Nerd Alert

T minus 3 hours till the True Blood season premiere!

That means it’s time to order HBO one hour before the show starts and then cancel it right after the season ends. (I do it every year. I’m cheap like that.)

Until then, I can kill time with this…

Oh, and this happened last Halloween…

You could say I’m a fan.


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8 responses to “Nerd Alert

  1. I have the first season first set of 4 DVDs in my possession, still have yet to watch..I’m sure I’ll get addicted… 😉 And you sure rocked it w/ that tray…carrying blood & beer all night long! 😉

  2. Umm..I meant 4 shows, not 4 DVDs..there are probably 4 DVDs, but Netflix will only send one at a time (when paying for one at a time). 🙂

  3. Ha, I love the neck holes! Have you read the books? They are a great guilty pleasure trash read!

  4. OH my god. That costume is genius! You pulled it off perfectly.

    Mark and I are entirely too excited for True Blood. So excited that we decided to devote the entire day to sitting on our asses & waiting for it to start. Plus, I hear they’re introducing witches into the plot…YES!

  5. I was all about True Blood until that horrific sex scene with Bill and whats her face last season. I stopped watching it after that but I’m curious now and might pick it back up.

  6. Did you like the season premiere? I really liked the last couple of seasons, but this one started off pretty cheesy for me. Thoughts?

    • Yeah, I agree. The first scene reminded me of an old Star Trek battle scene. heh. But the first episode of the season has never really thrilled me. It takes2 or 3 episodes every season for me to really get into it. 🙂

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