The Eat is On

I made it to my Martial Arts Fitness class last night. The whole class was a kettle bell workout, which was fun and different. I was just bummed that I was so sore from Crossfit on Monday that I couldn’t really put a lot of effort into it. I guess doing something is better than nothing.

Today, I decided to renew my healthy eating vows.

Last night I was down in the dumps. Mostly because I’ve been eating like crap and it depresses me. After fitness class, I went to Publix and picked up a bunch of healthy snacks so I could start over today, but not before saying farewell to my unhealthy eating habits with a couple of these:

The beer. Not the eggs.

If you make hard-boiled eggs while drinking beer, that makes the beer healthy. That’s fact and you can’t argue with fact. I may have also had a few of my special margaritas. And a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. And some Cocoa Pebbles. And some Munchies Snack Mix. I needed to say goodbye properly.

Hopefully this time will be different and I’ll stick to my goals because unlike the times before, I have a goal date: July 16th. That’s our Taekwondo school’s yearly beach day. Beach day means I’ll be wearing a bathing suit in front of people I know. People like this: 


Do you see a trend there? They are all already hot and they will be in bikinis. If I want to stand within 20 feet of them, I’ll need to catch up. So, now I start Operation: Be-Hot-By-July-16-Otherwise-I-Will-Pretend-I-Don’t-Know-Any-Of-Those-Three-Ladies-At-The-Beach.

Here’s the plan:

  • Eat fewer sweets. I won’t cut them out all together because that would never work for me. But I will try to avoid things like this:

That’s the menu for Tenders here in Orlando. I want to go to that place so bad just for the dessert menu. I hear you can bring in any dessert you want and they will FRY IT FOR YOU. I’m going to bring in a ladel of frosting.

  • Eat more protein. Hard-boiled eggs. Check.
  • Eat more fats. I tend to eat foods really low in fat and they don’t fill me up. Hubs suggested I eat more fats. Frosting has a lot of fat, right?
  • Keep up my current strength training plan. Even when marathon training starts, I want to strength train 3 days a week. I can tell I have gotten stronger in the past couple months just from Crossfit. Now, if the fat would kindly move off my muscles, I’ll be able to see it.
  • Drink less diet drinks and use less Splenda. I would say “quit diet drinks and Splenda” but I know that will never happen. Staying away from cupcakes and cookies is stressful enough.
  • Eat less peanut butter. I know it’s good for you, but I tend to go overboard with my peanut butter consumption. Also, my best friend mentioned to me today that peanut butter might be the cause of my stomach problems. I’ve had stomach problems for about a year now which is when I started eating more PB. She’s started eating more PB in the past month and has had the same problem for a month. Coincidence? Maybe. But you never know, so I’ll try it out. Right after I finish this jar of peanut butter.
  • Cook something new and healthy. I don’t know what it will be, but I’m going to try to cook something that is not brownies.

This weekend will already present my first challenge. I’m going to the Electric Daisy Carnival. That’s two 10-hour days with carnival food all around me. I plan on bringing a few healthy snacks (hopefully they let me in with them) and eating a larger meal before I arrive.

What’s your #1 healthy eating habit?

P.S. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that comment regularly. You know who you are! I love reading your comments and they truly make my day.  🙂   /sappy


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46 responses to “The Eat is On

  1. my #1 healthy eating habit ~ would have to be that i eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up. seriously, it’s done wonders for me. (sounds kinda weird & like “too precise”…but eh, it works). eating breakfast at all would be a healthy eating habit!

  2. I know first hand that it’s tough to cut something out completely, but would you be able to cut beer out until your hi-ya beach day? All these commercials about low cal beer are such crap. Don’t get me wrong, I lovvvvvvve beer, but it contains the hardest sugar the body can breakdown……maltose.

    I also see we have the exact same weaknesses grasshoppa. I will drop you an email tonight with the diet I am temporarily keeping a secret on my blog, to see what you think. It might not be for you. I don’t even know if it’s for me yet, but might be something worth looking into.

    Another awesome blog post title too!

  3. As boring as it is, drinking water is my good habit. I swear during the day it feels like my water bottle is permanently attached to my hand but lots of water makes a world of a difference! On the weekends when I don’t drink nearly enough I feel like DEATH.

