S!#t My Husband Draws – Impatient Cupcakes

Today, I’m doing something awesome. I’m heading out to San Diego to visit my family for the weekend. Did I mention that already? 🙂

Oh, and the high AND low temperature is going to be 65 ALL weekened. I might even go for a run on those terrible San Diego hills just to enjoy cooler weather. Florida’s “cool front” of 85 this weekend can suck it. 🙂 

Since I’ll be on a plane, I thought I would do another edition of S!#t My Husband Draws. There are lots of new peeps reading (or just a lot of people that like to refresh), so I thought I would explain this segment again. At work, my husband and I communicate over IM and he likes to draw random pictures with the IM draw tool. If they make me laugh, I post them. If they suck, I slap him with a wet newspaper.


I have a huge sweet tooth. So, the hubs often offers me half of whatever goodie he’s eating – like cookies, cake, or whatever. On this particular day, he asked me if I wanted a cupcake but I didn’t respond to his IM in a timely fashion.


Impatient cupcakes. That might be a good band name.

If you can’t get enough of his artwork, you can see his other masterpieces herehere, here, here, here, here, and here.

Tell me something random about an annoying co-worker so I have fun stuff to read when I get off the plane. 🙂 (If you work with me, that story better not be about me. Or, it can be about how annoyingly awesome I am. That’s acceptable.)


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17 responses to “S!#t My Husband Draws – Impatient Cupcakes

  1. I have a co-worker who chews with her mouth open and sounds like such a cow when she eats. It drives me INSANE!

  2. Awesome name and drawing! I wish I could do this at work with my wife.

    My Top 10 List of Things That A Coworker Does That Annoys Me:

    10: Shovels chip after chip in his mouth and chews with his mouth open.
    9: Constantly huffing and puffing like a child.
    8: Many failed attempts at sarcasm
    7: Compares how much work he has to do compared to others, yet has time to handle many personal things or surf the Internet.
    6: Constantly monitors how long everyone is in the bathroom.
    5: Complains about pay but never completes a 40 hour week.
    4: Asks everyone in the office the same question until he gets the answer he is looking for.
    3: Can’t park properly and always blocks someone in.
    2: Chooses to yell across the office instead of using the phone system.

    and my favorite of all…

    1: Complains to me that the computer isn’t working and that I need drop what I am doing and fix it immediately which leads me to finding out it was turned off and he didn’t try pushing the power button first!

    These blogs are becoming very therapeutic. lol 🙂

    • So…you can’t think of anything? 😛 There’s a guy at my work that does the “loud sigh” about 3x a day. We get it. You’re annoyed at something. There was also a guy at my work a long time ago that would say “oooohhhh shit” everytime he stretched. That one was kinda funny. At first.

      • lol….Nope, not one thing. My office is just one big magically Disney filled place where Mr Blue Bird likes to perch on my shoulder. 🙂

        It does crack me up that I have heard coworkers accidentally say, “I love you.” when they hang up the phone and they are speaking to a client or prospect.

  3. Hilarious drawings. I think the “pedophiles of central Florida” one is my favorite.

    I just love when my one coworker decides it is necessary to put 15 bottles of water in our teeny tiny mini fridge (that 7 of us have to share) all at ONE TIME! Thus, leaving the rest of us with no where to store our lunches.

    I also love when my coworkers choose to microwave some sort of fishy meal for lunch. Our office is really small and smells travel quickly here!

  4. Sara

    Here at my new job I haven’t been able to find any annoyances…yet. Although it seems where ever I work some people love clipping their nails. I think it is gross and the sound freaks me out, not to mention the nails flying everywhere. Ick!

  5. Hav a GREAT trip!!!!

    …. and i love that pic! ahaha

    My coworkers pretty much ALL annoy me right now (hence why I’m soon to be leaving this job).. but I have one who chews SO LOUD with ehr mouth open and has zero manners/ettiquette skills… it’s gross

  6. I work with a creeper named Carlos aka “WTFCC.” (As in WTF Creepy Carlos.) A few days ago I was walking into the office and despite the fact that he was probably 50 feet in front of me I almost passed out when I was hit by the cloud of cologne that was following him.

    Are you running when you’re out here? You know you want to…

  7. Mz. Teri

    I have no coworkers. It’s just me and my boss… and I’m not about to post anything about him that annoys me… not that there is anything, mind you… 😀

    Sometimes I annoy myself though… especially when I feel sleepy and have a hard time keeping myself from falling asleep at my desk… AT 10 AM!!! :\

  8. Love the drawing! Seriously so funny. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Or a good blog name. I want it. Um I am so jealous, take me with you to San Diego!

  10. Jealous of San Diego! have a blast. I have a coworker who ALWAYS heats tuna fish in the microwave. Seriously? Tuna fish? Warmed? In the microwave? It’s totally gag-inducing.

  11. Ha ha!

    So there is this guy that is actually my cube mate. He says really weird things. Like the time he asked me if he could nap under my desk, because he was up all night hunting coyotes?

    He also really enjoys acting like he knows everything about everything.
    “So Brit, do you know what the part of the brain is called that controls emotion??”
    Some of our other co workers call him the google monster…

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