he was walking by in the background of one of them.

Thank you guy walking in the background. You made our night and I still remember you 17 years later.

Random Girl Walking on the Street

About a year and a half ago, I was driving home from work in the pouring rain when my car stalled at a red light. I was stuck there, so I put on my hazards and proceeded to call AAA. That’s when a girl walking on the sidewalk came up to my window and offered to push my car into the parking lot that was right near where I stalled.

She pushed my car (while I steered) in the pouring rain and then just walked off without saying anything. Pretty amazing, right?

Random Person at House of Blues

Hubs and I were there seeing She Wants Revenge in concert. The show was almost over, so I ran to the bathroom to beat the crowd and get back for the last song. There were no paper towels to dry my hands afterwards, so I just wiped them on my clothes but my finger was still wet under my engagement ring. I hate that feeling, so I moved my engagement ring up on my finger just a little bit to dry my hand.

When I went to push the ring back down on my finger, I instead did the EXACT opposite. It flew off my finger and into the general admission area during the encore.

If you’re not familiar with the House of Blues when it has a crap ton of people in there…it looks like this:

I looked around my general area and couldn’t find it. The concert ended, everyone filed out, and hubs and I checked the floor and still couldn’t find it. A bouncer came up to me and asked me what I was looking for. I told him my engagement ring fell off.  He said, “You’re in luck” and pulled my ring out from his pocket.

Someone found it and turned it in.


Yeah, this is overexposed, but I appreciate how the flash really diminishes my hand wrinkles.

I can’t even tell you how relieved I was. Someone could have easily taken that to a pawn shop and got a couple grand.

Have you ever done something amazingly kind like this for someone? Would you turn in someone’s diamond ring if you found it? (I would for sure.) Tell me about something amazing that a stranger did for you.


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19 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Becky

    Those are such amazing stories! Funny that you should post about your ring – I watched a 2 minute Who Knew today and it talked about how often people find jewels and rings and ACTUALLY TURN THEM IN! Which is awesome!! So glad you had one of those people find your ring, not the other kind. 🙂

  2. Becky

    P and I were at Hollywood Studios in 2007 or 2008, when Disney was still doing the big 2-yr promotion of Where Dreams Come True and gave stuff away to random guests. Everytime we went I hoped we’d get picked, but we weren’t. One day though, this woman said they were leaving the park and had won all these fast passes – did we want them? Ohhh yes! They had won the Disney Dream of Fast Passes and shared them with us (a couple were missing – but most were there). I thought that was such a lovely random act of kindness from a Disney GUEST!

    BTW – AMAZING the guy was in the background that gave you tix to HHN! WOW!

  3. These are amazing stories. I always strive to be the person that does these sort of things for people. I don’t have the money to drop randomly on people but if I saw someone (not scary) that needed help or if I found a ring…I’d help for sure! 🙂

    Once when I was in high school our dance team needed to raise a butt ton of money if we were going to be able to travel for Nationals. We hadn’t raised enough money but at the last minute an anonymous donor lent enough for us to go. I didn’t think anything of it AT ALL until about 6 years later I found out that it had been my grandma that donated the money.

  4. KNed

    Right out of college, I frequented a club downtown (I don’t think I want to admit how frequent) and one night lost my ring there. It wasn’t a diamond, but was a big honkin’ auqamarine that I had bought for myself as a splurge. I went back the next night (where of course the bouncer let me in for free since I was a regular) and went to ask the bartender if anyone had turned it in. The bartender, who, it happened was a recent ex-boyfriend, thought I was coming to see him, not get my ring back. But he did say some random guy turned it in and handed it over. I was so suprised and relieved! Whew. If I find jewlery, I would certainly turn it in. I think jewlery is a pretty personal thing, and plus, it could be cursed and bring bad luck to the finder. You never now.

  5. tiff

    holy.holy.holy.cow to all THREE things!
    i had an ‘angel’ experience just last month. i did the ragnar relay race in the florida keys and was TERRIFIED of running strong and doing well on my 3am 8 miler (this was after running 4 miles just a few hours before and still had a 3 miler coming up a few hours afterwards). well. i started my run and it was GORGEOUS outside. seriously more stars in the sky than i had EVER seen. there was a girl in front of me running around my pace and i struck up a conversation with her. she ran with me the WHOLE 8 miles! she was sweet as she could be. the last 1/2 mile i to ld her to go, run her race and finish strong! she rocked it out and i never saw her again. she was there RIGHT when i needed her. awesomeness.

  6. Mz Teri

    Those are fantastic stories of acts of kindness. Little stories like that tell me that there are still good people in this world who are willing to make a difference by their actions.

    You already know my story of people doing something kind for me/my children a few years ago when I was going through a divorce and struggling financially. You also know that I paid it forward by doing the same thing for someone I care for very much, because you and the hubs were part of that kindness!

    Thanks for being “one of those people” who give me hope for the future! 🙂

  7. T

    love your blog. most interested in your thoughts about Joggling….

  8. All three of those stories are pretty amazing! You have run into some really great strangers 🙂

    I am trying to think of a story like that and my memory is seriously failing me.

  9. Those are 3 pretty amazing stories. It’s so nice to be reminded that there are a lot of people with good hearts.

    At the beginning of school last year, my mom was talking to a customer in her store who was asking about me. The lady asked how I was and what I was up to. Of course, my mom told her that I taught at a school with a lot of kids who have NOTHING. Most don’t have many clothes and sometimes school is the only place they actually get food. A couple of days later, the lady came back in my parents store and asked if they could deliver a few things to me. The few things were about 5 huge boxes, full of clothes, and TWENTY ONE back packs, one for each of my kids, for my to give out at school. When I took the stuff to school, the kids acted like it was Christmas morning. They were SO excited and didn’t mind one bit that the clothes weren’t brand new or the latest fashion statement. : )

  10. Nikki

    Im all late on this one but I have this amazing story from when Maya was like 2 and Conner was 4. She had an ear infection and was really cranky and Conner well, he was a 4 year old boy. Anyhow went to the doctors office and knew that we didnt really have any money. I had hoped I could use my debit card like a credit card. That doesnt work by the way, when I went to pay at the pharmacy and they rejected my card and the kids were crying I lost it, started crying and grabbed the kids and ran. I got a phone call about an hour later from the pharmacy saying some gentleman had paid for my scripts and to come pick them up. I have no clue who it was but it was the best thing ever.

  11. Nikki0212

    Yea. I’m not usually an emotional person but I definitely cried again when the pharmacy called me, the poor woman on the other line was very gracious though lol.

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