Decision Made

I had a decision to make today.

The blood mobile comes to my work every 4 months or so. I usually give blood, not because I’m a nice person, but because I like the free cholesterol tests. I’m going to hell. I know this and I have accepted it. Also, giving blood makes you lose a pound and I’m sure I’m burning some extra calories because my body has to replace that blood. This is all very technical stuff I’m telling you.

I thought about it for about 10 seconds. In that 10 seconds, I could only think of positive reasons: I get away from work for 30 minutes, I’m losing a pound, I can raid their snacks, and if my theory is correct, I’ll need less beer tonight (which in turn saves calories). Oh right, the whole saving lives thing too.

Plus, that beer makes me like 80% more fun to be around. So really, I would be giving blood for the hubs and my bestie who will be hanging out with me all night. (You guys can thank me later.)

Decision made.

I even got a free t-shirt! I never get anything for giving blood except weekly annoying phone calls that ask me to give more. I don’t even take the big cookies they offer because of this formula:

400 calorie big ass cookies + Paula = next day pit of despair.

I’ve tested this formula. It works every time.

I don’t think I really have a point here except to say, I gave blood, I’m a terrible person, and…

Do you give blood?


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17 responses to “Decision Made

  1. Nice! They always say my iron is too low to donate, but they let me take cookies anyway 🙂

  2. Pam

    I give blood whenever they have the drives at work (couple of times a year). My reasons are mostly selfish, too. They give us 2 hours of vacation time. And Nutter Butters.

  3. I’ve never given it voluntarily…. yet. I’d like to but something is always going on where I can’t go when they come to my work.

  4. Amy

    They used to give Darden Restaurant gift cards didn’t they? That’s why Brian and I used to go. Oh, to help others out too…and to get out of the office for a little bit! 🙂 Haven’t given blood up here yet as there are never fancy mobiles in my parking lot.

  5. Oooh girl you’re going to have a blast at Brit tonight! I’m jealous, she was in Dallas when I was in Florida and now she’s in Florida when I’m in Dallas. Damn her!

  6. I lived in the EU during the swine flu outbreak so I’m actually not allowed to give blood right now (although my 10 year ban ends soon and then I hope to give).

    When my parents were living in Australia and gave blood, they gave you a beer afterwards instead of cookies.* I think Canada/USA is getting the shaft when it comes to post-donation treats 😉

    *I say ‘gave’ because I am under the impression Australia no longer does that. It was, after all, the 70’s when they lived there. Life was different then 🙂

  7. No – not yet. My sister goes, and I’m going to get there with her one of these days!

  8. Hahaha, you have almost convinced me to try giving blood again. Then I remember the collapsed vein and decide maybe next month.

  9. Newlyweds Budget

    that’s funny, the bloodmobile is coming to my work ina couple of weeks and i signed up for the free snacks. last time i gave blood (in college, like 6 years ago) I had a HUGE bruise on my arm. It was such an attention getter…

  10. My mom gives blood all the time and has some certificate saying she’s given gallons in the double-digits during her life – but I’ve always been too wimpy! The last time we had a blood drive at work I summoned up all my courage and made an appointment but got turned away because I’d traveled to a remote city in Brazil in the past year 😦 But secretly, I was very relieved.

    I think it’s awesome that you gave blood, whatever the reasons 🙂

  11. I am absolutely terrified of needles. I’m so scared of them that I do not ever get novicane when I get fillings at the dentist. Needless to say, I have never given blood. Yes, that makes me a terrible person.

  12. P.S. I am WAY jealous of you going to Britney. I heard this performance is her best one ever! Have fun!

  13. I should give blood; apparently I have the rarest blood type! But for some reason I can’t make myself do it. I hate needles and I hate feeling weak and depleted. I know it is a good cause. I promise to think harder about it the next time the opportunity comes up.

  14. ittybitsofbalance

    Good for you! I’ve always wanted to give blood but have a legitimate phobia of veins.. no lie!
    Whenever I get an IV or have to get my blood tested, I start shaking and pass out 😦

  15. Back when I worked in corporate America, I used to love giving blood because I got out of working for 45 minutes to an hour. Well, that, and the whole philanthropic nature of it all. But mostly to get out of work. I don’t donate now because I’m a teacher, and the blood drive at our school’s always held during an hour that I’m teaching.

  16. Whatever your reasons are, at least you gave blood!
    I used to organize blood drives but never donated (I didnt weigh enough then, dont have that prob now dammit). It was funny because all of these huge guys would pass out in their chairs!
    Maybe I’ll give blood the next time the bloodmobile stops by! I love a free snack 🙂

  17. Good for you for giving blood! I’m anemic, so I’m not allowed to give mine. I’m kind of ok with that b/c the thought of it makes me dizzy…

    Can’t wait to hear how Britney was!!!!

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