Marathon Training Week 1

Friday is supposed to be my rest day because Saturday’s are long run days. Before I knew my marathon training schedule, I planned every Friday this month to be a personal trainer day. Bad Idea Jeans.

(last night’s) Workout: 1 hour with personal trainer

I’m not even going to explain what those knee tucks and pop-ups look like. Just know they were hard as eff and the hubs and I could barely get through 3 sets, much less 5. We also changed the pop-ups to the right and left to sets of 10 instead of 20.

That workout wiped us out. Today, my ass hurts.

(today’s) Marathon Training: Ran with running group 10 miles (pace 10:54)

My Garmin died. It won’t charge at all. I realized this right before I left to meet my group this morning. I love spending $200 on something to have it last for less than a year. That’s good times right there. So, that pace was based on my Runkeeper app on my Droid.

The run went well. The pace was a little slower than I would have liked, but then again my ass hurts.

Today, I have two things planned (besides normal house cleaning). I’m going to figure out what “2 or 3 sets of 800, 600, 400” and “3-6 miles of hills” means in my training plan. How fast do I run the 800, 600, and 400? Do I run uphill the whole time? I have no clue.

Then, I’m going to figure out if I can send my Garmin back to be fixed. If I can’t get it fixed for free, I plan to freak out for about 10-15 minutes.

Man, I use those someecards a lot. I used to hate seeing them on blogs, but now they are all over mine. I use them when I have no pictures of my chest for you.

Oh wait! I do!

Check out the shirt my bestie got me for my birthday.

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome and totally me.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I should start a fashion page.

Does anyone know what my training plan means? I feel like an idiot reading those things.

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12 responses to “Marathon Training Week 1

  1. I love that shirt, it’s so cute! And sorry to hear about the death of your Garmin, hopefully it can be fixed soon and for free!

  2. Wait, your Garmin might not be dead. Ours was doing that for awhile too, also when it was less than a year old. I forget what the fix was but there is one out there. Just google “Garmin won’t charge” and I think you’ll find the fix. And I’ll try to remember what we did but my memory ain’t what it used to be!

    • Thanks girl! I tried searching online after I saw your comment. A lot of people have the same problem. I’ve done what they have done to get it to work again, but it isn’t working for me. I submitted a customer service request on Garmin’s website. So, hopefully they can help me when they are back on Monday!

  3. SteveO

    You need to try to reschedule your personal trainer to mid week. While it may not seem tough now when you have to run 15-20 miles you will need all you got and you can’t afford to start those runs being sore. Your steady and consistent long runs are what will get you to the marathon finish.

    I think your schedule alternates between a tempo run and a hill run each week. You don’t have to worry about the hills as much if your course isn’t hilly. Wow that was a genius statement. Lol. I’m not sure about savannah.
    For a hill workout you can attempt to find some hills and just make it a good paced run and push up the hills. You could also find a hill that would take you 1-3mins to run and do some repeats plus w/m and c/d

    I am not really a fan of doing much speed work at 5k pace. For the marathon I think tempo runs are more helpful when run at 10k to half pace.

    Feel free to email Kate if you have any questions 🙂
    Steve O

    • Good to know! Because I’m not a fan of 5k pace either and I’m not even totally sure what mine is. If I did hills, it would probably have to be treadmill work unless I can find a landfill to run up. 🙂

  4. You only have a few more weeks of the trainer on Friday, right? I hope so crazy girl 🙂

    LOVE the shirt! I never bought you a gift, even though I planned on doing so. This Still want that forward facing camelback? Let me know – it’s YOURS.

    I don’t think Savannah is that hilly. That’s what I’m naively hoping for 🙂

  5. I was reading the Garmin paragraph, I felt it building up and thought it was going to end wtih….”and where were you on that one, Jason.”. Whewwwww….relief. Hope you can get it fixed for free. 🙂

  6. I am giving you A+ props for the Bad Idea Jeans reference.

  7. Nicole

    My Garmin did that before, you can totally fix it with a “soft reset” (well, you probably can, this fixed mine!). Its pressing the 2 side left buttons and the front left button at the same time (or something, just google it). Good luck!

  8. Oh my gosh…given my slight obsession with Peeps…I NEED that shirt! So cute!

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