The Woe is Me Post

(last night’s) Workout: Crossfit (30 min) and a 2.5 mile run on the treadmill (10:00 pace)
(this morning’s) Workout:  2.5 mile run on the treadmill (10:00 pace)

Just typing “2.5 mile run” makes me sad because I’m always running half marathons. I feel like I’m not trying hard enough. But oh well, there you have it. Those are my runs. Everything else has been strength training (including an outside workout on Saturday similar to this one that still has my forearms and shoulders hurting today.)

You might already know I’m taking a break from running. I think the break is making me lazier because the urge to run still hasn’t returned like I thought it would.

  • Today is exactly one month since my last half marathon which also happens to be my last run of any distance over 3.3 miles.
  • Today is exactly 25 days until marathon training starts.
  • Today is the day I start worrying that my love for running isn’t coming back. I know…

While I was out picking up lunch today, I saw at least 4 people running outside. Who decides to run at noon in Florida? It doesn’t even make sense to me. The news repeatedly described the weather today as “dangerously hot,” so I think the best idea is to go running when the sun is directly overhead and temperatures are the highest.

If I see one of those runners pass out, I’ll make sure to stop my car and tell them how good my air conditioner feels and then I’ll place a water bottle juuuust out of their reach.  (Sheesh, I’m so snippy today!)

Speaking of lunch, I got my second favorite salad today – grilled turkey salad from Pita Pita. I asked for a “crap ton” of pickles. That is the exact terminology I used. Crap ton. I got 17 of them. (Oh, I counted alright.)

Next time I’m going to have to specify that crap ton > 17. Now I’m going to have to cut them in half and pretend I have 34.

I also had a shot of wheatgrass at lunch. I can’t wait to see what it will do to my internal organs.


What’s your favorite thing to load up on salads? (For me, pickles and beets…but not on the same salad. I found that out this weekend.)

I just complained about my running, other people’s running, and pickles. Now, you complain about something in the comments. Go ahead. Get it off your chest. (Just don’t complain about my blog because I’ll cry and then complain about it.)


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34 responses to “The Woe is Me Post

  1. I love pickles in salads… but in moderation (alone I’d eat the whole jar in ten minutes.. but that’s another story!) but what I could eat boat loads of… fried onions. omg. gross, but true!

    Whining? Ugh, there was no tables in the ktichen so I had to sit in the waerhouse and eat my lunch off my lap at work. I HATE THAT

  2. I want kick my own ass for not making it to the gym yesterday, for not eating well over the weekend, for GoDaddy not sufficiently notifying me that my domains were expiring(they actually get the kick in the ass, not me), for not setting my domains to auto-renew, for not preventing myself from the late night grazing I did last night, for not starting my Weight Watchers plan yesterday, and for not keeping up with my blogging!

    Who the eff runs at high noon in the mid 90’s?! (High noon? I guess I typing from the old west. 🙂 )

    Ahhhh, a little better now. I think the gym is going to be very therapeutic today.

  3. 92 degrees? Wait sounds about right. I hate this time of year. From now until.. October lol. 2.5 isn’t bad btw… more than I managed Sunday. Blegh.

  4. Pam

    I’m dying to know…what’s your first favorite salad?? I lurve Pita Pit something fierce, but I don’t think I could get a salad there.

    While I’m at it, I’ll complain about how the Pita Pit where I live is in a sucky location that used to be a bar and has really crappy parking.

    • First favorite is the grilled chicken salad at Hummus House. 🙂 They have way fresher veggies than Pita Pit, so that’s the only reason I like them better. I do love Pita Pit’s pitas but those are like, all my calories for the whole day so I usually have to go with the salads. < —- not as fun

  5. We are on day 2 of marathon training. Remind me. When is the marathon your running?

    That salad looks delish. I’m about to start a super healthy eating plan to help me survive marathon training. And you have me intrigued with Hummus House. Do they have lots of hummus? Is it fantastic? Oh how I love hummus!

  6. Here are my thoughts….I think you are thinking too much when it comes to running. Lately I have really been letting myself completely zone out during my runs and it’s SO NICE. I’m still wearing my Garmin, but it’s really not for speed – just to track my miles. Sometimes I run slow, sometimes I run fast, but I literally just pick a good song and think about other things. Maybe you need some new music?

    As far at the training goes – I’m sad you’re not excited! I am super excited to do group runs and meet new running friends – and run with you! Even if it means waking up at the ass crack of dawn!

    As far as complaining – I’m soooo tired of having to reply to your blog (and many others) on my phone. How does blocking anything make me more productive??

    • I know! I was excited for awhile. What’s wrong with me? I think it’s because 2.5 mile runs seem hard now when they used to seem like nothing. But I think you’re right, I need to not worry about pace at all for awhile. That’s exactly what I used to do on runs is just zone out and jam to music. I need to load up the Girl Talk and hit the pavement!

  7. I love to make Asian type salads with edamame and sliced almonds. Yummmm!

    My rant: I hate this hot hot hot Texas weather. I tried to run last night when it was 93 and about 100% humidity and it was horrible. I wish I could get morning runs in, but I have to work too early. Sigh…can’t wait for the fall already!

