Three Things Thursday

(last night’s) Workout: Ran outside 3.65 miles (34 minutes) 9:18 pace / Ran on the treadmill 1.6 miles (9:41/9:31 pace) – 5.25 miles total

Last night’s run was a good one and I didn’t even know it until I was done. After 3.65 miles outside, I had to go to the little girl’s room but the bathroom doors were already locked at the park. So, I had to cut my run short and go home. Don’t neglect the bowels, people.

After I did my biz at home, I hopped on the treadmill for a little more mileage. I was really surprised by my 9:18 pace since I’ve barely been running in the past month and a half. To be honest, it makes me a little giddy. 🙂

Also, I think I saw one of my old professors from college walking his dog but I didn’t wanna seem like a total creepster and call his name since it was getting dark and I was running past him at the SPEED OF LIGHT. (Speed of light is 9:18 by the way.)


The first day of Operation: Look-Hotter-Than-The-Girls-In-My-Fitness-Class went well. I only had one can of pop (instead of 4) and NO peanut butter (a minor miracle), a turkey burger for dinner (more good fats), and my snacks were hard-boiled eggs and light Babybel cheese instead of Reeses eggs and cheesecake.

Today, lunch was a grilled turkey salad from Pita Pit. I asked for double meat, which I guess means “more meat than lettuce.” Not the wisest decision. Next time, no double meat.

I swear there is a salad under there. Also, check out my stuffed Peep because it’s awesome.

For dessert, I had this:

The gum is good and keeps its flavor for a long time. But, bloggers who tell you that dessert gum is a great substitute for something sweet when you really want it are full of shit.

Now, on to today’s three things. Things my mom wouldn’t let me do until I turned 18. (This post was inspired by Lisa’s post today, but I have no idea how.)

1. Eat Pop-Tarts. She wouldn’t even allow them in the house. When I would ask for them, she would say, “you can buy them yourself when you’re 18.”  So, I did.

I ate a whole box. It was rather anti-climatic too because I built up years of remembering how good they were and then I was let down. I ate the whole box anyway because I could.

2. Get my ears pierced a second time. I had them pierced the first time when I was 11. I wanted them done twice and begged for it. My mom hates ears pierced more than once. So, I got the “not until your 18” speech again. Right after I turned 18, I went to visit my Dad in Chicago. He had plans the night I came in town, so he gave me his car at the airport so I could drive myself home. Did I go right home? No. I found the first jewelry store I could in downtown Chicago and got my ears pierced a second time.

Now, I can’t wear anything but real gold in my second hole or they get really irritated (hey, a time when that doesn’t mean something dirty!), so I rarely wear earrings in them. (Perhaps that’s Mom Karma? Marma, if you will.)

3. Crap. I can’t think of a third thing. Umm. Take a look at a picture of me with something random from my desk.


Whew! That was close. I bet you almost noticed I had only 2 things.


Tonight, the hubs and I are meeting up with our personal trainer again. I can’t wait to see what part of my body he will torture tonight. My arms and lats STILL hurt from Monday (I can’t straighten my arm fully without bicep soreness). I think only the waist down is fair game tonight. What?

Tell me about something that your parents wouldn’t let you do when you were younger?


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23 responses to “Three Things Thursday

    Hmmm, my parents were crazy strict and wouldn’t let me do anything. But the craziest thing they did was not allow me to date until I was 16, then once I was 16 and was asked on a date, they required a 2 hour interview with the applicant. At the end of the interview, they would either grant or deny us permission to go out (until my 10:00 curfew). It. Was. Awesome. Not.

  2. OMG that poop picture is a little disturbing. Thumbs up? Hahaha too funny!

    My mom would not let me get my belly button pierced even though I begged. So right after I turned 18, I got it done… Came home and surprised her. She was NOT happy. Haha good times!

  3. I’m so glad I was able to inspire your post!!!

    I had a friend in college who also wasn’t allowed to eat Pop Tarts until she had graduated high school. How random! She always had a box on hand when I lived with her.

