The Longest “Short” Run Ever

Marathon training: 14 miles (10:55 pace, includes lots of walking breaks)

This morning I ran with yet another running group. I feel like the running group floozy. Everyone is getting some of this!

Victoria over at the Running Peanut found my blog and asked if I wanted to try out her pace group. I’m glad I did! I really liked everyone. The group has about 15 people, everyone was super friendly, and most importantly kept a good pace. One of the girls even brought multi-colored blinky rings for everyone so cars would see us in the dark and know that we were pimpy.

After about 9 miles, my stomach wasn’t feeling so good. Turns out a few of the other girls have the same GI problems, so we slowed a bit and took a few more walking breaks than the rest of the group. I didn’t eat anything during this run which sapped my energy, but it was either that or take a dump in someone’s yard.

I think I’ll run with this group again. I really liked the Sunday group last week, but running Saturday morning allows me to spend more weekend time with the hubs. And by “hubs,” I mean beer. And by “spend time with,” I mean drink.

Oh yes you will.

By the way, runs between 12 – 14 miles are considered short runs in all the running groups. I disagree with this. And I have proof.

No one looks that haggard after a “short” run.

Another reason I know that 12 – 14 miles are really long runs is because I still look cute after short runs. This picture was taken of me shortly after one of my real short runs:

The ice cools me down.


Now, head on over to Andrea’s blog Run, Eat, Date, Sleep and check out my VERY FIRST guest post! You can hear all about one of my bad dates when I was a single lady. 🙂 I’ll be reading the comments over at Andrea’s blog, so leave a comment and let me know about one of your bad dates.


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20 responses to “The Longest “Short” Run Ever

  1. I need to find a Saturday morning group. I also need to find a long run group that doesn’t run 8 min miles.

  2. 14 miles is NOT a short run, that’s a LONG run all the way! I think I want to start running w/ groups when I get into the double digit runs in a couple of weeks — are you doing it through marathonfest or something different?

    • Yes, it’s through Marathonfest. I like the group runs. I’d probably find an excuse not to run if I had to do it on my own. 🙂

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  3. Kim (Book Worm Runs)

    Hahahaha!! 14 miles is most DEFINITELY not a short run!! That is awesome you have so many running groups to choose from…I think I live in a sucky place for running. There are NO groups around here that don’t run super fast 😦 Nice job on the 14 miles!! 🙂

  4. Glad you ran with us this a.m. – it was so great to meet you!!

    I would like to add, for the record, that a) I can barely walk right now because I’m so sore; and b) my GI issues hit the second I walked through my door. I’m afraid to leave my house because there isn’t a porta-potty in the car. And I still think 14 miles is a hella long way to go without a medal at the end.

  5. Bummer about the GI problems….that is the worst!! I want to run with a running group!!!

  6. I didn’t make it this morning due to an alarm malfunction. I have the GI-yuck when I run and have sugar. I learned that pretzels and animal crackers are my golden energy gems. Just in case you needed something new to try 🙂

  7. That blinky-light ring is a great idea! Ha!
    Hope you GI stuff improves with marathon training – I can relate – how annnoooying, right!

    Have a great night tonight! I definitely plan some of my long runs for saturday to allow for a good saturday night out. Enjoy!

  8. Lee

    I’ve never run with a group before. I have trouble talking when I run and I feel like it’d be weird to run with people and not talk!

  9. Way to kick some ass on those 14 miles, even though you totally weren’t feeling it after mile 9. Is this your longest training run so far?

  10. Awesome news that you are finding some good running groups. It makes long runs SO much easier. I am with you… Saturday long runs > Sunday long runs. I like to recover with a jumbo sized margarita and some candy. It just wouldn’t be the same doing that on a Sunday night.

  11. Great running with you yesterday! I was pretty much a dud the rest of the day…a little bit of housework, groceries and a NAP. Hope to see you out with us next weekend! Remember – we’ve got beer garden training at Wally’s immediately following the run. 😉

  12. Everytime I read your blog I think ‘wow I’m so glad i found this blog!’ You always make me laugh.

    Anything over 10miles is long. At least I think so.

  13. Blinky rings? What a super clever idea (fashion and safety mixed together).

    14 miles, yeah, ah, that’s a long frickin’ run. Who are the crazies that you hang out with that tell you different? Sheez….

  14. You have to let me know the next time you’re running with that group…I’d love to jump in with you!

  15. 12-14 miles = short run? No. way. That is long. But it is awesome that you get to run with a group. Running with people always makes even “short” runs go by so much quicker.

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