The Post with no Purpose

I wish I could say this post has a theme, but it doesn’t. You’ve been warned. How about I number everything so it seems like it has some type of purpose?

1.  I almost never go to Ulta. Mainly because I’m not that girly and I just don’t care to be in a store full of makeup when I only buy items as I run out of them. Then I step into Ulta to buy one item and realize I really am that girly and could probably spend a couple hours there. Dammit. I went in for glitter liquid eyeliner from Urban Decay (which was out of stock) and came out with 3 things I didn’t need instead.


That’s 3 items. And it was $100. Kill me.

2.  The all nighter make-up setting spray instantly made me think of The Allnighter starring Susanna Hoffs from The Bangles. I mean, who doesn’t think of this movie? Oh. Everyone?

3.  Someone found my blog today by searching, “Why is Christian Slater so awkward?”  My friend, you have found the wrong place. I am going to pretend by “awkward” you meant “awesome” and “still hot after 20 years.”


4.  I found cake flavored vodka…and then bought it. This might be the best invention since cotton candy flavored vodka. I swear you can put the word cake on anything and I’ll buy it. I don’t even know what to do with it yet.


What would you mix with it?

5.  I’m totally slacking on the Summer Photo Challenge for this week. The picture is supposed to be “splash.” That sounds hard. So, I didn’t do it. Unless this can count as an original photo:

6.  My best friend is living up to her title in a big way. She bought me these and they are magnificent. Magnificent!

7.  My recovery from the 18 miles on Saturday is going well. It caused some pain in my left shin that is almost gone today. I need to get off my butt and buy some new shoes since mine have close to 600 miles on them. It’s a good thing I don’t have kids because I would do the same thing to them. Even though they wear out and outgrow their old clothes, I’d try to fit them in those clothes like they are little sausages until their shins hurt.

8.  My bunny does this cute thing when you start petting her while she’s playing in her box. She crouches down really low and shoves her face in the corner. She won’t move until you’re done petting her and even then she waits a little bit to see if you’re really done.

9.  I got to see my second mom (also known as Lisa’s mom) over the weekend. I probably spent more time at Lisa’s house than my own growing up and our moms had a system where one would pick us up and one would drop us off whereever we wanted to go. However, Lisa’s mom always made one of us rub her back before she took us anywhere. So cruel. I fully plan on doing that to Lisa’s kids.

I like to call that picture, the human butterfly.

10.  Last night, I had a dream that I was one of the new stars of Two and a Half Men and that they killed off Charlie Sheen’s character through a skydiving accident. I jumped out of the plane with him (I do real stunt work in my dreams) and felt bad that Charlie didn’t have a parachute, but I didn’t help him out because it wasn’t in the script.

11.  I went to a few new places on Saturday night. First we hit up Luma on Park Ave. It’s an upscale bar and restaurant. I took a bunch of pictures of the place but they came out dark. So instead, check me out coordinating my drinks to my outfit.

12.  We also went to Drake’s Boathouse on Fairbanks. This place was half restaurant/half bar and the areas were sectioned off from each other. The bar area looked very gothic and “churchy” inside and they had a live band that played a lot of cool cover songs. 


The place was a LOT of fun. My pictures of the place came out pretty dark there too. 😦 Instead, here’s a picture where I look like I’m wearing no pants.

 Lisa’s husband, Tom, was with us but I think we were too busy making him take pictures of us to get many pictures of him. Photo fail.

13.  Speaking of Lisa, she has lost more than 30lbs since she started Weight Watchers in January. Let’s oogle her progress:

She looks fab, no? The best part about her weight loss is there’s something in it for me. And really, that’s the only reason for anyone to lose weight. For it to benefit me. Forget health. I get her fat clothes!

Thanks for the cute top, Lisa!

14.  Also, in case anyone was wondering, Hubs sent an email to our personal trainer and kinda worked things out. Hubs told him basically what I wrote in this post and he wrote back saying that he was sorry and he can see how it would seem that way and he’d like to work out a schedule. Hubs even worked out with him on Saturday morning. However, I’ve sent him a schedule three times and still haven’t heard from him. Which still annoys me because I hold grudges forever. By the way, being a grudge holder is super annoying. So if you are not one of those people, consider yourself lucky. It is no fun.


