S!#t My Husband Draws

Workout: Ran outside 7 miles (64 min) / 9:06 pace
Honks from cars: 1

Low honks on this run, but it was supplemented by a kid riding by on a bike and exclaiming, “daaaayum!” I think that’s worth at least 3 honks.

This was a good run even though my shoulders are sore from the PT workout yesterday. Finally! I’m sure it was good because of my two breakfasts and then two desserts with lunch.

Note to self: Have two desserts before every run.


I think I finally figured out how it feels to run a 9:00 minute mile without constantly checking my Garmin. Thank goodness too, because checking my Garmin really stresses me out. I’ll try this run again on Sunday and add a couple more miles to it and see if I can keep up the pace. *fingers crossed*

So today my friends, Michelle and Kate, requested a new segment on Eat: Watch: Run that features my hub’s instant message artwork. (They love it and miss it now that they are at different jobs than us.) Also, because I pretty much do anything they say, I said ok! And then I asked them what I should eat for dinner and how I should style my hair.

I’m needy.

I like to call this one S!#t My Husband Draws. He’s got an untapped talent here that most will envy. You may remember his previous runner girl masterpiece from this post. Well, there is more where that came from.

Much more.

I told him I was thinking doing a post dedicated to him and he immediately loved the idea.


I’ve been saving his IM drawings for years and realized today that I have a seperate folder for them on my computer. What can I say? He makes me laugh. Without further adieu I will give you the hub’s official IM drawing debut: 

One of the things Bunnypants likes to do is smoosh her face through her cage to get some petting when we walk by.


My husband the artist took this photo and replicated it with ease during an IM conversation.


Almost lifelike, no?

So, what are your plans this weekend? Are you doing any long runs? Do you go crazy looking at your Garmin every 10 seconds? (I do. I think it makes the run less enjoyable. I wish I didn’t need it.)


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16 responses to “S!#t My Husband Draws

  1. Stacie

    Oh my goodness… Your hubs is a crack up. That picture is classic. I totally look at my garmin all the time, but usually just to make sure I’m not going too fast. I have a problem with starting too fast and dying part way through my run. My garmin has really helped with that… Especially in races! Once I get in my groove, I try to only look at it when it beeps. Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

  2. Way to rock it on your run! I am a total Garmin addict but I try not to look down too much during long runs. Pacing is really tough for me too though, I think doing some treadmill runs has helped me figure out how certain paces feel too. I’m actually going to school for Instructional Technology, but taking a class in instructional design. I am interested in your job though and might need to email you for details…..

  3. i love it when my husband sends my random emails at work that seem out of thin air… like I saw a bunny, wish the cats would have been around that would have made this story better.

    crazy made AIM skills there

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