An Early Mexican Mother's Day

A lot of plan rearranging went on this weekend. Besides moving our plans to see Bobby Lee from Saturday to Friday, we also switched Mother’s Day breakfast (with the in-laws) on Sunday to Mother’s Day early dinner on Saturday.

Does anyone feel like their weekends are more stressful and jam-packed than their weekdays? I do. This weekend I have had a love affair with Sugar Free Red Bull.

Since my MIL and FIL are perfectly happy doing the same thing everyday (sitting on the couch) and eating at the same restaurant three times a week (Sweet Tomatoes), the hubs and I decided we’d pick the place for our dinner.

I’m not kidding about Sweet Tomatoes. The employees know them by name and they love every minute of it. It’s like a horrible episode of Cheers, except neither of their names is Norm.

Our choice for dinner: Colibri in Baldwin Park.

Hubs and I have been eyeing Colibri for about 2 years now. We have a habit of seeing new places we want to check out, reminding each other to remember those places, and then forgeting the next morning. This is one of those places we couldn’t remember…for 2 years.

Colibri is a cute little Mexican Restaurant with a great view of Lake Baldwin.

Because we arrived at 4:00pm, the restaurant wasn’t very busy. The service was also really slow which was a bit disappointing. So, while we waited for our food, I made the in-laws model for me. You have no idea how hard it is to get a picture with them both looking normal. It always takes 3-5 pictures to get it right.

Enter into evidence: Eyes closed.

FIL talking at the last minute.

And finally, the cute shot I was waiting for.

Gratuitous shot of me and the hubs since it’s my blog and I like plastering my face all over it.

After our photo shoot, hub’s appetizer arrived. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was a mixture of shrimp, celery, and mango and was the thing my nightmare’s are made of. I don’t do mango. Unless it’s this Mango.

Everyone else liked it, though.

Hub’s had the Pescada de la Plancha which was AWEsome. (Mahi-mahi, grilled veggies, and white rice that could rock your pants off like a Def Leppard concert.)

I ordered the chicken fajitas, which I’m pretty sure is the Mexican equivalent of ordering spaghetti at an Italian restaurant.

Good. But I wouldn’t order it again. I would however, try out Colibri again. They had some $3.50 margarita specials that I’d like to get my hands on.

Tonight we’re off to see Kylie Minogue at Hard Rock Live. I think there’s another Sugar Free Red Bull in my future.

What did you do that was special for your mom today?


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4 responses to “An Early Mexican Mother's Day

  1. What a view though, that’s amazing! And I totally order fajitas all the time.

    Have fun at Kylie, I’m super jealous!

    I bought my mom a nice top from her favorite store.. and wrote her a nice card. Yay me.

  2. Melissa

    I’m coming with you for those $3.50 margaritas!

  3. I made dinner for my mom,sister, future mother-in-law, aunt, and Nana. We also gave my mom tickets to see countryfeat featuring Brad Paisley.

  4. Is that an Ortonish feature I spy? 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day to your mama bird! {Ryan did the Heart concert with me but he put his foot down for Pat Benetar} (I in turn go to political events with him…he listens to mostly rap so he doesn’t do a whole lot of concerts but he has seen Ron Paul a bazillion times. ) That’s right..I’m commenting on a few different posts of yours. Sorry….I’m catching up!! 😉

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