Monday Mini Miracles

It’s that time of week again to find the good in Monday. Besides the fact that it’s almost over, of course.  So here we go:

1. I had a good hair day.

This is a miracle because my hair gets nasty fast and I have not been taking a shower the mornings before work for awhile now. I hate showers. I’d wet-nap myself every morning if I could get Hooters to give me enough of them.

Note: I mistyped “Hooters” as “Hookers” twice. Do they have wet-naps? (There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere, isn’t there?)

2.  Rob Schneider is coming to the Orlando Improv in a few weeks and hubs agreed to go with me.

Good thing he said yes because I would have bought tickets anyway. And no matter what anyone says, The Hot Chick and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo are good movies.

3.  Tonight, the hubs and I did the Spartan workout with the personal trainer again. I took 10 minutes off my original time!

So, even though I gained 2 lbs. this week  and didn’t really cheat on my eating plan, I’m going to pretend that’s 2 lbs. of muscle. Or a gigantic poop.

I’m also going to pretend you are easily entertained by three year old jokes like me. Smile

4. I haven’t had a movie to look forward to in a long time. Until Now.

Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis? That’s movie gold right there. GOLD I tell you!

I know you all are probably thinking, “that’s not the Harry Potter poster.” Well, I’m TWO movies behind on Harry Potter. I’ll catch up with the rest of the world eventually.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get to the gym in the morning before work to do the speed workout on my training schedule. That means waking up at 5am which I’m not thrilled about, so we’ll see how it goes.

What’s your Monday Mini Miracle?


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16 responses to “Monday Mini Miracles

  1. Great photo of you! And, I’ll agree on Deuce Bigalo – Male Gigolo, but, not on Hot Chicks! 😉 Did you see Grown Ups?

  2. My Monday miracle is that I managed not to kill my husband this morning when he said my bagel smelled like fresh vagina. Not a funny joke at 6 in the morning.

  3. Um excuse me. You forgot Jason Bateman. Don’t insult my man like that. And wanna drive to Texas so we can see that movie together and cackle like witches?

  4. Nice pic of your hair! Yay for surviving Monday.

  5. I’m with Cely on the Jason Bateman. Love me some Bateman. Except for when he was creepy in Juno, but I still loved him anyway.

    And your hair does look awesomesauce in that photo.

  6. I don’t know about Horrible Bosses. I’m waiting for Netlfix for that. I fear that every funny line is in the trailer. I feel that way about Bad Teacher too. I do love me some Jason Bateman though. Let me know how it is!

    Yay for a good hair day. Especially in this weather! That IS a miracle.

  7. I just found your blog and love it.

    My Monday Miracle is that my legs weren’t as sore as I expected after running marathon #3 on sunday

  8. OOOH I want to see Horrible Bosses — let me know if you want to take me as your date 🙂

    • I’m horning in on this date too because I LOVE me some Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sedakis. I keep telling my husband that they’re my dream team and I can’t believe they’re all in the same movie together. So, for some reason, he doesn’t want to go see it with me. What, just because I’ll be drooling and saying over and over again how much I love all three of them, that’s a problem? Wuss.

      But count me in!

  9. You hair does look good, girl!

    I also want to see Horrible Bosses. I LOVE Charlie Day. Plus, it was written by the guy who’s now on Bones, but used to be on a little piece of awesome called Freaks & Geeks. Can’t remember his name though.

    And so I know it’s Tuesday, but my miracle today is that I cooked myself real breakfast – eggs, hashbrowns, Vitatop muffin. Crazy!

  10. LOVE your list!!!

    … I dont have cable so I never see movie previews, but this one actually played this mornign during cardio and was SO excited for it! Cant wait!

    My mini miracle for this monday was definitly finding out the issue with my high carb day and feeling FANTASTIC!

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  12. Rob Schneider rocks my face off. Deuce Bigalow for always!

  13. I CANNOT wait for Horrible Bosses. It’s going to be amazing! I love Charlie Day…and he’s one of the only celebrities I’ve seen in person.

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