Fashion Show and Christian Slater

(last night’s) Workout: Weights w/ .25 mile runs between sets at an 8:24 pace (2.1 miles total)

I did this workout at home so my motivation to not work out at all and join my hubs on the couch was high. I did watch American Idol during the workout, which I never watch. I don’t know any of the contestant names, but from those performances, either the chic that crapped up Blondie’s “Call Me” or the guy that sang the metal song with the weird squinty/blinking problem are gonna go. There you have it. My premontion for the day.

I also watched Breaking In. That might be my favorite new show right now. It is funny! And for all you man-readers out there – Alyssa Milano was in last night’s episode.

Funny + Christian Slater = Win

Actually, I don’t care. He is a good-lookin’ man. I’m gonna start posing like that from now on.


  • Chest Press w/ dumbbells
  • Chest Fly
  • Bent over rows
  • Some back exercise thing on the ab ball
  • Overhead tricep something or other
  • Some other tricep excercise I don’t know the name of

I think those bullet points just made me realize why I don’t talk about my weight workouts all the time.

Anyway, I’m already feeling a little sore now so I’m sure tonight will be a pure pleasure – especially since I have Crossfit.

A couple of you asked to see the dress I bought at Old Navy actually on me. So, in true spirit of not practicing what I preach, I’m going to post some pictures. Just know I hate being in pictures by myself, so this was a truly uncomfortable experience to pose for these.

Thanks to the hubs for begrudgingly taking this picture this morning. The dress is so comfortable, it’s ridiculous. I’m going to get one in a solid color too.

The next picture I took at work today while people were walking by my cube. Not awkward at all. Especially with the self-timer clicking down 10 seconds like a bomb.

I like this shirt better than I thought I would. And I learned to silence my timer…after the picture was taken of course.

What are you loving to watch on TV now? (Please don’t tell me that you don’t watch TV because you like to experience “life.” That will make me feel lazy and drive me to watch more TV. If that’s even possible. I might leave my husband for my DVR.)


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22 responses to “Fashion Show and Christian Slater

  1. Ronk

    It’s that time of year again for “The Ultimate Fighter.” It’s about fighting, so you girls wouldn’t like it. It’s got ripped, masculine, shirtless guys, so you girls might like it. Those guys have cauliflower ear and ringworm, so you girls wouldn’t like it. (Nice Christian Slater pose btw.)

  2. Becky

    Loved the bullet points about your weight training. 😉

    Also, that dress is super cute on you…wonder if it’d be super cute on me………………………..

  3. Stacie

    Your skin seriously looks fabulous!!! Just thought I’d let you know! 🙂 love your new clothes too!!

  4. Loving that dress on you. Don’t think I could rock it, but the comfort factor makes it tempting.

    LOL’ing at you taking the self-timed photo (cute top, btw). I tried to take a pic of myself after my run the other day, but I was in the bank parking lot and all of these people were at the ATM staring at me. I felt like a total weirdo.

  5. Ro

    Hi. I love your blog but I have never commented – BUT I love to watch TV (and I guess I like to run). My favorite show is Modern Family which always makes me laugh. I used to watch Lost and I’m still sad that its over. Now I’m headed over to the breakroom to see if there are any cookies to eat to make me feel better. Again, love your blog.

    • Well, thanks for reading and commenting! I LOVE Modern Family. My husband and I were watching the episode last night and my hubs said, “whoever writes this show is brilliant.” SO true. Funny and clever. I watched all of Lost too but I hated having to avoid the internet until I could watch the show to avoid spoilers. 🙂

  6. Random Runner

    I tune in occassionally to AI. The guy that has the “weird squinty/blinking problem” has Tourette’s Syndrome. I actually kind of like him. I think another girl will go this week and I think it should be “the chic that crapped up Blondie’s “Call Me””. She is annoying but so is the other girl so I would be ok with either girl going home.
    We tuned in to Breaking In last night for the first time. It was quite entertaining. Not sure that we will start to DVR it though…as we have WAY to many other shows to keep track of right now on our DVR. Oh, and the fact that we just installed NetFlix onto our Wii hasn’t helped much either. We now have like 6 other shows in our Que to watch that we never ended up watching on DVR. We are complete TVaholics too! You are not alone.

    • I did not like “blinky’s” song choice last night. But then again, I don’t like Sammy Hagar either, so that could have to do with it. It was cool seeing different genres finally on that show, that’s for sure. And man, JLo deserves the People Most Beautiful title cuz she is GORG!

  7. Katie G

    I don’t have cable and I still don’t experience “life.” Hmm. I seem to be doing something wrong.

  8. tiff

    holy.cow. LOVE the new clothes!! dunno who’s hotter, you or christian? hmm…and why do you have two purses on your desk? O_o

  9. You are a model. Thanks. As for the TV watching…Deadliest Catch. I used to watch The Mentalist, religiously. I am more of a channel surfer. I don’t have any favorites but I can usually find something to watch like, Extreme Couponing.

  10. I love Christian Slater. I had no idea he was in a new show! And yeah, his pose was weird. The top is really cute!

  11. HEY GORGEOUS!! Thank you so so much for the hugs…you made my day!! WOW!!! I LOVE YOUR FASHION!!! You are so gorgeous. AMAZING workouts and I am LOVING Chasing Daisies right now:) Have a fantastic day!

  12. Haha I love how you posed like Christian Slater, at work none the less. You are officially hilarious.

    I agree with Stacie…your skin is fabulous! Trade?

  13. Super cute dress, & I love the blue top you’re wearing in the other picture.

    I’m currently into Hawaii 5-0, because I love Steve McGarrett. I’ll totally move to Hawaii for you, Mr. Yummy.

  14. Love the dress and I REALLY love the shirt.

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  16. Lisa

    I just found your blog through Michelle… been laughing out loud as I’ve had some free time to scroll through some of your posts. 🙂

    haven’t seen Breaking In or American Idol (since I think maybe Fantasia won??), but heart Top Chef (Masters) and Amazing Race, currently. I’m a sucker for reality tv. Otherwise, Modern Family, Good Wife, CSI Vegas, How I met Your Mother, 30 Rock.. are DVR staples.
    I am going back a few posts, but I have to say- that was the first running DRESS I have seen!! This past year I’ve seen the little running skirts in some races and was intrigued, but never the dress- so tennis like!
    Anyways, I’m Lisa…nice to meet you. 🙂

    • Well hello! Thanks for commenting and saying hi. 🙂 I love Modern Family and 30 Rock. And Michelle keeps telling me to watch HIMYM everytime I see her. So, I’ll probably Netflix it soon!

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