Things I Don't Need…but Now Have

First, I wanted to say that I’m surprised by how many of you use water before soap when you wash your hands! About half of you that commented wash your hands the way my hubs does it. You all are my water-stain-on-the-countertop nightmare. Now I know which ones of you I need to follow around my house with paper towels.


My cardio class never happened last night. I got home, changed into my workout clothes, and then took a two hour nap in them. While I blame the hubs for the nap, I will admit it was glorious and I really needed it.

After our nap, hubs wanted to go to Kohl’s to check out the clothes. That’s when this happened.

Loved those running shorts so much, I had to get three colors. They are a little big, but I’ll just pull the drawstring really tight and make people think I lost a bunch of weight and can’t afford new clothes.

The purple top is a yoga top, and I hate yoga, but man it’s comfortable. And moisture wicking. So, I was sold. We shall now call it a “running” top. And if you can’t see from the picture, the t-shirt says “Rock n’ roll” on it. I’m not big on printed T’s but I loved this one.

You know you want to see me model that pink shirt.

I don’t understand why fashion magazines aren’t calling me for their cover shots.

I also bought this, which came in the mail yesterday.

It’s the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus calculator. I canceled my membership last week, but I still have a paid month of use left with the online tools. After that month is up, I’ll decide whether I’ll stick with WW or move on. But this way, at least I can calculate my points on my own without paying a monthly membership. (I did this for years on the old WW system.)

In some random news, did you see Spirit Airlines is going to start charging $1 if you want to print your ticket at a kiosk at the airport? They’re charging $5 if you have the check-in person print it for you. FIVE dollars!
(Oh, they also charge for carry-on bags.) 

Now that you all have me interested in your grooming habits:

  • Do you put the toothpaste cap back on or leave it off? (I have a flip top. And it always goes back on.)
  • Toliet paper roll over or under? (Over. And if I see it going under at someone’s house, I will change it.)


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31 responses to “Things I Don't Need…but Now Have

  1. I have those black shorts with the blue trim! Love them. And I found mine super cheap during one of their awesome sales. But really, when is Kohl’s not having an awesome sale? That reminds me, I have a $10 coupon to use by Thursday!

    Sadly, I have a flip top toothpaste top and never close it. This results in a nasty build up of toothpaste goo! It drives Michael nuts.

    TP is ALWAYS over! I also will change someone’s if it’s going the other way.

  2. Wait–there are people out there who DON’T put the cap back on the toothpaste!?! Clearly they’re raised by WOLVES.

    Re: toilet paper–right on. I’m an Over gal and I am definitely like you–I’ll also change it anywhere if I can get it off the roll. Overs for world domination!

    Here’s one I don’t get. People who have the toilet seat up/seat down disagreement. Clearly the answer is LID down. Anything else is gross. Obviously.

  3. This is a HUGE ongoing debate for us at work. The toilet paper roll goes OVER not UNDER. It drives me and my coworker crazy to find it under. I change it every time. And the toothpaste cap goes back on, just yesterday I found it sitting by the sink because the hubs didn’t put it back on.

    • My husband NEVER puts his back on and it’s like a snake of toothpaste is always coming out of it. Drives me crazy! Needless to say, we do NOT share toothpaste. Or bathrooms. Out of sight, out of mind. 🙂

  4. David

    Toothpaste cap – on
    TP – over
    Lid – down (having pets made that decision easy)

    Also, I squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom until the last bit is used (‘cuz I ‘m a programmer and we’re anal like that)

  5. theAlmostRunner

    I change the toilet paper at other people’s houses too. Whoops.

  6. I heart Kohl’s and their workout clothes! You got some good stuff!

    Toothpaste-cap ON after using it!
    Toilet Paper-I’m with you, OVER….and I’ll change it too at someone else’s house, ha!

