Yesterday, I really wanted to check out a huge Adidas tent sale that was going on by Florida Mall. I was starving at noon after mowing the lawn, so hubs and I decided we would drive down to the Florida Mall area and find a place to eat before we hit up the sale. Usually when we have no idea where we are going when we leave the house, we get frustrated and end up at Wendys. We got lucky this time and stumbled upon Saffran.

Saffran is located off Sand Lake Road (for the Orlando peeps) and right across from Ulta (for the ladies). I didn’t know what half the stuff on the menu was but we decided to stay because we are suckers for new places.

The place is kind of like Crispers where you place your order at the counter, they give you a number to place on the table, and the food is brought out to you.

Saffran’s menu says they were voted #1 in Iceland. (?!) Also, they use no white sugar or white flour in any of their food.

Hubs and I placed our order and picked our table.

A few minutes later, the girl that took our order came over and asked if we had already eaten and were just hanging out. Um. You JUST took our order. Apparently we are that forgettable. A little while later, she brought us another table’s  food.

(That’s our table number. The joke worked better in my mind.)

Hubs and I both had the Kabob Burger which was a mixture of beef and lamb and it was served on two mini-pitas instead of a bun.

This burger was ahh-maz-ing. We both loved it. It was a little on the salty side for me but even too salty it was amazing and so juicy.

The chef came out and asked how we liked it. He even mentioned that he didn’t know if the mixture would be too salty or not since it was a fresh mixture he made for the day. He was really welcoming and friendly and made up for the food taking longer than we expected to come out. He even brought us dessert on the house.

The dessert was chocolate mousse. It was really rich and tasty and usually I’m not a big fan of mousse. Again, it was made without sugar and I think the chef told us it was under 100 calories? I don’t know if I heard him right, because it didn’t taste under 100 calories. It tasted like all the fat angels in heaven got together and made their favorite dessert.

Overall, we loved the place and want to take some friends there next time. 🙂

After lunch, we checked out the Adidas tent sale. It was like shopping at Ross if Ross wasn’t air conditioned, it was packed with three times the annoying people, and all the clothes were thrown in big boxes that you had to search through.

I ended up getting several pairs of capri workout pants for my cardio class so I’m not flashing people while doing planks. All the shoes were $20, shorts and pants were $10, and shirts were $8, so we got some really good deals. They were also selling some sweet jackets if you’re into this style. Hubs thought it was interesting that Adidas can sell all this stuff really cheap for 4 days and then bend us over with their prices the other 360 days of the year. Well played, Adidas. Well played.


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22 responses to “Saffran

  1. This place looks awesome 🙂 I love the fact that you also live in Orlando because I know that all of these amazing restaurants you visit are right within my reach, too.

    Florida Mall is a little bit out of the way for me, and is definitely comparable to a “tourist trap”, but I think I might have to take the plunge for the sake of a meal like this 😀

  2. I tend to always buy workout shirts and tanks but never pants and capris. I need some new ones because the ones I have are getting really old. I tend to stick with under armour and Nike

  3. I like the pita bun idea! I’ll have to check that place out if I’m ever out that way. Wish I would have known about the ten sale, but I love your comparison to Ross. At least you got some good deals!

  4. I read about this place! I will definitely have to try it. Maybe they can think about opening one near us?

    Woah – that is a CRAZY amount of people at the Adidas sale. Glad you scored some good loot!

  5. How often do they have the adidas sales tent up? I’ve missed it the two times I’ve heard about it, it’s also out of the way for me but I’ll make the treck for cheap gear anytime!

    • I have no idea, this is the first I’ve heard about it. A friendfound out about it from thenewspaper. I decided to check it out after she showed me all the awesome stuff she got. :-) I think it ends today so you might still have time to make it.

  6. Holy crap, that’s a lot of people! I love finding steals like that! If only I lived somewhere that had a lululemon mega-sale…

  7. That’s a boat load of people!! I’d still shop my face off 🙂

  8. Saffran looks like a resteraunt after my own heart. Hopefully Michigan will get in on that action soon!

  9. I want the burger. I want the mousse. I want the sale price.

    The rifling through bins? Not that much. I am a horrible Ross/secondhand/Forever 21 shopper for that exact reason. I want to find things, but I don’t have the patience for it. Guess I am doomed to pay full price or wear the same workout gear I’ve had since the late 90s. Whatevs.

  10. That burger looks gooooooood! I will definitely be taking the wifey there soon. That tent looks hot. But sounds like it was definitely worth it for the deals.

    Side note: I was at Publix yesterday and wasn’t able to find the frosted animal crackers. Those bastiches!

  11. Is that a Texas singlet being held up in the front? Weird. Although I have a shopping problem, so for 8 bucks I probably would’ve bought two…

    That restaurant looks cool. Indian food to go. Sign me up.

  12. David

    Zero pictures of you or Bunnypants = minor fail

  13. Number 1 in Iceland? I don’t know anything about what people eat in Iceland, but I guess if I was number 1 there, I’d brag about it too.*

  14. How cool is this place! Quality food like that a fast pace is fantastic 🙂
    I believe this is my first time commenting… but I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more!

  15. Jerry Maguire had Dorothy at “hello”. You had me at “all the fat angels in heaven got together and made their favorite dessert. Now all we need is a Cuba Gooding Jr. type, and I think we’ve got ourselves a movie.

  16. Wow, what an awesome deal at that tent sale. I want a tent sale!

    That lunch looks awesome too. I guess Iceland knows what’s up!

  17. Stefanie

    Why can’t Adidas do anything like that here?? I can always use more gear. ALWAYS. Can I just say that I am jealous of all of the foodie establishments you have around your parts? There is literally NOTHING like that in good ol’ Utah County. We’ve got things like Applebees, and Chilis. Totally. Lame. You are convincing me more and more that I need to live in Florida.

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