S!#t My Husband Draws-Delicious Cookies

Since I don’t have a lot of time today, I thought I’d share with you another one of my husband’s artistic masterpieces. I get these randomly when we are chatting on IM. If they take you by surprise, you are not alone. 😉

Each time I get a new drawing, he reaches a new high. Or low. However you want to look at it. If you missed any of the other posts, you can see them here, here, here, here, and here.

My husband is the manager of a graphics department. And every week, he goes to Publix and gets a bunch of goodies that he sits on a table in his office for all the artists and programmers to enjoy.

Around St. Paddy’s Day, he brought in my favorite cookies from Publix. A soft sugar cookie with thick frosting on top. It’s one of these beauties:

Hello, lovahhhh.

Honestly, you could put that much frosting on anything and I’d eat it. I think a stinky sock covered in frosting sounds pretty good right now.

Anyway, these cookies were particularly fresh and delicious this day and he decided to let me know through his art. I give you my husband’s interpretation of a really good cookie:

His happiness was quickly sidelined by a broken toy. Yes, he’s in his 30s. If your husband or boyfriend is in his early 20s, those toys he owns aren’t going anywhere. It’s best you know that now.

Now tell me something your significant other owns that you secretly want to burn?

Alright, me first. When I first met my husband he had these horrible cargo pants. They had a bajillion pockets and actually zipped at the knee so you could turn them into shorts. After a couple months of dating, I finally told him I hated his pants. So he stopped wearing them…

until our first anniversary when he wore them as a “surprise” for me.


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23 responses to “S!#t My Husband Draws-Delicious Cookies

  1. Haha your husband has quite the talent for drawing random things. I am trying to think of something my husband has that I hate….and I am failing.

    • If you love everything your husband has, then you’re gonna make me look like a bad wife. Think of something quick! 😉

      • Thinking, thinking, thinking. Ok, he has a shirt that is camoflauge and has Felix the cat on it…not a fan. Though he left it at my place when he came to visit me in Ontario once and I didn’t mind so much because it smelt like him. Weird?

  2. S!#t your husband draws is hilarious…and really good! Those cookies make my mouth water even though the icing stains my teeth/lips. : )

  3. O.M.G. Those are the BEST cookies every. I eat them any chance I get, which is pretty much all the time because they have them for every season. I {heart} those cookies. They are my bestest friends ever.

  4. Marilyn Fluegel

    Paula these ‘blogs’ must go into a book….they are absolutly hilarous!!!!!! PAM

  5. OMG I love love love those cookies. Love.

  6. Your posts are great. I think if he can still fit in his pants after all the dating and the first year of marriage and all of the cookies then he should be able to wear them when ever he wants.

  7. hahahah. and frosting pretty much is pretty much the best part of anything. it might make me sick and give me a headache. but i’ll go back to it. every.time.

  8. Dan is obsessed with wearing he old and holey t-shirts. I have to sneak them away so I can throw them in the trash.

  9. I found you via jaime at waterproofmascaradoesntrunbutido.

    You are pretty darn funny! Okay well lets see what do I wish my boyfriend would loose …A cut off twisted sister shirt with the armholes and neck cut? Naw thats my fav..how about his care bear pj’s..wait those are mine..
    I really dont have anything yet, but he just moved in this week (dating 2 years). Give it time honey, i am sure something will pop up 🙂 I bet he will get really comfy and pull out something beyond hope.

  10. Ryan has a few shirts that he let slip that his ex had bought him. I want to burn them on principle even though she had good taste. 🙂

  11. Totally know what you mean about those cookies….heaven. Your husband’s description is perfect. My husband is the world’s worst dresser, but I’ll try to limit my list of things I want to burn. When we first dated he was leaving my house wearing an electric blue suit….seriously picture the jacket, tie, pants and ALLIGATOR SHOES in a blue that burns your eyes. I don’t have any pics because it would cause the camera to explode. He also has pants that are half jeans, half sweatpants. Like the part that covers the back of your leg is sweatpants material sewn to jeans on the front. I could go on and on.

  12. Paula, I’m making a WORDPRESS giveaway execption just for you. : )

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