  7. it always goes back on. gross for no!

    that’s point calculator looks more like a condom carrier to me rather than BC. just sayin’…

  8. Toothpaste cap: Always on, unless I drop it and it goes somewhere where I can’t reach it, like the crack on the counter.
    Toilet Paper: Over, and anytime my husband puts it under, I have to switch it around. I hate under. HATE IT! It makes me crazy. I am loca.

  9. This made me laugh b/c my husband FREAKS about water stains on the counter. He is semi-obsessive and must wipe down his sink after each use. It’s times like these I’m happy we have a master bath with 2 separate sink areas 🙂

  10. ALWAYS put the cap back on… otherwise it gets all gummy and gross. NASTY!

    And I’m an under TP girl… and will change it when I see it over. lol Toliet paper wars perhaps!?

  11. Katie (Recovering Runner)

    I think I turn on the water before getting handsoap. I never thought about it. Sorry!

    I always put the toothpaste cap back on. However, like ketchup bottles, the top has to be somewhat clean because I had that gunk build-up. Yuck.

    Toilet paper. Well, I used to change it to over, but I decided it wasn’t worth the battle and let it stay under because that’s how the boyfriend prefers it. I’m an awesome girlfriend, huh? Also, I wonder if it’s because he’s a lefty or just weird?

  12. 2blu2btru

    Definitely over…and my top is always put back on before I brush my teeth. Oh, and I forgot to post yesterday, but I’m a water first girl…but I wipe up water with the papertowel after. 😀

  13. oh man that weight watchers calculator is too funny. Does it do anything more than a regular calculator does??

    I am loving the pink shirt! I am decidedly not girly but I do love pink! 🙂

    I am a cap on girl but don’t care about the TP 🙂

  14. I must be the world’s only person who doesn’t care which way the TP goes?? I always put the cap back, it drives me crazy if it’s left off. I did WW for a few years….I am not sure if I’m the biggest fan…the overall premise is good, but I can count calories for free and I don’t like how they are always pushing their products on me. It did give me a strong tolerance for fiber though.

    • Oh, no product pushing here. I’ve never gone to a meeting. I only use the online tracker and that’s it. But yes, I can eat fiber like it’s going out of style. And then not poop. Awesome.

  15. Further proof that we are the same person: water on the counter is my nightmare as well. Flip top, always. TP, OVER!!! My mom does it under and now that I’m staying here, I guarantee we’re going to throw down over it.

    I haven’t even gotten dressed or showered yet today, so napping in workout clothes is way ahead of the curve as far as I’m concerned.

  16. hahahah – Cap back on the toothpaste.

    TP goes OVER! hubby puts it under (sometimes) drives me crazy. I too am guilty of changing this at friends houses.

  17. stoppingfordaisies

    Oooh loving your clothes! Nice finds!

    Toothpaste always on, TP always over. An ex used to do it under and I’d always change it. Luckily he never cared to change it back.

  18. Airlines are seriously ri-donk-ulous!! They are so dang expensive and still manage to get away with nickel and diming us!!

    Toothpaste caps GROSS me out if they are left open. And I HAVE to use a screw top cuz I don’t think the flips close as nicely. Oh and if there is ANY toothpaste friends out the outside of the tube, I will vomit. So gross.

    Hubs gets mad if the toilet paper is under so we always have it over. That is unless I feel like annoying him 🙂

  19. Toothpaste cap is closed and the paper is over. However, the wifey likes it under. Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the top or at the base, near where it comes out?

  20. Aarika

    Is it weird that I have never even heard of Spirit airlines?

    And about the toilet paper-it is religiously over. I remember my mom would literally yell at us if we put it under. It’s now seared into my brain FOREVER.

  21. Katie G

    TP goes under with cats in the house or you’ll have TP streamers everywhere.

  22. Melissa

    Thanks for linking to this post in your current one, it reminded me I needed to go to Kohl’s today to drain my bank account.

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  24. adrianna

    these are 2 things i’m oddly passionate about…cap back ON; germs can get in there; i dont want bathroom-remnant teeth. and holy cow, OVER! i do the same thing…change that sh*t anywhere its under.

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