Body Glide is Your Friend

I had a little run with my running group this morning and it was good. Smile It’s true, because Twitter says so.

I decided to run with my old group (the slower one) because the speedy people in my new group scare me with their quickness. I didn’t want to feel pressured to keep up because then I burn out. When I burn out, I give up and that’s the last thing I needed during 18 miles. I brought my headphones because I was fully prepared for no one to talk to me and to hate the run. I even wore bright colors so if I got left behind, maybe someone would notice I wasn’t there.

I got up at 3am to meet my group by 4am. Well, not only did people notice I’ve been missing from the group for the past month, all the pace leaders also remembered my name. That’s crazy-talk since they called me “Heather” for about 3 weeks.

We ran 6 miles and then came back to the start to pick up the people that were “only” doing 12 miles. The bathrooms were still locked at Cady Way Park and mother nature was calling, so I peed behind a mini-van. I waited until the next rest stop to use a real bathroom, but that was locked too. So, at mile 10, I did something real bad in someone’s yard. And it was glorious.

For the last 12 miles, I trailed behind the rest of the group and ran with the pace leader, Shannon, and two other people. I’ve never run with Shannon in the group before and man, I really like her in general. She’s awesome to talk to, plus I could keep her pace and she doesn’t leave anyone behind. No need for the headphones I brought!

For the last 4 miles, we took more walk breaks than usual because the guy running with us was getting calf cramps. At the end of the run, everyone’s Garmin said 18 miles, but mine was at 17.75. Since this was a new personal distance record for me and I am anal in ways you would never believe, I wanted to run another quarter mile to see the 18 on my Garmin.

So Shannon ran the last quarter mile with me so I didn’t have to run it alone. How cool is that? I told her she didn’t have to and she’s like, “no, we are doing this.” So, she ran 18.30 miles according to her Garmin just to make me happy. Later in the day, she even wrote me a personal email to see how my recovery was going.

When I got home I took my very first ice bath.

Instead of buying ice, my cheap ass just used the stuff from the freezer.

I could have used more ice. It was definitely cold, but I think I could have tolerated more. So I guess I’ll have to stop being a Cheapy McCheapertons a buy some ice next time.

After the ice bath, things started to hurt. I’ve never had a need for Body Glide before, but I’ve been using it just in case. Man, did I miss some crucial areas today. My inner thighs are the worst, but I’ll spare you that picture. Then I found this gem on my back.

I didn’t even notice that one until the shower water hit it and crap, it stings. (Not easy taking a picture of your own back, by the way.) I also got some chaffing on my top of my feet.

Maybe someone can just dip me in a vat of Body Glide.

So, I’m a big ole chaffy mess right now but I felt good during the whole run. Funny how and 18 miler can go better than a 12 miler the weekend before. I ended up with an 11: 34 pace including all our walk breaks and I’m totally happy with that. Especially since it was 82 degrees out when we started and 94 degrees when we finished.


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27 responses to “Body Glide is Your Friend

  1. Way to go on the 18 miler! I’ve never seen top of the feet chafing like that before, but it looks excruciating! The inner thighs are definitely my hotspot and it sucks. You did great, though, especially considering the crazy temperature!

  2. I am commenting before I even read the post. Yes. Yes it is.

  3. Ice like a buck a bag, you know?
    Re: Body Glide. I took one long ride without Chamois Butt’r once. Only once. I’ll never do it again. I still wake up late and night and remember what the pain was like the next day. *shiver*
    Way to rock your 18 miles.

  4. Congrats on running 18! I’m actually really impressed that the top of your feet chaffed. How did that happen?*

  5. It’s true. Sometimes while running, you just gotta poop.

  6. Awesome job on 18 miles! Holy crap thats SOOOO long!!!! It’s funny that you titles your post this bc I just bought some and it really has made a difference!

  7. That is seriously impressive that you are rocking such big jumps in mileage! 18 is huge! How many 20 runs are you doing? Gahhh that sounds so scary to me!

  8. Melissa: I am so glad that your 18 miles went well, because, after your 12, I was worried about that run haunting the ones to come.
    Carly: Chaffing… Boo… Ice bath… Hardcore!! Melissa is going to have me doing those with her (you know, at separate times, of course) soon.

    And, yes, we just read that post together, on Melissa’s couch, drinking wine. We both laughed at the same time – priceless.

  9. Standing ovation over here. Nice work! Isn’t it amazing that even with the chafing and ice bath nonsense, you were still so pumped? I think it just goes to show that us runners truly are crazy people. Like, “Wow, I rubbed my own skin off and then sat in freezing ass cold water, and I can’t wait to do it again!!!”

  10. Angie

    Awesome job!! I have never seen feet chaffing. Ouch! Hopefully it will heal soon. We do 18 next week. Perhaps I need to try my first ice bath when we’re done!

  11. Katie G

    As a non-runner person, what does the ice bath do?

  12. I remember peeing/changing behind all kinds of vehicles, plant life, buildings, and statues when I was training for my marathon. It’s just part of the package 😉

    Also, the ONE (yes, one) ice bath I’ve ever taken was so torturous that I never looked back. Good job braving that one!

  13. Sue

    That is fantastic! I have taken ice baths before, but with no ice. Yes, I just turned the cold tap on and that was enough to keep my freaked out when I sat in the water, and soon was pleasantly numb. And by golly, they do work! Congrats on running 18 miles; you are inspiring to those of us who are also trying to work up the mileage.

    And chaffing is a bitch. I had chaffing in between my boobs once–it looked like leather after a day. Very attractive.

  14. Awesome! So glad you had a good run. I’m hoping my running luck will turn around this upcoming week.

  15. 18 miles – you are my hero!
    And I love your very cute toenail polish:-) How do you keep your polish looking so great after 18 miles?!

  16. That is a great pace if that included walk breaks and it was that hot out. I’m running in 60 and 70 degree weather so it doesn’t even compare to the heat of most of the country

  17. Great job on the run!

    Holy crap, girl you make me laugh, no pun intended: “I did something real bad in someone’s yard.” LOL!

  18. Congrats on the long run–that’s awesome!!

  19. I cannot imagine running 18 miles. That’s nuts. Awesome but nuts.

  20. You are hilarious! I’ve never popped a squat in someone’s yard but I figure it’ll happen sooner or later in the world of running. Way to go on the 18!

  21. You are much much braver than me with your ice bath! EEK!

  22. Congrats on the PDR! I know what you mean about making sure your Garmin shows a certain number. It so much more badass that way.

    Hope your chafing heals up soon!

  23. Wow on the chafing… that’s your badge! I can’t imagine chafing on my feet, I’ve gotten hella blisters but no chafing. The only place I really chafe is inner thighs and the underarm area… I know both are happening when the run is occuring so woot to you for not knowing.

    I’m the same about the Garmin. If the Garmin doesn’t say the mileage, it never happened. This weekend my running buddy’s Garmin clicked off 9 before mine and I had to keep going til mine clicked. Anal runners unite! (Whoa, that sound really bad.)

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  25. Congratulations on your 18 miler! They really should hand out t-shirts and medals after each training run over 3.1 miles 🙂

    We used to have to stand in (clean) garbage cans full of ice water after track practice in high-school, but it never dawned on me that it could easily be done at home after just a quick trip to the 7-Eleven.

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