    Good luck with your renewed vows – you can do it!! Eye on the prize 🙂

  4. swmbikrun

    Peanut butter doesn’t agree with me either! Since peanuts are a legume instead of an actual nut about six months ago I switched to almond butter. Sometimes if I’m feeling *nuttier* (I’m a dork, I know) I’ll do hazelnut, or pistachio butter. I measure it out and throw it into smoothies. It helps me from going overboard in my consumption:)

  5. Um, are we living the same lives, or what?! I guess we both spent our nights last night making hard-boiled eggs. I’m sure you did a better job peeling yours, though 😛

    Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches should never be given up. Ever. I have mint ones in my freezer just waiting for me to be done with this stupid South Beach thing.

    My best healthy habit that I always maintain is drinking water. I drink a lot of it. But I also drink diet coke too and I can not give that up!

  6. Lovin’ the blog! I don’t know you but I feel like we would be friends. (Was that creepy enough for you?) I eat greek yogurt with granola quite frequently however I usually cancel that out with a Reese cup or some sort of pastry.

    • Totally not creepy. I’ve had dreams about bloggers I’ve never met. Now THAT is creepy. 🙂 I love plain greek yogurt with powdered ranch to dip my veggies in. Delish!

  7. Pam

    I love Shock Top. Mmmmm.. I also love hard boiled eggs. Thanks for reminding me that I need to make some. I haven’t been feeling too terribly healthy lately, but I do think a good habit I have is not letting myself get too hungry. I eat some fruit or something every couple of hours so I don’t overdo it later. I also become a real monster if I get super hungry. Just ask my husband.

  8. My husband started Crossfit on Monday and we switched to the Paleo diet. This is my third day but I already feel SO much less hungry than I did before when I was just doing Weight Watchers.
    You should try it at least for a weeek, and I know Crossfit recommends it.

    and that place in orlando? I MUST go there!

    • I have thought about Paleo but I don’t think I could give up dairy or grains. But that less hungry benefit does make it tempting, so I may try it out for a week.
      Yes! It’s in Orlando. There’s a location across from UCF. I want to go so bad!

      • Katie G

        When I talked to a trainer at Crossfit forever ago she told me about her version of the paleo diet, and how she ate a big hunk of ground beef for breakfast every day. Nothing else. Just a hunk of ground beef. *hurk*

        • eww hunk of ground beef sounds gross!!

          I had steak and eggs for breakfast yesterday at 9 and didn’t have lunch until about 2, and I still wasn’t hungry but ate because I felt like I had to…
          Me +steak+eggs= omgoodness yes!

  9. hmmmmmmmmm i guess just make sure that over the weekend i stock up on fruits/veggies etc to last the week.

    and omg everything fried = heaven. that dessert menu looks awesome.

  10. Wowy, I cannot believe that place has fried everything on the menu!!! SoCal definitely doesn’t have goodies like that and I have never had a fried dessert before!
    My number one health tip that I follow is oodles of water consumption (right around 6 liters per day). It’s the only thing that keeps my skin clear, gives me energy, and makes me happy. I’m a total bear when I’m thirsty! Oh, and soyrizo. I’m addicted to that stuff like crack. Have you had it?

    • I’ve never even heard of it.

      Fried Oreos are crazy delicious. I had one in Vegas the day before my wedding. Not my brightest idea. (The Oreo not the wedding.) 🙂

  11. Is it weird that I don’t like hard boiled eggs? I like eggs any other way though! Good for you for sticking to this plan…you can do it 🙂 But not because you need to loose any weight. I think you are just fabulous 🙂

    • Thanks girl! And nope, not weird! Because I don’t like eggs any other way besides hard boiled or scrambled. Runny eggs, over easy eggs, poached eggs…I cannot deal with those! Even pictures of them kinda gross me out.

  12. Katie G

    Don’t think I didn’t notice the Glenn Frey shout out, yo.

  13. The title of this post makes me want to watch Beverly Hills Cop. Other than that, my #1 healthy eating habit is to incorporate some type of protein and a good whole grain into every meal. I stay fuller longer, and I don’t go graze on chips and candy. Black beans & brown rice is a favorite protein + grain combo of mine.

