Random Can’t Be Contained

Firstly (is firstly a word?), thank you all for your comments yesterday. I definitely have no intent of changing my content but rather was curious how you felt about bloggers that change their content according to what readers want. Personally, I think the blog is no longer “them” once that happens. The motivation changes and the blogger isn’t as real.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t totally change this into a wrestling blog if offered enough money, but I had just thought it was an interesting discussion topic.

I’ll have to say, I loved Melissa’s reason for why she started blogging and I loved that Alyssa had a different opinion than everyone else. Plus, I love both of their blogs so you should go check them out. 🙂

As you may know, random is what I do best. So, here are a few things on my mind today:

1.  I went to my martial arts fitness class last night. Usually if I go to class tired, it takes about 5 or 10 minutes of class and I’m instantly pepped up. That was NOT the case last night. I was so tired through the whole thing but I think it at least worked out the soreness in my hammies from Sunday.

2.  I’m thinking of trying out New Balance sneakers. Does anyone else wear them and like them? I love my Mizunos but I’m cheap and the ones I wear are $130. They already have over 300 running miles on them (and that doesn’t count all the walking miles) and I can tell the cushioning is starting to go because my left knee was hurting around mile 11 of the half marathon on Sunday.

I like these, but wish they had a more fun color:


3.  I love Snyder’s Honey Wheat Twists. Eat these. It’s a party for your mouth and all your teeth are invited.

4.  Why does my bunny hump and lick Dr. Seuss’ Grinch every morning? She’s fixed…and she’s a GIRL.

Not very ladylike, Bunnypants.   

5.  Thirteen was back on House this week. I’m more excited about this than I should be because Olivia Wilde is one of my girl-crushes. She left the show for a year, I’m assuming to film Tron Legacy, get divorced, and generally be better looking than everyone on the planet. 

Nice to have her back. Hopefully she can kick Amber Tamblyn’s lame-o character to the curb.


6.  I didn’t take a shower this morning. I pulled back the shower curtain and lazy overcame me. I apologize in advance to those around me and particularly my husband who thinks I need one of those every day.

What’s the random thing on your mind today?


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20 responses to “Random Can’t Be Contained

  1. I love New Balance running shoes, specifically the 760’s. I have two pairs right now that I’ve been alternating between. They just feel great on my foot. Good support where I need it, but light.

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has mornings like this standing in front of the shower curtain. Thank goodness.

  2. tra

    are you like me and get picky when the running shoe the person pairs you with is…dare i say…UGLY? man. one time i asked if they had different colors and they just laughed at me. OOPS. man. i don’t think i run as much becuase i despise how BRITE WHITE my running shoes are. that’s what treadmills at home are for/running in the dark…oh wait, my shoes are so bright they are like LA GEAR lightups.

    HHAHA i’m glad i inspire you? re: crossfit. i’m getting there. 1 year down and many more in me. have you got a pullup yet? flipped some tires? climbed ropes? BURPEES?!! 😀

    • Yes to all of those! Well, I can do a pull up if I jump up to it. Doesn’t really count. But I can lift me some tires and do some burpees like no one’s business! The rope climbing I’ve done, but I suck at it. 😛

  3. Mz. Teri

    Hey! Girl bunnies need some hump-lovin too, you know! 😉

  4. Wow, I miss the new season of House and it goes to hell! I totally love Olivia, too. And sorry, but Amber is still a high school student with traveling pants, in my book.

  5. Bahahaahahahahahahaha, Bunnypants is to die for!!!! My female dog humps things too (like my cat) and I’ve heard it’s a way to assert their dominance. Dominance over the grinch? Maybe they’re fighting?

  6. Loving you right back, my dear! My randomness for your Wednesday is that I really need to shave my arms. Yes, I do shave my arms lest I scare everyone off by looking like a she-gorilla. I noticed this morning that they need attention! Along the same lines, how is it that one day I look like a perfectly normal person with regular eyebrows and then suddenly I have sprouted 2 scraggly caterpillers above my eyes??? And why do I always notice this when I am far far from my tweezers??? I need to have laser hair removal over most of my body. That should do the trick, I think.

    • LOL. Awesome. I had a friend in H.S. that shaved her arms too. I can barely remember to shave my legs, so I am impressed with your grooming. Oh…and I hear ya on the eyebrows. I keep tweezers in my purse for that very reason!

  7. 1- I’m not allowed to have those pretzels in my house. They last less than 24 hours, so freakin delicious

    2-I haven’t watched House yet (it’s hibernating on my DVR til I get time to watch it) but I am SOO excited for Olivia Wilde making a comeback – love her!

  8. I love my Mizunos. I also love the fact that I have size 3 (UK) feet and can get child sizes – cheap!

    The random thing on my mind today is Game of Thrones (the TV series). I really need to finish the book because the series starts at the weekend. Can’t wait!

  9. You could try out the New Balance shoes inside and buy them for a store that has a good return policy. That way you can find out if they hurt you at all. I bought a pair of Saucony’s and tried them out at the gym…good thing I did because they gave me all sorts of pains! Not fun!

    Interesting to see how she will come back into the show. My husband and I both think she’s back because she needs money, haha

  10. I looooooooooooooooooooooove 13 and Amber Tamblyn’s character is super boring. I would change my blog if someone paid me. Until then, random crazy lady will be the theme.

  11. This person’s name is 13? How weird. I only watch House reruns.

    Funny you should say firstly. One of my student’s [French] vocabulary words was “en premier” which means first, and the book defined it as firstly. First is already an adverb, no? No need to add -ly to it to double adverb it up. Silliness. It annoyed me, so one of my [favorite…yes we have them] students started turning every word into an adverb. High school kids love to annoy me.

  12. Joy

    It’s ok to skip a shower, unless you have that not so fresh feeling… 😀

  13. 2blu2btru

    New Balances are a little too tight for my feet. The guy at Fleet Feet Sports said I had a “high volume” “meatier” foot. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to take that. New Balances are really good shoes if you can wear them–quite sturdy and well priced. If you wear a size six, I have a pair you can have. 😉

    The random thing on my mind today? If Kyra Sedgwick is from Manhattan, how does she do the Brenda Leigh Johnson accent, and the Emma Rae accent from Something to Talk About so darn well? I’m from the South and I can’t do Georgia that well.

    • I think I have a meaty foot too. heh. Something needs to hold up this booty!

      That IS random about Kyra. I often wonder how Hugh Laurie can do such a manly American accent on House and sound like a girl when he talks in his English accent. :-)

      • 2blu2btru

        #TeamMeatyFoot 😀

        I wondered that too! Americans do terrible British accents, but Brits do all right with ours. The best is the guy that plays Rigsby on The Mentalist. He plays a sort of meathead, but he really talks like a Shakespearean actor.

  14. Sara

    Dude, Rold Gold’s are BOGO at Publix. I like their Honey Wheat better than Snyder’s.

  15. Ahh, I have that House episode DVR’d and I’m entirely TOO excited to see her back on! Amber Tamblyn’s character is a bore.

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