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30 responses to “The Post with no Purpose

  1. Where does one get frozen Peeps pops?!?!?!

  2. Katie G

    I have that palette too–I love it! Let me know what you think of the All Nighter. I’m totally in love with all things Urban Decay.

  3. I saw that eyeshadow thingie in the Ulta flyer and thought… hmmm… I might have to have that. Mind you, I rarely put on eyeshadow. When I have to run into Ulta for something, I purposely grab what I need and run to the checkout, trying not to look at anything… it’s bad there… real bad… for the wallet that is.

  4. I’m a grudge holder. I had one that just ended. If I had held that grudge for just one more year, it would have made it an entire decade. That’s a forgiveness fail on my part.

  5. Andrea

    I would mix the cake flavored vodka with Frangelicos, or some lemon sort of alcohol. OR Godiva chocolate and caramel Baileys for a Chocolate Caramel Cake martini….

  6. Love the Naked palette, I stalked Ulta for MONTHS waiting for that thing to be in stock! I’ve had it since December and use it nearly everyday. Totally worth the $$$ IMO…

  7. I’m the same way with Ulta. I only wear eyeliner and blush and everytime I go in there for one of those two things, I walk out with a ton of crap I don’t need!

    And I’m also a grudge holder. I’m STILL mad at this girl for being a royal bitch to me in 7th grade field hockey. We went to the same college and I refused to speak to her. And then she requested me on facebook like two weeks ago. Denied! That’s a special case though, I dont tend to hold onto things for 14 years.

  8. Stefanie

    I love the posts with no point. 🙂

  9. I’m scared of peeps. I think it’s the eyes. Shudder!*

  10. Whoa!! Go Lisa!

    Excellent drink/outfit coordination. Love it 🙂

  11. #8–super cute bunny!!
    #10–totally hilarious!
    #13–she looks fabulous!
    #14–I’m a total grudge holder!!
    Thanks for the numbers. Commenting is easier. 🙂

  12. Angie

    Have that NAKED…love it!

  13. Urban Decay 24/7 liner is a WINNER!

    Also, Lisa is doing awesome! Good for her! 🙂

  14. HAHA! I remember Splash! My mom made me watch it when I was a young’n and I was convinced that I wanted to be a mermaid like that girl. I even tried to grow my hair out long like her!

    Well, I still have feet– so I guess it didn’t work out so well 😦

  15. I would love to know how the cake vodka tastes! Sounds so interesting!

    • It does taste like cake! Just verrrrry alcoholic cake. :-) I bet pineapple juice would be a good mixer with it, but I try to stay away from the fruit drinks since there’s so much sugar and I can’t drink just one.

  16. I like the numbers. It does give the post purpose.

    I am not a grudge holder. It sucks too because you always feel like you need to make things right with people (at least I do).

    Lisa looks awesome and I totally love that shirt you were wearing today. I love it so much that I’m telling you online even though I told you in person!

  17. Peep pops AND cake flavored vodka???? You know about everything cool. I would dip my Peep pops in my cake vodka. Or eat frosting with a side of cake vodka since I like my frosting with a side of cake. Same, no? If you were thinking of mixing it, though, I’d go with cream soda. And sprinkles.
    Or this: –doesn’t call for cake flavored vodka, but I’m nearly positive it would be an amazing sub.

    • I love my frosting with a side of cake! And a side of vodka. I did think about the cream soda combo. But I wondered if it would just still taste like cream soda. Only one way to find out! 🙂

  18. Dan

    Grudges are my vice too. I have not commented on any of your posts since you claimed Michelle “pooped” on her sheets in Tampa.

  19. ooohhh! I want to try that cake vodka! I just bought whipped cream orange vodka last weekend….yummy!

  20. Mz. Teri

    hmmmmmm, I’d like to suggest this all important tip: if it says urinal cake on the package, save your money and not buy it. lol

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