Pity Party of One

I was in a bad mood pretty much all day yesterday. You know how I was complaining that I work out too much and that I don’t take enough rest days? Well, I took Friday and Sunday as rest days.

Yeah, that didn’t go so well for me.

All I did was eat.

And now I’m in one woman pity party mode. I feel like I’ve backtracked my progress in a big way even though I know that doesn’t happen in just two days. It just feels like it happens. And when I feel that way, I don’t want to do anything and I let everything slide that much more.

Yeah. We get it.

I missed my martial arts cardio class. Then I had no desire to do the speed training on my marathon schedule. Which by the way says something different on the printed schedule than what we received in the email…again.

After killing time at home doing nothing, I sucked it up. My stomach wasn’t feeling great but I forced myself to go to the gym. I told myself the worst that can happen is that I’ll just come back home if I’m not into it. Oh, and a bad attitude means you need to look cute. So, I put on the only Lululemon clothes that I own so that all the people at the gym would know I was better than them. 😀

I’m wearing the free shorts too, I just haven’t perfected the full body shot yet like Michelle.

Turns out, it was a really good run! Who knew? The first mile was a warm up and then I did 8 sets of this:

Mile Pace Incline
1 10:00 (warm up) .5
400  (1/4 mile) 8:30  .5
200 10:00 .5

Total miles: 4.5

I read this week that if you can’t run your “rest” miles (the 200’s) at a slower pace, that you’re working too hard. Well, I guess that’s me because usually I have to walk them. So, I didn’t go more than an 8:30 pace. I felt like I could have gone faster but I didn’t want to burn out and have to walk. I would have liked to do more but my tummy wasn’t feeling it and I didn’t want to be at the gym until 10pm.

I’ll up the pace a little next time and I really need to work on getting that incline to 1% (because it’s comparable to running outside).


Today is my Friday. I have a 4-day weekend coming up. I mean, last week I worked an actual 5 days in a row and I can’t let that happen again. Tonight is the Britney concert and I fully plan on acting like a 12-year old. Oh, and hubs and I scored two free tickets to see two of my future husbands tomorrow night.


Who would you pick: Ryan Reynolds or Jason Bateman? You can’t have both.  (I can’t tell you how long I sat here and thought about this question before I got my answer. But something in my gut is telling me to go with Jason. He’s got that sexy dad thing going on that I dig.)


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29 responses to “Pity Party of One

  1. Jason. 100 percent Jason. How does he keep getting hotter? I remember crushing on him back in the Hogan Family days. But I wouldn’t kick Ryan’s abs out of bed either.

    Cheer up. It could be worse — you could be me and keep overeating and having zero training plan. You’re doing great! I’m constantly blown away by your workouts!

    Have fun tonight!

  2. I’ve been having a pity party too. Except mine has lasted all week so far. Ugh…time to pull myself out of it!

    I would totally choose Jason Bateman. I don’t know why, but I just love him! Ryan doesn’t do much for me. Probably because he tends to play such goofy usually womanizing roles, so that turns me off a bit.

  3. We all have those pity party kind of days! Let it out, lady. In a few days, you’ll be back to your ass-kicking self!

    I’d totally pick Jason. I once saw him in a fall Gap ad wearing a brown mock-neck, quarter-sip sweater, a brightly colored striped scarf, and dark jeans, holding his daughter on his hip. Major swoon.

    (But if I could just graze against Ryan’s abs, I’d be a happy girl.)

  4. Prudence

    JASON.BATEMAN!!!!!!!! I was in love with him as Derek Taylor when he was in Silver Spoons!!! BTW, your bangs are still super cute to me! So jealous of all of your concerts!!!!

  5. DEFINITELY Jason. Between loving him on Arrested Development (and pretty much everything he has ever done) and how damn cute he looks with his daughter…*swoon*

    I got free tickets to see the movie too — but I have book club (a real life one). You’ll have to let me know how it is!!

