Expired Food and Monday Mini Miracles

Last night, I was eating a Morningstar corn dog and slathering it in spicy mustard when I noticed something:

I thought 2 things:

  1. Wow, I’ve had that mustard a long time. I hope I don’t get sick.
  2. I’ve already eaten half of the corn dog with it. Might as well eat the rest!

My husband is SUPER weird about eating anything expired or close to expired. He says it’s my fault he’s so sensitive about food now because I flipped when I found out his family used to order pizza and keep the leftovers on the kitchen counter for 3 days and still eat it on the 3rd day. *shudder* Now, he won’t even touch left overs if they are over 1 or 2 days old.

Well, I decided to do some investigative work. If the mustard is expired, what else do I have that’s expired?

If something expires in the same year that you are living in (banana peppers) does that mean it’s really expired? I’m thinking no.

By the way, this is just the things I grabbed quickly. But when I started moving things around, I found this:

Yeah, it’s just mac and cheese, but that date has to be there for a reason right? I get rid of clothes I don’t wear for 3 years, I don’t know why it’s so hard to get rid of 3 year old food. 

Anyway, now that I have that expired food thing off my chest, I can get to Monday Mini Miracles.


When I decided to start Monday Mini Miracles as a regular blog post, I was having an awesome Monday. Finding the good in today is proving much more challenging. So let’s get to it.

1. There was cake in the kitchen at work again. I did not have any, even after Becky IMed me specifically to tell me it was delicious. You know what else I didn’t have? This stuff…

All of that is sitting at my desk right now. I assure you that the package with the two missing peeps came that way.

2. Hubs says I need to drink more water. Or more specifcally, he says I’m really great at pounding 3 huge glasses of water in one sitting but I need to space it throughout the day. So today, I had 3 glasses of water at work…sipped throughout the day.

3. I ate really well today. I considered leaving this off the list since the day isn’t over and Hubs brought home 3 packages of Peeps. They are the chic Peeps too. We all know the chics taste better than the bunnies.

What’s your Monday Mini Miracle? My Monday Mini Miracles were kinda lame but today was lame. So, I know you have to have something better than me.

Do you eat expired mustard, soup, salad dressings, crackers, mac and cheese? What is your expired food limit? (I think I’m pretty leniant on things like pancake mixes and sauces. I found a pretty old bottle of Taco Bell hot sauce I’m still thinking of eating…)


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24 responses to “Expired Food and Monday Mini Miracles

  1. I can totally top that! My last apartment, after living there for about 2 years I ended up finding something that expired before I moved in. How does that happen??

    My mini miracle.. that I survived today. My students are going crazy, and we still have 5 more weeks of school.

    • That’s what we call “too lazy to throw it away before we move so we take it with us.” I’ve totally done that! (Actually, I did that with the mac and cheese in the picture.) 🙂

  2. I have not had a potential parent call inquiring about pediatric therapy and ask me what a waiting list is. I wish that I was kidding about this but to me, this is a miracle and I will take it.

    The cat picture is priceless! Made me laugh out loud.

  3. Carol

    I’m not sure mustard could go bad if it wanted to. (And it probably does. Everyone wants to go bad every now and then.) Unless it has things growing on it, or smells like something other than mustard, I think you’re good. Also, three-day old pizza is gross no matter how well it’s been refrigerated.

  4. I found a jar of caramel sauce that expired in ’04. Like two months ago. It was unopened, but still…I’ve moved like 5 times since then. How did it make the cut?

    Honestly I probably could’ve eaten it because I’m sure it’s like 3 steps from plastic anyways. Most boxed/canned stuff is good for a LONG time. Cans are good unless they’re funny shaped/puffy. Unfortunately we put so much preservatives in our food that it’ll be good forever. Which will come in handy after the nuclear holocaust.

  5. When I helped my grandparents move a couple years ago we found several things that expired OVER TEN YEARS AGO. WTH. I don’t know how someone didn’t die.
    My Monday Mini Miracle is that I didnt bite anyones head off at work today. Tomorrow is our big testing day so the stress is on to make sure we dont have any testing irregularities or anything stupid like that. ahhhhhhhhh.