  14. eating a healthy breakfast starts my day off right and im more likely to make good choices the rest of the day. Umm that sentence just bored me.

    Anyhoo, tell the peeps at the carnival that u have a medical condition and youll die if u dont have ur snacks. Graveyard dead.

  15. I used to focus on eating 1200 calories/day & no/ultra low fat. It was ridiculous. Of course, I was 25, didn’t know better, & obviously a fool. Now I focus on getting lots of protein, fruit, & vegetables & sticking to 1500 calories/day. Unless I’ve had a huge workout, I’m rarely hungry.

  16. Stefanie@RUNON

    I try to eat at least two peices of fruit a day, which isn’t too hard for me because I love fruit and eat it for breakfast on a regular basis. I stuggle with the veggies though. I need to get better at that. Something about them being good for you.

  17. PS – you will rock the bikini this summer. 🙂

  18. Jason

    Paula, I’ve been doing the South Beach diet for the past 9 days, and have lost over 10 pounds. Has it been hard to give up pasta/rice/starches/etc.? Yes, but as the diet goes on you can begin to reincorporate these things into your diet (on a limited basis). I also drink nearly two gallons of water a day and that does not include what I drink while working out. Thank you for claiming my wife as HOT and making her now famous….btw, sugar free Jello pudding is the bomb, and I get to eat it on SB too :)..

  19. Sending you a big schmoopy kiss back for commenting @ me, too!

    That Shock Top Raspberry Beer is the shiz. And it has fruit and carbs so it must be healthy. The proximity to the eggs doesn’t hurt, either.

    I like your plan! I have been stress eating the last couple of days and I need to get back on track, too. My best plan is to stick to what I bring with me to eat at work, rather than indulging in the office treats. And if I do have something extra, then I don’t eat everything I bring with me. Kind of an even give and take, ya know?

  20. Good luck! I will totally be right there with you starting next week.. I haven’t been eating absolutely miserably the last few months (I blame my students.. both giving me so many treats and also stressing me out to NEED treats) but as of next week I’ll be on vacation.. and on a mission!

  21. Hmmm, now that u mention it, PB may be my problem too. Sleepy 3am treks to the kitchen for three or four heaping spoonfuls of PB may be why I haven’t lost these last six pounds.
    BTW, July 16, at Beach Camp, we’ll be having a photo shoot and by we I mean you, me, Ale, Tina, and the other fitness class members. We have to represent! Then, we’ll celebrate poolside or at dinner with thousands of calories worth of spirits! How does that sound- – just upping your motivation level 😉

  22. I LOVE Shock Top!!! Yeah for a great beer!!! Totally worth a couple extra miles to have a few….

    Good luck on the cleaner diet. I just had to clean mine up too!! A muffin top DOES NOT look sexy in a wedding dress!! So I will be cheering you on (and also crying for the loss of my enormous spoonfuls of cream cheese frosting – goodbye, dear friend…)

  23. Two Words… I’m backkkkkk!

    I just couldn’t stay away from the blogging world. 🙂

  24. Mz. Teri

    My healthy habit is also drinking lots of water throughout the day. Your stomach problems could also be from drinking diet soda. If cutting out peanut butter doesn’t help the issue, try cutting out the diet soda for a while and see if that helps.

    • Mz. Teri

      BTW, I think you’re already very hot (and beautiful) and shouldn’t worry about how you look compared to other women. Just my personal opinion. 🙂

    • It wouldn’t be that. I’ve always drank a ton of diet drinks since I was in my teens. So, that’s nothing new. The excess PB is fairly new.

  25. Katie

    I was going to cut down on carbs. Then, I went to the bagel place for 6 (to share with my bf, I swear!) and they said it was only .30 cents more for 13.
    . . . So I left with 13 bagels. *sigh*

    I’m trying to cut down on the cheese (it’s a problem), and eat more protein (hard boiled eggs this week!, and chicken and PB), and increase the work outs. I should really cut down on my carb intake – at least the chips/breads/pastas. Trying. Pasta cutting down seems to be going well because I make sure to make extra food at dinner for the week’s lunches. Or, I just grab a bagel like today (but I had an egg and protein pb balls!). 😛

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  27. Hahahahahah I totally ignore my hot friends near water. The trick is to be really mean to them so they stay far far away from you.

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