Back from the Bahamas Blues

I got back from the Bahamas around 7am this morning and now I’m at work.

 I still feel like I’m on a moving ship. It is weird.

I had an awesome weekend even though it didn’t include any Diet Coke or peanut butter. But the lack of DC and PB was made up for in parasailing, kayaking, and a cab driver that called herself “Mama” in the third person.

I have 189 posts to catch up on in my Reader. Apparently the blog world does not stop while I am away. Rude! I’ll have a whole week’s worth of Bahamian posts for you, but first I must work.  In the meantime, go check out my guest post over at Tara’s blog!   🙂  (I’ll be stalking the comments.)

Have you ever taken a cruise? (If so, what’s your favorite cruise line and why?)


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22 responses to “Back from the Bahamas Blues

  1. Is it weird that I am commenting so soon?

    I just got back from a cruise too!!! And I felt like I was swaying all day yesterday! I was in the Western Caribbean with Carnival, but I preferred Royal Caribbean.

  2. GROSS! why did you go to work?! la-hame. next time, just shoot me a message and i’ll call in for you.

  3. My empty cube in the background….that’s really why you are sad…

  4. Carolina

    I’m one of your shadow followers, commenting for the first time… but I too had land sickness after my last cruise! Mine lasted a little over a week. I went to see my doctor about it and she warned if it had lasted longer she would have debated diagnosing me with Mal de debarquement, but for how long it did last my odds are high to experience it again after a cruise. As for favorite cruise line, I preferred Royal Caribbean over Carnival, just the overall service/appearance and “calmness” of the other people on the ship really won me over.

    • Thanks for commenting! This is definitely a weird feeling and I don’t remember feeling this way after my last cruise. I’ve heard people say RC is better than Carnival. We were docked near 2 Carnival ships and one had a water slide I was a little envious of. 🙂

  5. Back from the cruise & straight to work? You are a trooper!

    I’ve been on RC, Carnival, and Norwegian, and my favorite is definitely Norwegian. No set times for meals, less structured than all of the other cruise lines, you don’t feel like you have to stick to a schedule on vacation. The only thing I want to stick to on a cruise is a stool at the bar 🙂

  6. Wow…back at work the same day as the cruise AND a blog post! Way to make me feel like a slacker. However, my slackerness (yeah, just made that up) was nice enough to keep your Reader a few posts short while you were gone. Actually…..I really just figured….why post something, Paula’s just going to Mark All Read. 😉

    Really it was an adult beverage filled weekend, so nothing really got done. 🙂

  7. You are super trooper for going to work!

    Me & 12 of my friends went on a 104 ft ship charter trip once……I was wearing a scopalomine patch and still got sicker than motion sick can get. I was dehydrated big time and felt like I was still moving w/ the waves for a week. It was craziness! I was fine once in calm waters but the crossing from Miami FL to the Bahamas was brutal. That’s why I’ve never been on a “real” cruise……

  8. vinobaby

    Good thing you ARE back from the cruise and it wasn’t this upcoming weekend. No fun when they “detour” around a hurricane and you can’t hit any of your activities and destinations.

    We did the R.C. Bahamas cruise for our 5th Anny eons ago. It was fun, but I like to be on my own more. Being so close to so many ports makes cruises nice weekend get-aways, but I can’t imagine flying across the country or world to take one.

    Not saying if Carnival came knocking with a free cruise I wouldn’t be racing to the ship though…

    Glad you had fun — cheers!

  9. Welcome back! I’m quite impressed that you got back this morning and still made it in to work. I probably would have called in sick 😛

  10. You’re such a stud going into work after your cruise. That has to induce a serious vacation hangover/reality check, though. Ugh. Maybe you should have a pina colada at your desk to take the edge off.

  11. Glad to have you back 🙂
    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend– Parasailing AND “mama”!? You’re one lucky lady

  12. Welcome back! My family went on a big cruise kick where it seemed like every year we were doing cruises. My favorite was a baltic cruise that toured northern Eurpoe. It started and ended in Copenhagen!

  13. Oh man. I have done the strait back to work from a flight/vacation thing and its rough. At least you have some Diet Coke to help you out 🙂

  14. I have been on two cruises, one Carnival and one Princess. I enjoyed the Princess cruise the most! I love cruising, my favorite vacation!

  15. Welcome home! Can’t wait to see the pics!

  16. I went on a cruise on The Big Red Boat forever ago. (Wasn’t 1996 forever ago?) Is The Big Red Boat even still around?*

  17. Talk about a smack in the face of reality… just WRONG WRONG WRONG to get off a cruise ship & immediately head to work! Been on Carnival, Royal Caribbean & in June we went on the new Disney Dream…. 10th anniversary cruise and yes we took our 7-year old daughter with us… it was her 1st cruise. Cruises are the BEST!

  18. Jealous…as never been on a cruise…NEVER! 😦 😦 And mostly good things are said about them…one day…one day.

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