The Spartan Workout

Today, the hubs and I met up with our Crossfit trainer (and now new personal trainer) Michael. We didn’t lose Linda, our old personal trainer. She’s just too busy with school to see us regularly for the past couple months so she recommended Michael to us. And really, you can never pay enough to workout. Two personal trainers, one gym membership, and one martial art’s school membership? No problem.

If you wonder why I can’t pay rent and my posts are of me sitting in a cardboard box on the side of the street, this is the reason. I’ll be homeless, but at least I’ll be buff.

When we arrived at the gym, Michael had everything set up for our workout.

Not sure what the hubs is doing in that upper right hand corner. Probably warming up with some river dancing.

Here’s the specifics of the Spartan workout:

  • 25 jumping pull-ups
  • 50 dead lifts
  • 50 push-ups (chest to ground)
  • 50 box jumps (box was 18 inches high)
  • 50 dumb bell clean and press (each arm)
  • 50 floor sweepers
  • 25 jumping pull-ups

Each exercise is done as quickly as possible while keeping good form. The goal is to do this workout for time with no scheduled breaks. This is an advanced strength training cardio workout that pretty much works all the muscle groups.

Since I’m slower, Hubs started first and when he was 2 exercises in, I started.

Jumping Pull-ups

We start by using our legs to propel us up to get our chins above the bar.

Pull-ups work your lats, triceps, and biceps.

Dead Lifts

During dead lifts, it’s important to keep your back straight at all times to avoid injury. I’m not sure how much weight I was using, but 25 reps in, I had to reduce the weight because it was too heavy.

Dead lifts work your lower back and your hamstrings.

Today was the first day I could stand up and sit down without unbelievable soreness from our leg workout on Thursday. Therefore, I shall cherish being able to walk today because tomorrow I’ll be crawling on the floor looking for a burger like David Hasselhoff.


Push-ups work your chest, triceps, and abs.

Mine were modified (on my knees) and hubs did the manly ones. For Crossfit push-ups, it’s important that your chest hits the ground. When I do the manly Crossfit push-ups, my hips hit the ground first a lot (which is wrong), so the pad my knees are on really helped with that.

Box Jumps

Hubs did them unassisted, but the box is so high (18 inches) that I usually hold Michael’s left-hand just in case both of my feet don’t hit the box at the same time. Then he can stop me from doing a faceplant.

The real thing:

Me faking for a picture:

Nice yawn shot of hubs in the mirror.

Do you ever yawn when you’re weight training? Hubs and I do ALL the time. We’re not tired, so we have no idea why we do that.

After 25 of these, I had to take a short break because I got dizzy. Box jumps KICK YOUR ASS.

Dumb Bell Clean and Press

Clean and press works quads, gluts, and shoulders. The idea is to keep your chest forward and your butt back. Hubs had much better form than me on these, but this is the idea.

Psst! You can see Michael on the right.

Floor Sweepers

Floor sweepers work your shoulders and abs.

Holding a weight to keep you grounded (I used the 45 lb bar), you sweep your legs up to the right, then down in front of you, then up to your left while keeping your legs as straight as possible.

The above picture is reason the color black was invented: butt shots. You’re welcome for that.

We ended the workout with 25 more jumping pull-ups. Afterwards, I thought I was going to die. This is me trying to catch my breath afterwards.

And just when you thought a butt shot wasn’t enough.

You can thank the hubs for that one.

This workout took the guys that made the movie “300” twenty-five minutes. It took the hubs 39 minutes and took me almost 49 minutes. The guys from the movie also did this 3x a week coupled with other exercises like flipping tires.

This workout is probably the hardest workout I’ve ever done. I’ve eaten lunch, it’s 3 hours later as I’m typing this, and I still feel weak. Our other Crossfit workouts are similar to this, but they usually target certain muscle groups instead of total body. So only part of my body wants to die. Not the whole thing.

What’s the hardest workout you’ve ever done?

Do you think I look like this now?


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22 responses to “The Spartan Workout

  1. Pretty sure I’m exhausted from reading about this workout!!

  2. Lisa

    Wow, that is a kick butt workout!! Last summer I was taking a metabolic boot camp class outside. AWESOME workout- high weights (doing cross moves like a squat with a press, etc.), sprints, repeat repeat repeat, but yeah- totally kicked your butt!! I couldn’t justify paying for classes outside of my gym membership though, so I totally miss it!

  3. That is quite the workout! I have some friends who do Crossfit. I’m beginning to think I need to give it a try! The bootcamp I used to go to at the park would kick my butt. I really need to go back….my butt is growing rapidly and could use a good kickin’!

  4. That is one CRAZY HARD looking workout!!!

  5. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. this sounds (and looks!) like a doozy.

    and i yawn all the time when i’m working out. i think it’s related to how cold i am. when i’m freezing i yawn constantly.

  6. This workout sounds extremely hard, but I’m inclined to try it, at the moment. It would probably kill me, though.

  7. I’m tired just reading this!

    Not that you asked, but clean & press is my FAVORITE strength move. I love (to hate) it SO MUCH.

    Yawning is related to oxygen — so you probably aren’t getting enough for your body when working out (it’s pretty common!).

  8. I am impressed. I would still be lying on that floor if I had even attempted that workout. I can’t jump for shiz.

    I actually know why you yawn when you workout! It’s because your body needs more oxygen (ya know, from the exertion and stuff), so you yawn to get extra. Kind of the breathing equivalent of taking a giant bite. I feel super smart. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Wow, I feel so exhausted for you. But I guess that means it’s working!!

  10. I must say you’re lookin’ pretty rockin’ in these pics. Was the photo shoot planned?

    I have 2 sweaty bands, and they both stay in place. They’re the only ones I’ve ever used that work, because I think I have a weird-shaped head. Mine are way fatter than yours, so maybe that’s why.

    Does having a trainer rock? I contemplate getting one all the time. How often do you see him/her?

    • No, not planned. It was a regularly scheduled workout and I just brought my camera and asked our trainer to take some pics. I LOVE having a trainer. I was really against paying someone to watch me work out for so long but once I tried it, I found it is SO worth it. I would never do that stuff on my own. So motivating! We see him probably 2x a week. Plus we have our martial arts fitness class once a week and then I try to get a run in and a weight lifting workout on my own if I can. Try it, you will love it. You like doing so many different things anyway. This is right up your alley.

      • Thanks! I struggle with fitting things in, since I want to try EVERYTHING. Maybe a PT would help with the variety aspect. Is he/she at your gym?

        • No, one we train with one trainer at her house. And the Crossfit guy we meet at the gym he trains at. It’s a gym for personal trainers. Not an open to the public gym. I have a seperate gym membership too. LOL

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  11. Can I just say how hilarious/awesome I find it that you documented this?! That shot of you is prob payback for the shot of him getting his ass kicked in the background. 🙂 This makes me want to do crossfit!

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  13. Nikki

    I was feeling all good about myself since we just finished up our p90x legs and back video (my least fav) and then i read this and felt like a pansy.

  14. Mammabird

    It was a work-out just to LOOK at those pix.

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