S!#t My Husband Draws – 3 for 1

It’s like a S!#t My Husband Draws and Three Things Thursday in one! Can it get any better?  Well, yes. It probably can….but it’s not going to.

Note to new readers: These pictures are drawn by my hubs with the instant messenger draw tool.

Usually I have some type of context or story on why the hubs drew a certain picture. These pictures are the ones that have been saved on my computer for so long that I have no clue why he drew them. Luckily he gave each one titles so you don’t have to ask yourself, “wtf am I looking at?” or “why?” 

Actually, you’ll still probably wanna ask yourself those questions.

1.  “Dog Man!”

I’m glad they have that “telltale” cape because I might not have been able to spot one otherwise.

Updated: Hubs just told me the reason for Dog Man was this video of a dog that has 2 legs and walks like a person. Apparently we also thought he was a superhero. 🙂

2. “Mullet with Ear” 

That ear should not be confused with a donut. Also, I’m still waiting on and extremely curious about the “earless” mullet.

3.  “Ka! I’m a phoenix”

I… I have nothing.

That’s right ladies. The man that did these drawings is ALL mine. So don’t get any ideas. If you missed any of his other artistic masterpieces, you can check them out here:

There are some drawings I haven’t posted yet, but our work is getting rid of MSN messenger soon for an internal messenger (without a draw feature). So, that means the drawings will run out and then there will be no more S!#t My Husband Draws on E:W:R. Sad smile


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17 responses to “S!#t My Husband Draws – 3 for 1

  1. No more S!#t My Husband Draws? That is a travesty. Your employer needs to seriously rethink the Instant Messenger switch. I’d say this matter calls for several meetings, a conference call or two, and plenty of PowerPoint Presentations.

  2. I like that you use the word shit. It’s my favorite swear word. And what?! This is my first time being privy to the shit your husband draws, and you say it will soon be over!? Nooooooo!

  3. You could say the phoenix drawing is an early drawing to celebrate Harry Potter coming out??? Maybe? See, I’m trying to help you out here. I used to draw pictures for the hubs before my world became consumed with our spawn. He never drew any for me 😦

  4. You must tell him to start drawing things out on paper so you can at least photograph them and post them that way. This is my favorite!! You can’t do this to your readers!!! 😛

  5. It is a sad day in the E.W.R world (yes world!) when you guys lose the MSN messenger and drawing feature. Your husband’s drawings will be missed dearly!

  6. I love that your response to mullet w/ear was “wonderful.” Such a good, supportive wife. 🙂

    Stupid corporate control. I think you should revolt!

  7. Boo on work IM! You can always IM each at home, right? Ha ha. We DEMAND pictures.

  8. “mullet w/ear”


  9. the mullet man kinda looks like where’s waldo.


    I like that he draws for you – very cute!

  10. No more drawing feature. You must have a meeting with the CEO immediately and let him know that the blog world is very upset with this decision.

  11. ittybitsofbalance

    I’m loving the mullet with the ear (Thanks for clearing up the cookie confusion 😉 )

  12. I love these photos. They are hysterical, I mean, masterpieces. Love em – you are a lluuuuccckky lady 😉

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