Worn Out

This week has me beaten down. It hasn’t even been a bad week at all; I’m just super tired, particularly from all the workouts I’ve done. I’m still sore from all of them. WTF body?

Also, of course, there is the staying up till midnight because Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and So You Think You Can Dance are all more important than sleep. I think my body clock is off. On Wednesday, I woke up thinking it was Monday. And then last night, I woke up at 3:30am, thought I missed my alarm, got out of bed, and tried to get ready for work. I am a genius.

I did manage a speed run last night.

Mile Pace Incline
1 10:00 (warm up) .5
800  (1/2 mile) 8:57 .5
200 Walk .5
Repeat above x3    
800 8:49 1.0
200 Walk 1.0
Repeat above x2    
800 8:42 1.0
200 Walk 1.0
1 10:00 (cool down) 1.0

Total miles:  5 (running) 1.25 (walking)

The schedule for our speed and tempo runs says to run 3 – 6 miles. I’ve been emailing with one of the pace leaders in my running group and she told me that when she was training for her first marathon, she always ran the shortest distance during the week and always walked her 200’s during speed work and it worked out great for her. So, last night I stayed on the higher side of the mileage, but walked the 200’s. And didn’t feel guilty about it.

Last night I received an email that the Savannah Rock n Roll is about to sell out.

Let’s take a closer look at that last sentence.

Thank you, Savannah. Running with 23,000 other people SOUNDS safe and comfortable.

Oh, and about those Frosted Animal Cookies I bought. They cannot be in my house. At all. I had to bring them to work for the boys with faster metabolisms.

What’s the biggest race you’ve run? (Looks like it will be Savannah for me!)

Do you ever get up super early and think it’s later? (Once, I got up for work, took a shower, and then realized I didn’t have to be up for another 2 hours. That sucked.)


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22 responses to “Worn Out

  1. A few years ago during the blurriness of new fatherhood I woke up early on Sunday morning (before the sun was up) and packed the car for the trip that we were going to take that day. I remember being pissed b/c most of the stuff wasn’t ready to go and was just about the complain about it when I realized that it was not Sunday morning but Saturday. Doh.

  2. Lisa

    I’m running the Falmouth Road Race on Sunday, with 11000 other people. This is the biggest I’ve ever done. I think I might have run one in the past with 1000 people max, so this is going to be an experience for meM

  3. Houston will be my “big” race. I think they cap at like 24,000 and there is such popularity for this race that we have to enter a lottery… it’s crazy!!! Kinda excited about being around all those other runners!!

  4. Chicago is the biggest race that I have ever run. 40,000 people. I am always in back, naturally, and it was still really crowded.

  5. Stefanie

    I think the largest race I ran was the UV Half. I think there were 2000 participants in the half, and the same amount in the full. I can’t even imagine what 23,000 would look like.

  6. I can’t remember how many ran Austin, but I think the biggest race was RnR San Antonio, close to 30,000 runners. The amount of corrals they had was ridiculous, it took 30-40 minutes to cross the starting mat!

  7. Ahh I hate when that happens! But yes, I have definitely gone back to sleep with my hair in a towel because I had woken up and showered thinking it was time to get ready.

  8. My biggest race was the Dallas White Rock Marathon. It had around 20,000 participants. I like smaller races in general, but there’s something really special about doing a race that big. The energy is contagious!*

  9. 23000 people is pretty damn big. I think Shamrock was 20000 and I ran Vegas last year which was just stupid big.

    And uh that happened to me this morning. I woke up at 3 am thinking it was time to ride my bike. Not so much.

  10. The biggest race I’ve done was Pat’s Run in Arizona. 34,000+ (they kept changing the number of participants over the loudspeaker)

    It was a 4 mile run. The course was PACKED and no fun at all. It was more of a parade for a good cause I guess. There was no way to actually run being hemmed in by so many people.

  11. Really? You had to bring up the frosted animal cookies again?! 😛 I am sending the wifey to you to explain why I picked up and ate a whole bag/box of them tonight.

  12. The biggest race was San Diego’s Rock n Roll Marathon. I think it was about 40K people. But I could be wrong. It was SUPER crowded.

    And YES, except my experience wasn’t all that bad…it just meant that I had more time to run before I had to head into work that morning.

  13. The White Rock Lake Marathon…we did the relay…last year had around 24,000. It was a crazy start. Chicago will have around 40,000. Can’t imagine….but maybe all of those people will help distract me from my misery!

  14. The biggest race I did was probably the Eugene Marathon. Maybe the Seattle Marathon. In October it’ll be the Frankfurt Marathon. I’m not sure how many people are doing it – well over 10,000 I think.

  15. That’s the worst feeling! Or if you fall asleep when it’s light out (early afternoon) and wake up when it’s dark, that always throws me for a loop.

    Crap, that’s a big race. I only half I have done had close to 10,000 half and full runners and that was busy!

  16. That so sucks to wake up in the middle of the night and get ready for work. I’ve never done it before, but I am 100% positive that I would be *pissed* when I realized my mistake. Fo sho.

    The biggest race I ran was a 10K back in April–45, 000 runners. It was absolutely insane. By the time I finished and hung out for a while, there were still waves that hadn’t even started. Nuts.

    Good work on the speedwork and runs. And I see no shame in walking in between. Running fast is hard.

  17. Yeah the race having so many people kinda worries me too, my last marathon had only 200 people and it was AWESOME. Then again I like running alone :). I think it’ll be fun, you will get so caught up in the energy you will feel “carried along”. Just think of it like our pace group runs except really really big pace groups!

  18. NYC Marathon will be my largest, last year they had 45,000 runners! Not gonna lie, that number terrifies me. I’m curious to see how it’ll go down.

    Up until now my largest race has been the Disney Princess Half & I think that’s roughly around 13,000 runners.

  19. I did the Bolder Boulder back in 2005, and there were over 42,000 finishers. They did wave starts though, which helped with spacing us out. It was still a ton of people. I also did Bay to Breakers in SF in 2005 and while I can’t confirm it, I heard there was over 70,000 runners. All I know is that at the start line I felt like I was in a can of sardines. Sheer craziness.
    I have been waking up in the middle of the night thinking it’s time to get up recently too. Then I look at the clock and think, YES! Three more hours to sleep! 🙂

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