Three Things Thursday

Marathon Training: Ran on treadmill – 2 sets of 4×400 at 5k pace (Total 3.35 miles), walked 1 mile total for warm-up, cool down, and between sets.

No clue what my 5k pace is supposed to be, but I ran those 400’s at an 8:34 pace and then jogged slowly for 200 in between.

I also didn’t know what doing a “400”meant. For those of you that are metrically challenged like myself (I had to ask Michelle, who had to look it up recently), 400 meters is the equivalent of a quarter mile. So now when someone asks if you can run 1600 meters, you will know the answer is yes. It’s just a mile.


Today I have a couple meetings scheduled over lunchtime, so Hubs picked me up a salad at Tenders.

This could be my new favorite salad. I think they call this one “Metric CrapTon of Chicken on Lettuce.” I couldn’t finish it. (Becky – I think you’re onto something with this place! :-))

Oh, Tenders is also the place that I mentioned in this post that will fry anything you bring in. Or…they can just fry those Oreos I had yesterday.

Weren’t you all supposed to hold an intervention if I wanted these before July 16th? Nice job lookin’ out for me, Jason. Sheesh.

Ok, now on to today’s three things. Right now, I’m in a meeting. So here are three reasons why I should never be allowed to call into a meeting from my desk:





I just bought all that from Old Navy during the meeting. On top of the shopping, I blogged about it. < —- model employee

Oh, still in that meeting!

How do you figure out your 5k pace? (I can run a really slow and lazy 5k if I want to, so I don’t know how to figure that out.)

Come back later, cuz I have another giveaway coming up next post. 🙂


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24 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing about the 5k pace.

    And no lie, just last week I googled what 1600 meters was due to marathon training. Thanks, training, for expanding my knowledge of the metric system.

  2. Thank you for the metric conversion because that stuff always makes my head hurt!! Now I know 🙂

    What I wouldn’t give for a fried oreo. Yum! I’ll just have to wait until Sept for the TX state fair. That’s the place I can go to get pretty much anything and everything deep fried. Including beer! Not sure how I feel about that one, though.

  3. Pam

    Your meetings are way more productive than mine! (personally, I mean :)) We all have to sit in the same room and talk over each other and sound important. It’s really sucky.

    Thanks for those explanations. My eyes totally glaze over when people start talking about their 800/400/etc interval workouts. I guess I could have just looked it up, but why don’t people just say quarter or half mile? I know what that means.

  4. Hmmm the only 5K I’ve ever run was after an evening filled with sangria and wine. And that run was NOT pretty. I don’t think 15 min miles can be used for 5k pace lol.

    And the whole 400/800/1600 makes my brain hurrrrrtttt. Why can’t we just call it .25/.5/1? Running is tough enough without having to crunch numbers while doing so…

  5. I ran the 400 in high school track–it was my favorite event! I even got the school record cuz I was a superjock in high school. 😀

    I have no idea what my 5K pace would be. I tend to run faster in half marathons than I do in 10Ks, so I would probably be doing 15 minute miles if I did a 5K.

    Today, I am showing the new Karate Kid to my classes and playing online. I haven’t bought anything yet, but there’s still time.

  6. Becky

    You are just one multi-talented gal! And….apparently you have a weakness like nobody’s business for ON…I had an inkling idea, but really…heh… 😉

  7. Love everything you bought from Old Navy! I expect some modeling pictures once you get them 🙂

  8. Whoa.. that salad looks fantastic! I hatre ordering a chicken salad and finding a single bite of chicken lol

  9. I’m with ya girl. I made the mistake of buying cream
    cheese frosting. I doubt any of it will make it on the cake I’m supposed to bake. Eating like a fattie is way more fun than eating healthy. Too bad stretch marks and cellulite isn’t as fun.

  10. You crack me up. I’m having a meeting today myself and since I’m working from home I expect I’ll be working off two computers and putting in my shopping time myself. Priorities right?

  11. Heyyyy, I got a mention and there were no Tijuana Hookers involved! Woohoo! 🙂

    And I see I am the one that has to be accountable for this intervention stuff. So that’s how it’s going to be, huh? Alright……it’s on like Donkey Kong. Because of said fried Oreo eating, you need to make your PT have you do four 400 meter suicide drills with the four stop and return points being 100 meters apart. When you are done, you will have gone more than 1600 meters. 🙂 This, of course, will be on top of whatever the trainer already has planned for you.

  12. Oh, love those dresses! You have good taste!

  13. Mz. Teri

    Bunnypants cracks me up with her sarcasm. She reminds me of some teenage children I know. lol

    And why are “they” still trying to push the metric system on us. It’s time to give that notion of converting the U.S. to the metric system a long needed rest!

  14. Mz. Teri

    Oh, and you totally got FB cred by Eversave Orlando. They featured your blog post about eating at their place. It came up on my News Feed! 😀

  15. Jen

    Hey, you are a multi-tasker. That is an excellent quality and nothing to be ashamed of =) The salad looks delicious. I think a good way to figure out a 5k pace is to go run one mile as hard as you can, then look up one of those race predictor websites and go from there. Here is a good one in case you are interested.

    Good luck =) -Jen

  16. I love that last dress shown… so summery and cute.

    As for a good race pace calculator, I like this one:

    You can enter your best time for a variety of distances, and it will generate a comprehensive list of goal times for pretty much any distance race. Amazing!

  17. Ro

    Thanks for clearing that up about distances in meters. I never understood what that meant in training plans (4 x 400 repeats or something like that). I would just insert my own distance for that day. I hope to run 6400 meters this evening. That sounds waaay longer than saying 4 miles.

  18. I think you exhibit outstanding multi-tasking skills. I would totally hire ya!

  19. What is this, a PHONE meeting? Good thing they don’t Skype!

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