Weekend Timeline

I flew back from San Diego yesterday (and boy are my arms tired). I’ll be here all night, folks! 😉

I didn’t get to blog much over the weekend, so I thought I would do a weekend timeline and sum up the interesting parts instead of doing a bunch of individual posts. So, here we go.


3:00pm:  Leave for the airport.

4:00pm: Take the shuttle to the wrong terminal at OIA. (Letting my awesome shine through.)

6:30pm: Arrive at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.

7:00pm: Arrive at my next gate and wait for the plane to board.

7:10pm: Tweet something no one else seems to notice.

7:15pm: Get helpful advice from my friend Jim.

9:45pm: Arrive in San Diego, about 25 minutes later than scheduled. Find my brother waiting for me outside baggage claim.

10:15pm: Arrive at 4th and B downtown.

10:20pm: We couldn’t have made better time. The headliner (TV on the Radio) hadn’t come on yet, so the big bro bought tickets to the show.We got a drink and the band came on about 10 minutes later.

The place was really cool inside with all sorts of fun paintings (not pictures) for sale on the wall.

TV on the Radio was surprisingly good. I thought they would be more mellow from what I had sampled from them the day before, but they were pretty rockin’.

We’re pretty sure we had a forgetful bartender, because we’d order one drink and get two. Or three.

In case you’re wondering, those are vodka and soda. They taste like crap, so I put Crystal Light in them.

12:30am: Show ends (That’s 3:30am Florida time in case you’re not keeping track.)

1:00am: Brother suggests going out for a beer. Sugar Free Red Bull says sister is wide awake and ready to go!

1:20am: Stop at a place close to home. Meet a guy named Coconut at the bar that works at Miyabi (a Japanese Steakhouse next door) as a cook. He tells my brother he’s “not that good.”

2:15am: Arrive home. Ready for bed. That’s 5:15am Florida time.


10:00am: Wake up

10:10am: Brother tells me to get ready. The SIL wants to go work out.

11:00am: Arrive with the SIL for a boxing class.

We took an hour long class that included ab work at the beginning, lots of punch sequences, along with push ups, burpees, squats, running, and wall sits.

The class was fun but a little on the disorganized side.

12:00pm: Head back home to shower. Notice this gem in my room.

Not weird at all.

1:30pm: Head over to my Mom’s place.

3:00pm: Go out to lunch at Souplantation and eat mass quantities of salad.

5:00pm: Nap time.

6:30pm: Meet my brother out at El Torito, a great Mexican restaurant, for dinner with the family. (Best guacamole I’ve ever had.)

I had the Fresh Chicken. That corn ball thing is THE JAM. It’s like what corn bread is trying to be but failing miserably. So good. Corn bread…take note.

My brother had fajitas that included the largest spoon known to mankind.

8:30pm: Head over to Mom’s place. (That’s her in the pink behind me. Tell her to wear more pink, it looks good on her!)

9:00pm: Bedtime.


6:30am: Awake. ugh.

6:45am: Go for a run. 6.25 miles circling around hilly ass neighborhoods I didn’t know.

8:00am: Write my one lone weekend blog post about my run.

10:30am: Leave to catch the Coaster train downtown with my Mom.

This one was my Mom’s idea. “Lay on the tracks. That would be funny and not dangerous at all.”

The train arrived and the trip downtown took about 40 minutes.

It was misting and gloomy in the morning, but we still got some great views from the Coaster.

Once we arrived downtown, we walked around for a little bit. San Diego is definitely ready for the Rock n Roll Marathon on June 5th. There were signs everywhere that made me sad I’m not running it.


We ended up at Horton Plaza, a crazy awesome outdoor mall.

Instead of finding that new and unique lunch spot, I found one of the crappiest salads I’ve ever had. The Chop Salad from California Crisp.

Mom had some sushi from another place that was way better, so I stole some of it.

After lunch, we walked back to the train station to catch the trolley and then catch the bus to Balboa Park.

3:00pm: Became San Diego mass transit masters.

We walked around Balboa Park for a few hours and took lots of pictures.


Casa del Prado Theatre.

The Spanish Village Art Studio

Watching the Carousel.

8:00pm: Finally made it home

9:00pm: Happy Hour with the big bro at the same spot we met Coconut. No Coconut this time. Just lots of tequila and beer.

12:00am: Bedtime


8:00am: Arrive at the airport for the flight home.


8:45am: More helpful advice from Jim.

7:30pm:  Hubs picks me up at the airport.

8:00pm: Get home to a house where the Hubs mopped all the tile flooring, cleaned all the laminate flooring, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, bought a new patio set we’ve had our eye on, put up a ceiling fan in the office we’ve been wanting forever, and generally cleaned the entire house. < —– Awesome

11:00pm: Bedtime


So, that was my weekend. It was jam-packed busy, but I had so much fun and I loved seeing my family. (Thanks for all the hospitality Mom, Big Bro, and Janis.)

