S!#t My Husband Draws – Self-Portrait

If you don’t know already, the hubs and I work at the same company. We normally eat lunch at 11:30. We don’t necessarily eat lunch together, but a lot of times we pick something up together to bring it back to the office. A couple days a week, we have (seperate) meetings that run till noon or after. These meetings are in bitter dispute with the schedule our stomachs are on.

My meeting was running particularly late one day and the hubs was waiting for me to get out so we could pick something up. He instant messaged me this peach:


Ah yes. The artwork of a hungry husband.

If you haven’t seen his other IM artwork, check them out here:

Also, I haven’t heard from one of the giveaway winners. Still waiting for you to contact me. Are you out there?

I’m bored. Tell me something ridiculous about one of your exes. 🙂  (Ok, me first! My ex-boyfriend once asked me (in total seriousness) if hurricanes were named after the first person that saw them.)

God I hope he’s not reading this.


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16 responses to “S!#t My Husband Draws – Self-Portrait

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha… I can’t remember anything ridiculous about any of my exes… I can remember stuff ridiculous about the hubs… I’ll tell you the one I’m least likely to get maimed over… He once told me in all honesty, after I swallowed my gum, “you know that stays in your stomach for 7 years right?”. I about died!!!

  2. Awesome picture! haha

    Just one…hmmmm…but there are so many crazies from the past. How about the top 3?

    3) One was an alcoholic that would drink a 12 pack a day. I broke things off the same day she lost her job due to her lack of attendance due to her drinking. I just wasn’t big on the occasional, almost violent, alcoholic tantrums. I thought I was going to get stabbed that day.

    2) I dated an extremely jealous girl…was only for a week, so she really isn’t a ex-“girlfriend” so to speak. But her crazy showed when I was talking to her one the phone and needed to walk across my apartment to talk to one of my roommates about something really quick and she heard the female news anchor on the TV as I passed it. That sparked 20Q’s of who’s that girl, why is she in your apartment, etc. First of all, I had three other roommates at the time, who were all dating and would eventually at some point have a girl in our apartment. Second, it’s the TV! Third, I have lots of close female friends, this isn’t working out, CLICK! 🙂

    And last and at the top of the list….

    1) This one had two kids from two different dads. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I drew the line when she cancelled a date to lube up with baby oil, put on a tank top, pull her hair back in a bun and head out with one of her “girls” to go beat up another girl that was supposedly saying something about her kids. (I was lost about the baby oil and she explained it makes it harder for the other person to grab on in a fight.) PYSCHOOOOOOO! I stayed away from dating anyone from that part of Central Florida from that point on. Yeeehaaaawww!

    Sorry that was a little long, maybe I should have blogged about it. 🙂

  3. Hahahaha, the drawings are a riot! And what Tara said a/b the gum, I have heard that but no ex has ever told me that, ha! As for ex’s….I just broke up with my bf of 8 months about 2 months ago and am still on a man hating binge. You don’t want me to spill it here, LOL! 🙂

  4. My ex had a significant drinking/partying problem. When he would show up at my house in the middle of the night and I didn’t answer the front door, he would park his car under my balcony (I lived on the second floor) and climb up onto my patio. He’d then proceed to come in through my patio door. Or one time, through my dining room window!! I don’t know why we’re not still together, he was so awesome… Anyways, he has since moved back up to Orlando, so watch out for real-life Spidermans 😉

  5. Ha great picture. And lol at the ex. Hmm, I can’t remember anything ridiculous about my exes.. other than them being ridiculous. Oooh snap.

  6. Haha your husband rocks at IM drawings! You should frame those one day 🙂

    Hm, something about my ex. Well he was a douche. I still hate him to this day, but that’s another story. Let’s see, he wouldn’t wear deodorant for some odd reason and he was always sweating as he skate boarded. Why did I not just run then?! Oh even better, he was a HUGE momma and sister’s boy. Those two couldn’t do anything without him. It was sad

  7. I love those IM drawings! Your husband has talent 🙂

    Oh gosh, I have so many ex stories, but so many of them would take pages and pages to write out. I did have an ex give me a used set of LOST DVDs one Christmas and then he tried to argue with me for DAYS that they were better and more expensive than the nice watch I had purchased for him. We didn’t last long after that. Not because I want expensive gifts, but because he couldn’t let a stupid thing like that go!

  8. I had one ex who really enjoyed his Busch Light. One night, we were in bed watching TV, and I looked over and saw a beer can. I said, “Is that a beer in our bed???” His response? “Which one?” Ah, yes, he had brought several cans of beer to bed with him. The sex was AH-mazing (<—insert sarcasm here).

  9. Wait, I thought of a better one. Same guy once reached over and yanked one of my nose hairs. Straight crazy. And that sh** hurt! I mean, who does that? Seriously.

  10. tra

    has to be when he texted me at 1030 at night:
    -how’ve you been?
    me: good. this rain sucks (it was raining)
    him: yeah i drove home in hail. i think the sky is trying to tell me something…
    me: what is it saying? it’s cold and rainy here in teh valley.
    him: i’d warm you up if i was down there. i think the sky is trying to kill me.

    YEAH. SERIOUSLY happened.

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