Top 10 Reasons You Should Watch Cougar Town

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a TV Tuesday post and last night’s episode of Cougar Town has inpired me! If you are not already watching this show, for the love of all things holy, start watching it. It is one of the best shows on TV right now.


Here are just 10 of the reasons why you should check it out:

1. It’s consistently hilarious. I laugh out loud at every episode.

2. The title has nothing to do with the show. (It’s more like a grown-up Friends.) Producers almost changed the show’s name for the 2nd season. Instead, they make fun of the name before every show’s title. (It changes every week.)


3. It’s only a half hour long. With DVR fast-forwarding, that’s 22 short minutes of your week. You have time for this!

4. It’s for everyone, not just women. My hubs loves this show even though he strongly resisted it at first.

5. You can make a drinking game out of it. Drink everytime Courtney Cox doesn’t have a glass of wine in the scene. (Oh, and come over to my house anytime you want to play this. Mandatory game requirement.)

[I included links to Youtube in case the embedded videos don’t work for you.]

6.  The Grayson Remix

7.  The Truth Gun Shoot Out

8.  The Drunken Photo Montage

9. Breakfast Wine

10.  Ask for Carol, no sex stuff. PENNY CAN!


Honorable mention (just for Michelle): Busy Phillips 

You can watch last night’s episode here, or you can stayed tuned after Modern Family tomorrow and watch at 9:30 on ABC. That’s Eastern time folks. Oddly enough, I am not being paid for this post.

Do you watch Cougar Town?
Do you suck all the toppings of a Twix bar and eat the cookie last?
(I know that last question has nothing to do with this post, but I noticed this week that I do that everytime.)


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18 responses to “Top 10 Reasons You Should Watch Cougar Town

  1. Becky

    Hmm…maybe if I had cable I’d check it out… 😉 I know you said I can watch it…here…but I’m tv internet lazy – if it’s not on Netflix…I almost forget other things exist. Except – I started to watch Vamp Diaries again – Guilty Pleasure for sure.

    Anyway – about TWIX – no I do not eat it that way. I do eat Kit Kats weird tho – I eat it layer by layer a lot of the time. Not all of the time. But, yes…I do eat one layer at a time…top to bottom. Hehe. 🙂

  2. PENNY CAN!!!
    the halloween episode was pretty funny as well – trav dressing up as andy…ellie & laurie dressing up as each other.
    my hubby & i were pretty stoked it was back on tv last night. we’ve missed it on the comedy wednesday line up!
    yes we lead simple lives.

  3. Yes and Yes.

    Penny Cannnnnnnnnnn!

  4. Jason

    About the Twix bar thing….I can help but to eat all of the carmel from the top, then I nibble all of the chocolat off of the sides then eat the cookie……for some strange reason it tastes better that way….

  5. I was actually planning to pick up season 1 of this as my next show to watch… you have officially convinced me!

  6. tra

    do a cruise to alaska! ti’s the BOMB.

    yeah i’m trying to figure that out- i didn’t see your comment until later, but i THINK this should work- the tumbler people are like your blog is new so the RSS isn’t up yet..WHATEVER. hahh.

    try to put THIS into the subscribe thing for the google reader:

  7. David

    I suck the salt off those large-size pretzel sticks before taking each bite …. *crickets*

  8. Cougar Town is freaking hilarious. The end.
    I eat my Twix EXACTLY like that. Save the cookie for last. I even do that to my Kit Kats. : )

  9. Ro

    Penny CAN!! Cougar Town is too funny!

    I don’t suck the toppings off the Twix but when eating Peanut M&M’s, I slightly bite the colored candy shell and the chocolate resulting in half the shell coming off the peanut. The reason I do this is b/c I have to make sure there is a peanut in there. I hate biting into a peanut m&m when there is no peanut just chocolate. I don’t think that’s weird.

  10. if you wouldn’t have posted this I would have had NO CLUE I missed CT last night. When did it switch to Mondays?? What is happening!!!

  11. Thanks for influencing me to watch Cougar Town clips all afternoon. The Grayson remix never gets old. I could probably run to that on my iPod. Ha ha.

  12. YES YES YES! Cougar Town is the best! I love that they always make fun of the title.

    I felt quite sad when Big Joe bit the dust. I would be hella-pissed if that happened to me!

  13. Stefanie

    I love that show! I haven’t watched the latest season though. I need to get it on my DVR!

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