Low Country Boil

I don’t even know what “Low Country Boil” means but it has to do with throwing a bunch of food on a table and then letting your friends body check each other to get to it. Not pretty.

Last night, my friends Kristianna and Steve had a little shindig at their house. All these people….

…are trying to get to this.

Potatoes, corn, shrimp, crab legs, and sausage all boiled in a big pot and dumped on a table. It felt very Man vs Food. If you throw it on a table, they will come.

(By the way, I just wanted to thank Cely for introducing a photo editor into my life that may suck the rest of my free time that isn’t taken by blogging.)

Along with the amazing food, I also enjoyed one or eight of these.

Don’t adjust your Reader. I did, in fact, enjoy a beer that was not a Bud Light.

Kristianna and I chatted. We haven’t seen each other in awhile so it was nice to catch up.

At one point, she made out with my husband and asked me to photograph it. 

It’s the Ke$ha shirt. The ladies can’t get enough of it.

We both had a great time seeing everyone.

Even you, Nietche.

Um…you have something on your face.



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5 responses to “Low Country Boil

  1. Ok, your husband in the Kesha shirt is hysterical! I’ve heard of these boils before but never been to one. Did you like it? I think its common on the coasts and they cook A LOT of seafood in them.

  2. Pam

    I LOVE that beer. And I love boiled seafood with a bunch of stuff thrown in. Looks like a fun time!

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