The Girly Shopping Post

*Warning: Girly stuff ahead. Men, I’ll see you next post*

I’m not a big fan of shopping. I like buying new things, but I don’t like the effort I have to put into getting them. That’s why I love shopping online. Clothes come right to my door, I can try it on in the comfort of my own home whenever I feel like it, and don’t have to deal with crowds, dressing rooms, driving, and parking.

With that said, yesterday I did more shopping than I’ve done in the past two years (not including Christmas shopping for others).

If you want to spend a ton of money, I highly recommend shopping with Michelle. She knows only two phrases:


I hate disappointing her, plus she’s a mom, so you have to do what she says.

Michelle and I went to Florida Mall. She picked me up, which was a total bonus. I LOVE when other people drive.

Fun fact about Michelle: She is an ANGRY driver. You really have to experience riding in a car with her to understand the level of angry. And it’s not just when she’s driving, She’s angry when others are driving too.

When we arrived, Michelle channeled her inner child with an Orange Julius and I got a mini Banana Cream Pie blizzard and a Diet Coke. (Michelle thought that was hilarious.) I got that same blizzard on my honeymoon in Hawaii and it was better than my favorite (Oreo). So I’ve been waiting over 2 years to have it again. I finally give in and it wasn’t as good as I remembered. My friend Chris pointed out that a Brussel Spouts blizzard would taste better in Hawaii.


I also highly recommend Florida Mall if you’re 5’9″ but enjoy hand dryers short enough for  5 year olds.

Here’s the damage that was done:

Forever 21

This shirt is the only thing that fit me in the store. You must be 5’2″ and weigh 80lbs to fit in anything, so I bought it on principle. ($12.80)


I LOVE the Asian necklace. SO cute. And so me. Smile 

  • Asian necklace: $2.80
  • Leaf necklace: $3.80
  • Earrings: $3.80
  • Turquoise necklace: $3.80




Michelle and I bought the same jeans so we could start “Operation Twinsy” and do our home-movie remake of Parent Trap. These were on sale for half price: $35.00. I love me some Gap jeans.


I know. Impossible to tell us apart.

Anne Taylor Loft

Everything in the store is 40% off right now (no coupon necessary). I don’t remember the prices of these, but I’m sure they were more than the $5.00 I like to spend on any article of clothing.


Salmon colored dress: $35.00. I think it needs a brown belt or something now that I see it on me. I do think the Spiderpig poster helps accentuate the look.

These shorts are light pink and I can’t remember the price. I know they look like they used to be white and I’ve been wearing them for years, but rest assured they are new.


Big clunky ring ($10) so when I wear it, every guy I know will say, “that’s a big ring.”

Happens every time.



I wish they had these shorts in more colors because I would have bought more. They had white, but my Hello Kitty underwear would show through.


Old Navy

I think this one was $20.00. This dress is way cuter in person.



Now my wallet looks like this except it’s pink and there’s not a strange man opening it up.


Since we are on the topic of new clothes, I bought a dress online last week and it finally came in the mail.

I have no occasion to wear it. At all. I just loved it and saw a purchase button and clicked. It’s a little small, but I’m too lazy to return it. So I’ll pretend I’m going to lose that 10lbs I’ve been trying to lose for 2 years now so I’ll be able to fit in it when the occasion presents itself.


I need a tan.


Eh, close enough.

What did you buy this weekend?


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17 responses to “The Girly Shopping Post

  1. tra

    1) i need to do a major shopping haul
    2) afraid to because then i’m gonna have an empty wallet
    3) that dress is awesome (the blue one at the end) and at least you’re one skin tone color…my stomach is china white and everything else is slightly brown. gross! 😀 i somehow can’t carry off a tube top- or it has to be a specific kind…i’m weird.
    4) this asian approves of the asian necklace. high five!

    • I’m not a tube top person either. That dress has straps too I noticed after I tried it on.
      I love Asian everything! The fact that Pho exists makes me happy. My living room is Asian themed. And my personal trainer is also Asian, but that one was just a coincidence. 😉

  2. Cute stuff!!! I didn’t buy a dang thing this weekend. Well…besides food. 🙂 (hello jobless. :))

  3. Lisa

    That dress doesn’t look small at all, really cute! I am the same way though when stuff comes and it may be a bit too tight or what have you.. the dreaded 10lbs (and no, I never return them either)!! My boys are 3 and 6 now, so I have no further excuses besides laziness and I really like pizza. 😉

    • I hear that! Going into the mall, I planned on just getting a diet coke. But the Dairy Queen was attached to the Orange Julius and since I was there anyways…one thing lead to another and I had an ice cream liason. 😛

  4. Love it, and I spent my weekend similarly. 🙂 I bought a belt at Target that would look super cute with your dress. I also hit up the Ann Taylor Loft sale & bought a bunch of stuff.

    How long are the Express shorts? I don’t want any buns hanging out in the back. That would seriously frighten people, but I do need shorts.

    • I need a belt! I was looking for a camel colored one but couldn’t find one. Express shorts are short, but not “booty” shorts. I need full cheek coverage back there, that’s for sure. :-) I think those ones were $45. Kinda expensive but worth it when you find nice ones.

  5. I want your new clothes. I’ll send you my address!! : ) CUTE BUYS!!!

  6. movesnmunchies

    ahh i LOVE htese outfits!! forever 21 is my fav when i go to the states! love those accessories !

  7. I didn’t know you were Asian. Just adds to the coolness.

    I am a shopping freak. I worked at LOFT for about 2 years (for some “extra cash”…read: 1/2 price clothes that I didn’t really need). Lately I’ve been buying workout clothes like it’s my job. (:

    • I’m not Asian, although there are some pictures of me where I think I look Asian if that counts.

      I love me some LOFT. I either find nothing or everything there. So weird.

  8. Love, love the salmon coloured dress and the new dress that you need an occasion to wear! I am going home to my parent’s this weekend which happens about once a year and my mom and I always go shopping in the States as it’s only 2 hours from there. So, so excited for more variety and to empty my wallet!

    Ps – no making fun of 5’2 people! We have feelings too 😉

  9. Katie G

    I MUST know where Michelle got those red shoes she’s wearing. WANT.

  10. I’m in the same boat on shopping. My friend makes fun of me because literally every time she asks me where I got something, no matter what it is, the answer is “amazon”. Your new clothes and especially the jewelry is adorable though! I am very lucky to have a friend who has a shopping problem and is my size, so I just wear all her clothes and no one knows how pathetic my closet really is. My big purchase was my new bike this weekend! $XXX of my money to terrify myself!

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