Workouts and the Weekend

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Workout: Ran on treadmill 2.5 miles, walked .9 miles

And that folks, concludes my self-imposed 5-day challenge to get up and work out every morning this week. Feelin’ pretty good about it too, because the Thursday and Friday part of the week was rough.

Thanks for all your encouraging comments to keep it up! I think 5 days may be me asking too much of my lazy ass, but I liked Michelle’s suggestion of 2 or 3 days a week. I think I can handle that.

Last night, the hubs, Linda (our personal trainer), and I went to another Crossfit class together. This one was really interesting so I thought I’d share the workout with you.

Michael (the Crossfit trainer) had a deck of cards. Each suit represented an exercise and each number on the card represented how many reps of that exercise we needed to do. So, if a 5 of clubs was drawn in the first round, we had to do 5 box jumps.

All 52 cards were in the deck including the joker. Joker = 100 jumping jacks.


This workout was FAST. It was definitely a cardio workout. I had to skip 3 cards in the second round because I couldn’t keep up.

The entire workout took us 40 minutes. We did both rounds and Michael told us most people ask to stop after the first round. We didn’t ask to stop, but I do think we threatened to beat him with a foam roller once we had our strength back.

Tonight we are going out to the movies! I get to use the Fandango deal I bought on Living Social already. Two tickets for $9. That’s what we call a score. We’re seeing Battle: LA with a few friends, so I’ll let you know how it is.

Until then, I’ll be getting my crap together so I can head down to Sarasota tomorrow afternoon. The Sarasota Half Marathon is on Sunday and I’m reading to rock it Amadeus.

What are you doing this weekend? Tell me it’s something good like eating bon-bons and not running a race.


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9 responses to “Workouts and the Weekend

  1. Crossfit sounds amazing!! I just did my first CoreFusion class and loved it! I am enjoying this whole cross training thing more than I expected

  2. I have looked in to CrossFit several times but haven’t tried it.
    My plan for the weekend is to eat ice cream, watch basketball and NOT run. : ) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I wish my gym offered CrossFit, it looks intense but I feel like I’d love it afterwards! I have a 7 mile run ahead of me tomorrow, but for the most part it’s just relaxation and catching up on sleep! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. that sounds tough! and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay intense. i’m actually being a nerd and going to a pi party (pi day is on monday) tonight hahah

  5. That workout sounds awesome – so hard but I like how its different! Way to go making it two rounds! I can’t believe First Watch sponsors a race, I LOVE them. I’m doing a 5K today, but I can’t really race it because I have a marathon in a week. Yesterday we saw The Adjustment Bureau and went to game night at our friend’s house. My husband also bought yogurt covered pretzels and they were way better than I was prepared for and I ate a ridiculous amount. Have a great race!

  6. Mz. Teri

    I did my “yard work” workout this weekend. 😉

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