I usually don’t suffer from jet lag, but I’ve been up since 4:30am this morning because I can’t sleep. It’s 6:00am now and I need to take a shower and get ready for work. *sigh* I should have taken an additional day off work but instead I’ll just look like a zombie today. It’s a good look.

What’s the last awesome thing your significant other did for you?


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25 responses to “Weekend Timeline

  1. Yay! So glad you are back!!

    Awesomest thing Dan has done lately? He supported me and my computer buying antics this weekend. He watched the kids while I did my thing and didn’t complain once. He pretty awesome in general though 🙂

  2. jlo3133

    Very nice that you saw TOTR. I approve.

  3. It looks like you had a great trip! I’m loving the idea of putting Crystal Light into a vodka and soda. I agree, so yuck otherwise. I might have to try that soon.

    Last weekend my boyfriend drove for 25 minutes to pick me up in downtown FW because I might have had a few too many cocktails. He never even complained. What a keeper!

  4. Several things: Crystal Light with vodka & soda? Genius. Your mom does look lovely in that pink and I agree that she should wear more. Why do fajitas require a giant spoon? I want to run that marathon, too. I’ve only done a half before, but I’m sort of getting the itch for a full . . . I have totally been to that mall the one and only time I was in San Diego. And I don’t have a SO, but I ironed my own outfit today. I’m considering my wrinkle free look my contribution to society for the day. That, and educating our nation’s youth. Go me.

    • My brother didn’t even use the spoon. Although, that was probably because I grabbed it off his plate first thing and started playing with it and made him take a picture of me. You never know where these hands have been!

      Ironed shirts totally count by the way. Even if you ironed it yourself.

  5. how fun!! love family time!

    my hubby just got me tickets to see my sister….im leaving tomorrow!! woohoo!

  6. Welcome back!

    1)Crystal Light improvisation = awesomeness

    2) I’m curious about the “hilly ass neighborhoods”…..as you were running through their hills, are all the houses shaped liked asses or does it just smell really bad? Those crazy cultured Californian people. Always thinking of something new.


    C) I don’t know why they would call it Balboa Park, there is no way Rocky would run through flowers and plants to train. I mean listen to the guy talk, his allergy nasal congestion would be out of control!

    Glad to see you survived the zombies and train tracks.

  7. Pam

    What a fun weekend! Love that mall. Sorry about your crappy salad.

    Wes put my coke zero in the refrigerator while I was at the gym, even though I forgot to ask him to. That sounds really weird, but I was incredibly excited about it, especially since it was kinda like he read my mind.

  8. What a great trip! That salad looks like some iceberg in a styrofoam container, so I don’t blame you for being unimpressed.

  9. Dude. I am tired just from reading that.
    Coconut sounds like a neat guy? Single?

    • For realz. I am dying today. I do think Coconut was indeed single. He was there alone. So ladies, if you’re looking for a guy who likes to drink alone and can’t really cook that well…I found your man.

  10. Your husband is awesome! Love coming home to a clean house. Michael regularly corrals the children so I can get in my long runs. And makes office calls to help rebuild my laptop, phone, whatever that’s broken. Any time. He is also the technical support for my entire family. I’m sure my dad’s 52 phone calls & emails don’t get old at all.

    Crystal Light in vodka is pretty inventive. I may have to give it a try! And El Torito is so yum. I haven’t been there in years, but they do have amazing guacamole!

  11. PS – I laughed at your comment on my blog about the weather for a 1/2 in June. I’ll be happy if it’s not raining & is over 60 degrees that day. It was 45 for my long run on Sunday. Brrrrrrrrrr

  12. Ok. So there are about a billion things that I love about this post.

    Firstly, you are HILARIOUS. I actually watched Zombieland over the weekend, and before I read your Twitter advice, I was thinking the exact same thing. Bahahaha.

    Second, How did the cardboard cut out make it to your room?? I hope you took that home with you. 🙂

    Lastly, I love San Diego. I am totally jealous that you went. Balboa Park is beautiful!

    Oh, and the train tracks picture is EPIC. 🙂

  13. You were at DFW…I live 5 minutes from there! Sounds like a great trip!

  14. T

    that was a half marathon blog post! made me tired just rethinking about it all. you gotta love a cook that self-proclaims he’s “not that good”… seems there are a few professions where that is better left unsaid like doctors, pilots, and escorts!!

  15. Where does your family live in San Diego?

  16. Where did you get said husband? I think ALL women need to know this information!

    Love your blog!!

  17. So, what you’re saying is that I need to go away for a long weekend and my husband will magically get crap done around the house? Hmm. I haven’t tried that tactic yet, but it sounds unbelievably promising.

  18. Yay glad you’re back! Sounds like a crazy but fun time!

  19. TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” is one of my absolute favorite songs to run to! Great band.

    Looks like you had a blast! I’m envious of your vacay. Not so envious of that salad.

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