That Time When I Avoided Fatter Thighs

This morning started out with a 12 mile run with my running group. I wore my new shirt. I attempted to take a few pictures to show you, but I ended up just pointing at my lady parts.

So far, every Saturday morning that I have gotten up for a run, my hair has looked fabulous. Why can’t it look fabulous when I’m NOT running 12 miles. It didn’t look fabulous afterwards, but we’ll get to that in a second.

It was super humid out so the run was challenging, but good. The group started out big – about 30 people – but most were doing 6 or 10 miles. So, around mile 7, we broke off from the others. Only 8 of us did the full 12 miles.

I managed a 10:27 overall pace, which included all the walking breaks (but not the water breaks). I also found an awesome spot to keep my fuel so I don’t have to wear my iFitness belt all the time.

Yep. There. Works like a charm. (Between my sports bra and top) Also makes me look like I have boobs. Lumpy boobs are better than no boobs.

Now that hair thing. EVERY girl that ran 10 or 12 miles looked fabulous afterwards. How is this even possible. You know what I looked like?

Those used to be brushed pig tails. Let’s get a close up.

After TWO deep conditionings to get those knots out, the hubs and I went to lunch and tried out a new place (for me at least): Sushi Lola’s.

Sushi Lola’s is a Japanese and Korean restaurant located in a crappy little strip mall on Corrine Drive in the Fashion Square Mall area (for those Orlando peeps). Hubs had been there before with other friends and wanted to take me there since he liked it so much.

It was very small inside, but cute.

I decided to get Korean since I’ve never had it before. I went with the Bulgoki (Broiled sliced beef marinated in special sauce, sautéed mushrooms, some other vegetables I can’t identify, and a fried sweet potato in the middle). Hubs got the same thing, but the chicken version.

About 5 minutes after we ordered, the waitress told us she forgot to bring our Miso soup which comes with the meal. We both declined because hubs doesn’t like Miso and I’m not big on soup in general.

I like to chew my food, thank you.

Soup ‘tude.

We could hear all 3 employees chatting about how we didn’t want the soup. I actually feel like I offended them. One of them came back out and offered us the ginger salad instead (no charge). So, we accepted.

The salad was good and so was the dressing. I’m really picky on my ginger dressings, so this one passed the crucial TEST OF PAULA. (It’s not the real test unless it’s in all caps.)

So, now back to that meal. It was really good, except whatever was in that bottom left corner.

After we were done eating, the waitress let us know she was making fried bananas for us. Again, no charge. And once again, we declined. Not that we don’t like fried bananas, but we eat enough crap as it is so we try to be good where we can.

Yes I do. Fat thighs.

More chatter about how we don’t want the fried bananas could be heard from the kitchen. The waitress was already making them. Again, I felt like an ass. They offered us watermelon instead, which we accepted.

The service at this place was amazing. They have a huge sushi menu that I’ll have to try out next time. I felt so bad declining free food. They really did everything they could to make us happy and we didn’t even ask for it. Hubs left a big tip. 🙂

Are you a good tipper? (I usually am. But, I had horrible service once and left a “tip” on the receipt to “not be a dick to your customers.” True story. The guy was a jerk.)


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14 responses to “That Time When I Avoided Fatter Thighs

  1. I’m a good tipper because I had lots of friends who were waitresses so I knew what they get paid. I also call managers and let them know when a server did and AMAZING job.

    But if I have horrible service I don’t tip…it has to be really horrible.

  2. Omg I can’t read this whole thing right now cuz I’m busy playing Battleship at Milkbar but I tried Sushi Lola’s for the 1st time today too!

  3. ahhhh I love love LOVE Korean food! I lived there for 3 years and miss it so much! My husband and I could get a full meal with an appetizer and all the little korean side dishes for less than $10 together. Here that same meal costs around 35 easy 😦

  4. Amen indeed.

    And yes, I am generally a good tipper, but I get bent out of shape when the server is annoying OR unhelpful/rude. There’s no room for that. You have to strike the right balance.

  5. David

    A friend told me about a great tipping method (not sure if he really did it or not). Put the tip, in singles, on the table at the start of the meal, then take a dollar away for every un-tipworthy act. Haven’t tried it myself … yet!

  6. Your food looks delicious. You just made me crave sushi…

    You are awesome for running 12 miles. I hate when my hair looks good pre-workout…somehow it never ends up looking as good after. Lame.

    I always feel bad when someone has made something for me that I don’t want. I wish they would believe how much I appreciate them without feeling offended that I don’t want something so unhealthy….I totally understand. That restaurant sounds like they have an amazing menu and service

  7. ok now that i’m home after whooping my boyfriend’s ass in Battleship, that dangerous thing in the bottom left hand corner of yer pic looks to be Kimchee. I LOVE Kimchee. but then again, i love pretty much anything pickled. and fermented.
    I got the Dirty Old Man Roll which was good. Boyfriend got the Yakisoba which was really, really good and made me wish I had ordered it. I hate when that happens.

    • That Old Man Roll did catch my eye. We were going to get some sushi, but weren’t going home so we didn’t want leftovers. I might have to try that Yakisoba one next time. And YES, Kimchee. That’s what it was called. My hubs loved it. And I love pickled things usually but not so much that stuff. So fun you went there too. And congrats on that Battleship ass-whooping. 🙂

  8. No lie…I have a scar on my chest from running with packets of Gu stuck in my bra. It gave me wicked chafing…Damn those sharp edges.

    Now I run with a Spibelt to avoid any more unattractive running reminders. 🙂

  9. Kim

    I was gonna tell you that the stuff in the lower left corner looked like Kimchee – but someone beat me to it. My exhusband LOVED kimchee. There was a Korean woman where we lived in Idaho that made traditional kimchee – she would bury it and all. My ex would buy jars and jars of the stuff – which in turn the smell of garlic, vinegar, hot sauce, and stentch would leak out of his pores. He would smell horrible. I banned kimchee from the house.

  10. Nice job on the run! I still haven’t made it out to a Marathonfest run. I live a little ways away, so I’m waiting for the mileage to move up before choosing to get out of bed at 3am…

    My hair is always a knotted mess after a long run. It’s seriously one big clump. I hate it. I ran my 12 with a braid and even that tangled within the braid…wft?! That’s special hair right there haha.

  11. That is some SERIOUS will power to say no to fried bananas! I’m impressed 🙂

    Free food is usually a bad idea, yet somehow I can never say no 😦

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