Monday Mini Miracles

Workout (this morning): Ran on treadmill 4 miles (40 min), walked .60 miles (10 min)
Workout (tonight):  Weights with our Crossfit trainer.

I ate and ate this weekend because I didn’t have to worry about gaining weight since the Rapture was happening. That turned out to be a major disappointment because I wasn’t raptured at all. RUDE.

Now I have to keep looking at that big, red -59 in my Weight Watchers plan.

Have I mentioned I’m not doing too well on that?

Ok, besides two Cocoa Pebbles incidents, I did fairly well with the eating part. That negative number is pretty much all alcohol.

Now, on to my Monday Mini Miracles.

1. I got up and worked out this morning. And it’s a Monday morning at that. I was pretty happy with myself, thankyouverymuch! I think I’m subconsciously preparing for those early mornings during marathon training. 

2. Bangs.

They are covering up my jacked-up chemical peel face today. Lips are partially blue because I just ate frosting.

3. Chuck was renewed for Season 5 – which will be the final season. LOVE that show. And love me some Zachary Levi. Meow.

4. Supernatural was renewed for Season 7. I wasn’t too excited about this at first because the show wasn’t as good this season as it was the last five seasons. But, the finale was really cool, so now I’m looking forward to it. Plus, these guys are hot.

Jensen Ackles (Dean) is my on my list of future husbands. If you’re reading this, Jensen, I can bump you up the list if you give me a call.

5. My in-laws put mulch in my flower bed today (Get your minds out of the gutter). I can’t wait to see it!

What’s your Monday Mini Miracle?


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22 responses to “Monday Mini Miracles

  1. I spent 7 straight hours with 8th graders and everyone is still living. Miracle.

    • William

      8th graders. That is an intersting group. I taught 8th grade math for 4 years before leaving K12 to head into a new career. Bless you and may you never snap.

      • William

        Blogs really should have a spell checker (or maybe I should type posts in Word and paste them into the blog). Then again I am a math guy, so maybe the spelling errors can be overlooked. 😉

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if alcohol was 0 points?! That is generally why I would go into the red, too.

    I forgot my lunch at home today 😦 but managed to not snag a free bagel when I was starving. That’s my Monday miracle.

  3. Becky

    Oooh, I need to catch up on some Supernatural, those boys are HOTTIES. Mm…I mean good show. 😉
    Monday Miracle – all things annoying today were easily rectified. I shall have to take that…since…it’s been a Monday. 🙂 Your blog always brings a smile. Love your bangs today btw…and blue lips are so Ke$ha…what a great Monday! 😉

  4. tra

    omg. i only like supernatural for the HOT GUYS! (scary things are badddddd sheesh sometimes i can’t even watch the scary parts). jensen ackles is FINE so i approve of him on your list. 😀

    man- i’ve been feeling sluggish! and stressed! i need me a workout. and hahahha box jumps with dumbbells would be a recipe for DISASTER!!

  5. Mini miracle: I got to work at 8am and I survived my first day! Woot! Oh, and I also tried Hummus House for the first time 🙂

  6. My mini miracle… I didn’t scream today. I totally wanted to, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Loving your bangs, sorry to hear about the chemical peel.

    • All in the name of beauty. 🙂 I’ll look sunburned and peely for a week for awesome skin after if that’s what it takes. It’s hard being a girl.

      Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless

  7. My Monday miracle was that a train approached right when I got to the station. The littlest things make me happy.

  8. 1. If you’re gonna go negative with the calories, it may as well be with alcohol.

    2. Your bangs are super cute!

  9. ohh, your bangs look wonderful 🙂

    Kudos to you for some great workouts. I have been trying to get up for early am workouts so I have more time in the later part of the day. So far it’s been rough!

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! 🙂

  10. uuuuuuuuugh i watched PART of season one of chuck and LOVED it. but i never made time to catch up! i get nervous every time a commercial comes on because i don’t want to hear a “spoiler.” too bad i’m YEARS behind. but i will do it!

  11. That’s awesome they renewed Chuck! I just finished Disc 2 of Season 3 with the last episode being the one were he plays an assassin and finds out Sarah’s real name. Out of the two girls, who do you think is prettier, Sarah or Ellie?

    • Oh, good one. I think Ellie is aesthetically prettier, but Sarah is more my type. LOL How about you? And now I have to ask my husband to see what he thinks…

      • It’s hard to choose…because I usually flip flop depending on the episode. If I was back in my college days, I would say Ellie because dark hair was all I was attracted to. But now, I don’t have a set preference. However, if Yvonne was able to use her real accent, then she would be the overall winner because I’m a sucker for accents.
        Curious to see who your husband picks. The wifey likes Ellie better.

        • He picked Sarah, hands down. He said Ellie doesn’t do anything for him. (Ellie does seem a little boring and clean cut, if you ask me.)

          • Good point. As I thought about it more (yea, I’m having a productive day work. thanks. 😉 ), I think why I am torn is because Ellie’s look reminds me of Linda Carter back in the day when she played Wonder Woman (hawt). 🙂

  12. Stefanie@RUNON

    I love Supernatural! The only reason I watch is because those boys are hot. Love. It.

    I also love your bangs. I don’t think I could rock the bang look, but you totally pull it off. 🙂

  13. I know I am SO late in this, but I LOVE your bangs!! So flattering!

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