Three More Things Thursday

Things I love about California.

Weather like this:



Nutty family like this:



And relaxing like this:


See you tomorrow, San Diego! Oh, and stay classy.


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18 responses to “Three More Things Thursday

  1. I’m so excited, I’m supposed to visit California this summer! Can’t wait!

  2. Have a GREAT trip. And please email every now and then so I don’t stab my eyes out at work. 🙂

  3. Where you staying at in the SD? I’ll be down in the whale’s vagina this weekend. Perhaps we’ll stumble into each other?

  4. Stacie

    Aww fun!!! Say hi to my hometown for me!!! 🙂 Have a great trip!

  5. T

    good looking family out there in cali

  6. I really want to visit California. I’ve never been to America before and that’s definitely one of the many states that I want to visit!

  7. Luuuuckkkky! I love Southern Cali and its weather!! I have cousins that live over in Laguna and Coto de Caza. San Diego is really nice too! We stayed at the Hotel del Coronado one year during XMas and it was awesome!

    You are closer to Tijuana though which may bring back recent treadmill memories if you go any further south. 🙂

  8. So jealous of your trip!! My trips to visit family are always to Ohio. Not quite the same beautiful scenery, but at least the company and the memories are good there. Have a wonderful time!

  9. movesnmunchies

    I LOVE CA!! i miss it!! even though I only lived there for 4 years.. its still my home!! all my fam is there and i was born there!

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