  8. Sara

    CPK’s Moroccan Chicken Salad is heaven!

  9. Mz. Teri

    I’m gonna complain about not winning the Delicious Giveaway. 😦 But I’ll still read your blog, because I enjoy hearing your voice in my head when I read it! 😉

  10. I love this post! It feels so good to just vent sometime, we all need it once in awhile.

  11. Definitely love to load up the salads with beets 🙂

  12. My favorite thing for a salad is craisens. Or cheese. Or anything that isn’t really all that healthy. Donuts on my salad? Yes please!!

    I’m gonna complain about money pit that is the sport of triathlon. Holy guacamole! I bought a new bike and am super pumped, but forgot about all the super fun but also expensive accessories that go along with it: pedals, shoes, water bottle racks, computers, etc. Like I said – waaaaaay super fun to browse and pick out; not super fun when the credit card bill comes!

  13. I only comment when it’s time to complain. How about the fact that the mid-town YMCA didn’t have enough yoga mats for a class. HELLO- you offer a class, the least you could do is offer mats. I left. I hope they realize they ruined my day.

  14. Becky

    I want to read the comments…b/c this post was hilarious…and your readers always have funny things to say…but alas…I need to get back to work…and leave early sooooo…39 minutes from now I can be on my way to the store then home.. Maybe sometime I’ll revisit…oh not likely since moving in 3 days. Loved the post tho! I could complain but…..I already did to you in person! 😉 Ciao! And keep making me laugh!

  15. The running will come! You just need a little break after busting out so many halfs. Enjoy it! Plus, you are doing crossfit, which is extremely intense and terrifying….to me.

    My complaint: my cat has diarrhea. She is leaving poop trails all over the house. I suspect I’ve stepped in one. This is disgusting and aggravating. But, I love the crap out of her (just so happens to be literally), so I keep the Resolve close and shut my mouth. Typing is okay, though.

  16. My favorite thing to load up on my salad is ranch dressing. Any ideas why my ass keeps getting bigger? ha.
    Complaints? One of my kids at school today looked at me and asked if I had a rough night. REALLY? Coming from a 10 year old that really hurts! haha.
    I started my new “running schedule” last week. By the end of July I will be up to running 1.5 miles without stopping. Watch out. I’m going to be tearing up the streets. ughh. haha.

  17. wheat grass will CLEAN ya. and please stop posting pickles. ohhhhh i hate pickles.

    actually, it’s your blog. do whatever the F you want.

  18. Number One: don’t worry about not feeling totally in love with running. I think people who love to run every day and never ever have crappy running days are not human. It’ll come eventually, just hang in there! Watch The Spirit of the Marathon if you haven’t already – that might help things out in the motivation department, because 92 degrees sure won’t. Eek!

    Number Two: my complaint today is about a particular parent of a particular students who I had in my class last trimester. Her mom is hag and keeps bothering me about a grade change 7 weeks later. Ugh, the audacity of some people is atrocious!

  19. Ahh I can’t really complain. I love this time of year!! Bring on the DRESSES 🙂 I hate hate hate hate hate pants, so I am loving raiding the dress portion of my closet at the moment 🙂

    Yes, I am ridiculous. I am okay with that.

  20. Favorite salad toppings: beets, sunflower seeds, & crumbled blue cheese. Oh, sweet yes!

    Rant of the day. I’m tired of making multiple meals to satisfy everyone in my family. The kids slowly grow out of the picky phase, but it takes forever. They eat every fruit & vegetable under the sun, so I try not to bitch too much, but their protein options are very limited. I feel like a short order cook.

  21. The very thought of wheatgrass terrifies me. But pickles and beets make me happy. You’re a girl after my own heart on that one. Did you know you can buy pre-cooked vacuum-sealed beets at Trader Joe’s??? Yep. You need them.

    I get that way about running sometimes. Once you get back at it, you’ll get hooked again. The endorphin rush is too good. I just admire you for getting all that strength training in! I am so beyond deficient in that department.

    I am complaining about children who come to school with no pencil. Who the eff comes to school without a pencil? For the love of God!!! I’m supposed to send these kids to high school soon? Heaven help us all.

    OK, I feel better.

  22. i fell AGAIN while running today. as if my motivation to run isn’t low enough already. and the rest of the day sucked in general.

    can we have a woe is me party together? please?

  23. Oh man, I love complaining! I want to complain about my crazy friend, State Farm insurance (they blow!) and of course how much I loathe my job. LOATHE.

    I’m also worrying that I’ve lost my love for running because I have still got no desire to run and the idea of getting up at 5 to do it sounds ridiculous. I’m sure once we both start our training again we’ll be hooked. Right?

    • I hope so! Usually I run by myself and I joined a training group. Maybe running with others will help? Or maybe we can just become lazy and change the names of our blogs. Sitting on Words and Eat: Watch: Sit have a ring to it.

  24. I can’t find my willpower to avoid bad foods! Wahh!!!

  25. Mz. Teri

    Regarding salads – I love to load up on black olives, avocodos, and sometimes cottage cheese! 😀

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