Monday Mini Miracles

Awhile back I mentioned that I wanted to get all the weeds out of the flower bed in front of my house and plant new flowers. Over the past 8 months or so, the flower bed went from looking like this:

To this:

I don’t keep things alive well, which isn’t good news for my bunny.

I decided to put some Weed and Feed in the flower bed and start fresh. When I used Weed and Feed at our last house, it killed ALL the grass. Um, I thought there was the “Feed” part in there?

I decided since Weed and Feed did so well killing my entire lawn the last time, it would be great way to start fresh with my flower bed. Well, this time the “Feed” part decided to work.

Awesome. My grass is dead everywhere now except for the one place I don’t want it.

Now I am determined to start “Operation: Please Don’t Die Lawn.” I am going to water the lawn, which I hear is great for keeping it alive and I’m already in the process of killing the new “grass” in the flower bed with weed killer I bought over the weekend. I will have a pretty lawn and flower bed dammit.

That brings me to my Monday Mini Miracles:

1. I bought actual weed killer this time.

2. I’m back on track with my eating today. Let’s just say I didn’t do well this weekend. At all.

See that –74? That’s bad.

My best friend asked me if I made that negative number red myself or if Weight Watchers does that. Oh? You’ve never gone negative before?

Yeah. Weight Watchers makes that red for you. A bright, shining beacon of your weekend failure.

3. The hubs brought me my favorite salad from Hummus House for lunch today and he remembered the pickles. Since pickles are my new obsession on salads, this made for a very happy me.

Have you ever Googled “pickles?”

Allow me:

What are your Monday Mini Miracles?

Any advice on how to plant flowers, kill weeds, and make your lawn look magnificent without actually putting any work into it or spending money?


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20 responses to “Monday Mini Miracles

  1. Ok, I know nothing about lawns, but your post cracked me up repeatedly. I think my Monday Miracle would be patience, but that’s not actually funny, so boo. I’m gonna go Google pickles now.

  2. omg pickles are the most amazing thing in my life right now! i buy the sliced sandwich spears and they are my life. my friends keep asking me if i’m preggers hahah

  3. Jack Jarow

    It’s hard to argue with results, and there are plenty of celery and small animals to go around ;> As for your lawn, what type is it? Some weed killers will kill certain types of lawns. My neighbor in Waterford Lakes found this out the hard way by killing his entire front lawn, back when I had my first house in Waterford Lakes. Your best bet is to summon the omniscient ones at the Home Depot garden center and have them point out the right one to use for your lawn type.

    On a side note, an old guy holding a pickle, with the words “Allow Me” above his head is pretty damn funny!

  4. I kill things in the yard too. I suck.

    Mini-miracles – I remembered EVERYTHING at the store tonight. I may not have to go back to Publix again this week (now that would be the real miracle).

  5. Um, you are awesome! Mmm pickles..

  6. Um, that pickles thing just made my day. Random, but I’ve always thought Pickles would be an amazing last name. Lindsey Pickles just has a fabulous ring to it.

  7. Lisa Hodge

    My whole yard is dead and now I have to have it all replaced ****$$$$$****. So you see, the small animals are necessities, cuz they’re cheaper than going to the grocery store.

  8. You know you can just PULL that grass out of your flower bed, instead of chemical-ing it to death…or not…

    And I google imaged pickles just for fun…there are some WEIRD pickle pics out there.

  9. I indulged a lot over the weekend. Gelato for breakfast? Of course. Followed by cream tea and black forest gateau? Definitely. Rounded out with a super large bag of chips from BK? Yes, yes I did. I don’t regret it because everything tasted awesome 😀

  10. I Love the mango taco salad from Qdoba and it came back yesterday. That’s a mini miracle for me since I love food.

  11. Mz. Teri

    Watering is definitely key to having a nice looking lawn. Regarding weed n feed… go with what Jack said, and if you don’t know what kind of grass is in your lawn, pull some out and take it with you… they love that! 😉

    I’m currently battling fire ants… and those friggin armadillos that keep digging up my nice, finally growing grass looking for grubs. *THEY NEED TO DIE* *shakes fist*

  12. T

    try growing weed…

  13. Is it weird that I don’t like pickles? But then again I don’t like a lot of things. But I do like your blog!

  14. David

    Yardwork – don’t get me started!

    My tip: After pulling the weeds, put some mulch or pretty rocks over the dirt. This helps keep them from coming back. (not totally – evolution is in effect for the weeds … the really strong ones will survive, grow little legs, and then attack you horror movie-style.)
    If you’re really motivated (re: psychotic), you can buy a roll of weed controlling mesh to put down first before adding the mulch or pretty rocks.

    • Yes! The mulch is already planned. I actually took out most of the old mulch in there because it was looking all blah. Then pulled the weeds, but they all came back. So now I must kill from the root and remulch. Hopefully it lasts more than a week like before. Oh, and I’ve gone 1 day in a row watering the lawn which is pretty good considering my sordid past with lawns.

  15. That guy with the pickle is the only Monday Miracle I’ll never need!

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