  6. I am the queen of expired condiments. My fridge is like a museum. Seriously. I don’t EAT expired stuff – it just hangs out in my fridge waiting to be seen.

    Mini-miracle…that I didn’t completely lose my mind tonight while the kids were whining at me.

  7. My mother-in-law is notorious for giving us expired food. She buys everything on sale (you know, the sales that are like 3 bottles of unnecessary salad dressing for $5). Then she keeps them in cupboard for 2 years.

    Then, once in a while, she gathers up the random orphaned food and gives it us. Then I promptly throw it away. I hate wasting it, but I don’t want to eat it, either.

  8. KNed

    If it says “best by …” it doesn’t matter. It won’t hurt you, it just potentially wont’ be as tasty. I don’t see this rule, or any expiration rule, applying to mac n cheese.
    My mini-miracle is that I didn’t actually shoot ice daggers from my eyes today.

  9. 2blu2btru

    Best if Used By doesn’t mean expired to me. 😉 It just means it’s better if you use it before. The only expirations I take seriously are things like milk, that actually will spoil, or canned goods, because they are good for a really long time…and boxed foods that have components other than pasta.

    My Monday mini miracles were lying in bed reading a Harlequin while my bf worked from (my) home, getting him to agree to do the Operation Give Back 5K with me at UCF (my first timed event!), and getting good running shoes cheap at Kohl’s (that was Friday, but I’m still feeling really good about it).

  10. i usually don’t have a problem with throwing out food, but i DO keep clothes for a long time. unless the pits smell. ew- why do i say these things?

    i have a friend who loves her peeps STALE. like, she’ll open the package and leave it on the counter for a week, THEN eat them. SICKKKK

  11. Most canned stuff or things like mustard, etc. are so chalk full of salt and preservatives that if they don’t taste off, you’re probably good. Though when you’re out of the year, it might be a good idea to toss them. 🙂

  12. My mind doesn’t let me consume anything on or after the expiration date. It is very rare that something in my cupboard is expired because I’m always going through everything. My parents keep food way past the date and because of this I’ve turned into a bit of the expiration date police. In fact, my son knows never to eat anything over there without checking the date–he learned this after drinking spoiled chocolate milk! Anyway, when I go through things, if it expires that month or in a couple weeks it might end up getting tossed anyway if I know I won’t use it before it expires. Have you read the Snopes article about the expired pancake mix and the kid who died, or almost died? Freaks me out!

    No miracles for me today.

  13. hahah I can only imagine all of the things I have that are expired!

  14. I feel like things get expired before you know it! If it’s only recently expired I may eat it….but three years old..NO WAY!

  15. Ha! I eat a ton of stuff past the expiration date. Some things I don’t think really go bad. I honestly had a gallon of milk that was 2 weeks past it’s date when I realized it was in my fridge. I opened it, smelled it(it smelled good) and tasted it and it was perfect. I use the old taste it and if it tastes bad chuck it. But, if it tastes okay, eat it and if you get sick….awe shucks. I have not gotten sick yet 🙂

  16. I am horrible about looking at food dates to see if they are expired. Worst is dairy and egg whites. If it smells funny, then to me it is bad…have yet to get sick.
    My Monday miracle would be getting through the day after only four hour hours of sleep, had a restless night!

  17. i totally ahve things that are expired and what that makes me realize is it’s really processed and I probably shouldn’t be eating it to start with

  18. Pam

    I’m probably too lenient. I’m kind of glad that the date smudged off a bag of sugar I know is really old, so I don’t have to feel bad about it. And I would have totally eaten the rest of my corn dog with the old mustard. You’ve already had some old mustard, no reason to have a dry corn dog, too. That’s what I always say.

  19. haha love it!! And so funny because I just found flour in my apartment that expired in 2007! 2007!! I have no idea why I was hanging onto it for so long – or how I’ve managed to make it last for 3 years. I’ve been using it occasionally and never thought to glance at the expiration date. Oops.

    Love that you have Monday Miracles too. I mean, even if they’re small, it’s still something! 🙂

  20. Hahah. Love the peeps hiding in the back. I’m pretty good at the chugging water rather than sipping too. Why can’t water taste like champagne or Cherry Coke? 🙂

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