    I was never allowed to watch 90210 while I lived at home. My mom thought it was too “dirty”. Therefore, in college and even to this day I always watch the re-runs when they were on.

  4. tiff

    hooray for bringing poop back! i missed him!! i have a gf who kicks ice under the fridge of her own house now that she’s 30+ cause her mom didn’t let her growing up. 😛 that’ll teach her!

  5. Congrats on the speedy run!! The speed of light is MOST definitely 9:18 🙂

    My father refused to let me get my belly button pierced. My mom consented when the two of us were in Florida on vacation when I was a senior in high school. I don’t think Dad was too happy!

  6. my mom wouldnt let me get a second hole piercing either. whoaaa that does sound way dirty!! :/

  7. Ahhh… my parents wouldnt let me… go anywhere without them knowing EXACTLY where I was, who I was with and when I would be home!

  8. Definitely no on the second hole. Which definitely does sound dirty. So when I turned 18 I promptly went and got them pierced. Then when I went to college I got my cartilage pierced and my rook (part of the inner ear). so take that, Mom.

  9. My parents didn’t let me do a lot of things, but luckily I still turned out okay.
    I hope to be a little bit more laid back with my kids because I resented my parents for a long time.

  10. David

    Couldn’t eat dinner in front of the TV. I can still hear it, “You can do that when you get your own house.” Of course, when I finally DID get my own house …… 🙂

  11. Pam

    Ha! I couldn’t get a second hole, either. Or read Seventeen magazine because I “wasn’t seventeen.” Seriously.

  12. Mz. Teri

    OMG, the picture you used for your pop-tart comment made me LOL!!! Is that Marilyn Manson?

    I don’t recall if there was something my parents wouldn’t let me do until I turned 18, but I’m sure there was something. It was just WAY too long ago for me to remember. However, there are lots of things I tell my daughters they have to wait to do or have until they turn 18 and/or move out of my house, like getting a tattoo or belly-button piercing and getting a pet. Yea, I’m a strict mom, but so far I’ve raised great (albeit, somewhat nerdy) kids… if I do say so myself! 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness! I’m “that” mom with the pop tarts. “Not in the this house.” Perhaps my kids have a pop tart overdose coming in a few years!

    And I totally think you and the girl Hannah from this season look alike now that she is all skinny. You can see her on the link below.

  14. I had pretty laid back parents. They didn’t condone anything but they weren’t crazy strict. They were totally against smoking cigarettes though. My dad’s infamous phrase was….”I can sort of understand drinking and smoking pot…but Steph…cigarettes will do nothing but kill you and they don’t do a damn fun thing for your body.” I sure tried to use that against him the million other times I got busted with the “sort of understood” recreational activities. 😉

  15. Lol, that is totally the speed of light to me! I’m so slow…

    I was the same with piercing my ears a second time, but I didnt’ get it done til I was 20. And I never wear earrings there.. and when I do, they totally get irritated. Rawr.

  16. My parents wouldn’t let me have my door closed with a girl in my room, gawwwwwd! 🙂

    Actually they did one time, but their friend’s daughter, who was a sophomore in high school (that was also tipsy from a wedding earlier that day) and me (a freshman), closed my door and locked it. They didn’t know she closed and locked it until they came to check on us 5 minutes after seeing her her close the vertical blinds to my slider to the pool area in which they were having drinks in. First and last time I ever got a mean look from a girl’s dad. haha

  17. Katie G

    I was so wild my parents gave up on trying to restrict anything. I think they were mostly just happy I made it out alive.

  18. mylegs

    Just me, or does that ‘poop’ look like soft-serve chocolate ice cream?!

    /slightly disturbed

  19. Stefanie@RUNON

    My Mom was super paranoid. So there were A LOT of things she wouldn’t let me do. I couldn’t get my ears peirced at all until I as 11. Eleven, yeah random age. She also feared for our lives any time we jumped on a trampoline. It was like Satan’s death trap or something.

    • My mom pretty much let me do anything, but she was really weird on certain things. Like delicious pop tarts. 🙂 I got my ears pierced at 11! Although, that’s just when I asked for it I think. Not because I needed to be a certain age.

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