  6. runeatdatesleep

    I’m all over Jason like butter on a biscuit.

  7. Ugh, I’ve been feeling a bit like that too lately. Time to get back on track though…hopefully!

    Oh, and Ryan…hands down…although marrying Scarlett Johansson (can’t stand her) kinda put a damper on him for me for a while.
    And you know…Sean Penn if totally an upgrade…wtf Scarlett?!

  8. Meh. Neither.

    I feel like I’ve been stuffing my face a ton lately. I feel bloated and gross.

  9. Aw, thanks for making me miss Hurley. Don’t feel bad about the full body shot, I can’t do it either… my arms must be too short or something… at least your shots look decent, mine look crazy ridiculous.

    I’m going against the grain here and picking Ryan. It’s a close call but damn….

  10. This might be the hardest decision I have to make today. Pathetic? Maybe.

    ….Jason. Yes, I’m going to go with Jason. I hmmed and hawed seriously over this too. Ryan is a total babe – but something in me is totally in love with Mr. Bateman 🙂

    Have a greaaaaaaat day!

  11. Easy! Ryan Reynolds – my ultimate hollywood crush. Haha.

    Way to go on getting over to the gym. Half the battle is just getting up to actually go!

  12. Stefanie

    RYAN REYNOLDS. Alltheway. We are secret lovers. He needs to find that secret out so we can make it official. Oh I love him.

    So I swear we are having the same week. I took Sat and Sun off…well and monday too because of the crazy grumpiness. And I jumped on the scale this morning thinking all would be well. NO. Not well AT ALL. Damn that scale.


    Good job on your run my friend, esp since you didnt want to do it. And apparently I need to slow down my speedwork too. Yikes.

    I’m still way jealous of your free shorts.

  14. And thank you so so much for the birthday wish!!! =)

  15. Enjoy your pity party and than move on. I was having one that lasted about a week. I think this week has brought a better attitude….and in turn better workouts. Enjoy the concert!

  16. Ryan Reynolds. I hear he digs blonds.

  17. Pam

    A good workout outfit can totally change around a bad attitude! What a great idea! I think it was the cute clothes that made your run go well, naturally 🙂

    Can I say that I don’t really get the Ryan Reynolds hype? He’s ok, I guess. But I would hands DOWN pick Jason Bateman. What a cutie he is!

  18. Seems that most people I talked to yesterday were in some kind of mood/funk! Mine was finally mellowed out by a boat ride on the lake. So peaceful!

    And I wouldn’t choose Ryan or Jason….neither of them do anything for me! lol

  19. Do you run on any incline at all on the treadmill? I deal with the elevation changes on the Saturday long runs, and that’s it … 0% on the treadmill for me. You need to leave that pity party ASAP, those were well deserved rest days – you have been kicking ass & taking names lately!!

    I choose … Ryan Reynolds. I think. I’ll probably change my mind in 5 minutes.

  20. Kim (Book Worm Runs)

    Definitely Jason! 🙂 And I know what you mean about taking days off…I feel like I lose all momentum when I do and you just want to eat and be lazy. Great run though!! Have fun at Britney…I saw her many years ago and it was a blast!!

  21. Seems to me like you are subconsciously picking Hurley.

  22. Don’t make me pick!! Gonna have to go with Ryan. I’m shallow and his abs are ridiculous.

    Have fun at Britney! I am super jealous!

  23. ittybitsofbalance

    I like you even more now that you’ve included Lost characters in your post 🙂

    And don’t worry about the occasional rest day (or days.) I usually rest 2-3 days a week! Your body needs to recover sometimes!

  24. You can have Jason if I can have Ryan. Naked RR in The Proposal is straight up euphoria.

  25. So jealous you’re going to see britney!!!

    …. and um, ryan reynolds all the way!

  26. Umm, Ryan Reynolds ALL THE WAY! Jason doesn’t even compare. I would run off with Ryan in a minute…and this is a new development for me. Sorry G, too bad.

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