(Cutest) Three Things Thursday (Ever)

I had one of those mornings. You know the ones where you feel like nothing in your closet looks good on and you feel like a tubby lardo. (My dad made up that catchy phrase, by the way. You can use it now too. Tubby lardo.)

Now I have a big mess to clean up.

That picture didn’t even capture all the clothes and shoes on the floor. But all that stuff was tried on and rejected this morning.

After a pep talk from the hubs about what he thought would be some good changes I can make in my diet, I felt a little better. So, I stayed on track instead of binging on tubs of frosting all day.

Lunch was in the form of the monster Grilled Chicken salad from Tenders.

This time the chicken came in a separate styrofoam container. So, I killed the Earth slowly just a bit more today.

Hubs decided we’d try out their fried desserts one more time. Last time we got the Fried Oreos and weren’t that impressed. This time, fried Twix:

We both shared one and thought it was just ok. That exterior is still too hard. It should be soft like a donut not hard like it survived the Chicago Fire of 1871.

Ok, I looked that date up.

I also ate the rest of my asparagus and Brussels sprouts as an afternoon snack to balance out the fried Twix. I appreciate that asparagus doesn’t waste any time getting into that urine stream.  

I have something in my teeth there.


Now on to today’s Three Things. Three cute things Bunnypants does. Smile  (Oh, and we just call her Pants for short.)

1.  She sticks her face through her playpen when she wants petting.

2. She loves to hang out in (and eat) boxes.

3. She growls when we feed her. We think she thinks we’re taking food from her and not giving it, because she will run in circles around our feet growling. If we take too long to feed her, she bites our ankles.

She doesn’t like when you look directly at her double chin.

Oh, and a bonus for you. Here are the names she came really close to having.

  • Detective Rorschach (The fur on her back looks like a Rorschach test.)
  • Professor Nerd-butt (She looks like the Nerds candy mascot. Little in the middle but she got much back.)

Alright, I’m heading out to the gym for a tempo run on the treadmill. Then I need to deal with that bathroom so I can relax and see who gets the axe on SYTYCD tonight.

Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance? (I LOVE it. The hubs and I have watched since season 3.)

Do you have a favorite this year yet? (I like them all so far and no one has really stood out yet. Well, except that short tapper dude who did the Broadway routine yesterday. He talks like McLovin from Superbad and annoys the crap out of me. Or maybe he annoys the stinky pee out of me.)


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13 responses to “(Cutest) Three Things Thursday (Ever)

  1. Paula, I think we are secretly twins! Veronica Mars? SYTYCD? We were definitely separated at birth. I’ve watched So You Think You Can Dance since the very beginning. I’m a fan of the girls this season, and although I don’t know their names yet, I like the chick that was in the statue dance. And the girl with the half shaved head. I don’t have a boy favorite yet…

    • Yes! She is really good and reminds me of Ginnifer Goodwin. I do like the short haired girl that was in the bottom 3 this week (she did the first routine). And the girl that danced with Robert from last season. I like her. I wish I knew names!

  2. Your bunny is so cute. I love that she growls..I didn’t even know that rabbits could growl!!

  3. Aw Pants is so cute!! Love her. And ha my bathroom looks like that regularly. I should probably clean up, we have a guest coming tomorrow and she has to share my bathroom.

  4. I had one of those days this morning with the clothes. It happened when I was looking at the back of my hair with a mirror and caught a glance of my Tubby Lardo butt. It was BAD NEWS.

  5. I don’t like the tapper either!I haven’t decided on a fav, but I think I like Wadi – although i did NOT like that dance they did!

  6. Ro

    I’ve watched SYTYCD for a while too!!! I get the seasons mixed up though. I really liked Pascha! Remember him? I didn’t see last night’s episode b/c I went to see Super 8. I recommend that movie. I have to get my Lost fix somehow.
    Your growling bunny is too cute!!

    • I had another friend say Super 8 was good too! I might have to see that. And yes! Pascha has already been on this season. He danced with the chic that is top 10 dancer in a bunch of categories when she was first picked for Top 20. 🙂

  7. Pam

    Awwwwww!!! CUTE bunny 🙂

    And I hate those days where everything you put on looks bad. Lately, I’ve taken to just wearing the same things over and over because I know they won’t let me down. My job is ending in a few months, and I officially don’t care anymore what they think of me. I stopped wearing makeup to work, too. Suck it, crappy job!

  8. Mario sticks his nose/face through the x-pen bars for pets, too!!! He isn’t much into cardboard, though. I wish he was because he prefers to chew on the dining room chair legs.

  9. adrianna

    SYTYCD is probably my favorite reality/talent show! i’ve watched since season 1 and am absolutely obsessed. its the perfect summertime tv, and always gets me in self-dance-party mode. cant beat bouncing around your apt every week, shaking your ass to no one : )
    dont have a favorite yet either…they all seem equally fantastic. i love me a travis wall routine, and sonja. and i miss mia michaels!

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