Supermarket Rip-offs

My mom sent me an article on the 7 worst supermarket rip-offs.  I picked the top 3 I found most interesting and thought I would share (in case you’re not much of a link clicker). 🙂 

All of the following information is taken from the link above.

Well, the pictures may have been altered. Slightly.

Organic Onions and Avocados

In fact, as a general rule, anything you have to peel before you eat (such as bananas or garlic, for example) is relatively low in pesticides. If you want to eat organic, splurge on produce with permeable or edible skin, such as peaches, lettuce, and apples.

Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Gluten-free foods generally cost two to three times more than their gluten-containing counterparts, and unless you’re among the less than 1 percent of people with celiac disease, there’s no point in coughing up the extra dough. Gluten-free pastries and breads don’t necessarily have fewer calories or more nutrients than regular products. A 2006 study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology followed a group of gluten-free dieters with celiac disease for 2 years and discovered that 81 percent of them actually gained weight.

5-Hour Energy

There’s a lot of hype in this bottle, but the only ingredient that provides any significant energy is caffeine, of which there are 135 grams in each bottle. That’s less than you’d find in a 14-ounce cup of coffee (Dunkin’ Donuts 14-ounce medium has 164 grams of caffeine). Cost for a cup of coffee: A buck or two. Cost for 5-Hour Energy: Between $3 and $4.

What do you think are the worst supermarket rip-offs? (I pick the 100 calorie packets…of anything. It’s so much cheaper to buy the whole bag and then portion it out in Zip-Locs when you get home.)

P.S. Please don’t be alarmed that this isn’t a Bahamas post. I have more of those coming. 😉


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22 responses to “Supermarket Rip-offs

  1. I did learn that about organic veggies…and it just makes sense. Bananas, avocados, onions, etc…have got a tough “shell” and therefore tough to get those pesticides in there. Tomatoes and strawberries (berries in general)…should buy organic if you can…some of the highest amounts of pesticides are used in tomatoes — oh my my…but..ya know it’s not always economical to buy organic.

    I haven’t bought gluten free products before, so didn’t know that…but good to know.

    Lastly, I was one to shout out my love of 5-hour energy drinks – caffeine…shot form…woo. Plus, I can’t drink regular energy drinks (heart racing/panic attacks) or coffee (coffee b/c I can’t stand the taste..and after a while does what energy drinks do). So, b/c I could drink 5-hrs…I shelled over the money. But, I found at the dollar store…I can get energy shots for $1, instead of $3!!!! I did like reading that the 5-hrs have less caffeine than a cup of coffee…I think that’s why they worked for me.

    Wow…my poor tenderloin is the worst cut of meat buy at the supermarket?? Boo! LOL. Funny thing, we couldn’t even find it at either of the grocery stores nearby! LOL…

    Thanks! Do look forward to more info about your cruise. 🙂

  2. I actually disagree about the 5-Hour Energy. It’s not really the caffeine, it’s the B vitamins that are particularly beneficial (same w/ a lot of energy drinks). And your comment about the peeing is spot on (plus less likely to have stomach discomfort!). And I think they’re listing the cost higher than it usually is. It’s great before a long run or when you’re running on no sleep and have to drive a few hours for a memorial service (not that I am speaking from experience or anything).

  3. I thought it was funny that Funnyuns were on the list! Just seemed kind of random.

    I think any of those gimmicky diet things are rip-offs (100 cal packs, low-cal ice cream treats, slim-fast stuff, etc). You can just buy the real stuff and practice portion control and save a TON of money!

  4. dangit, Paula, why did you have to put 5 hour energy on there!? (and yes, i am too lazy to click the link so i just read yours ;-)) i liked to think that 5 hour energy worked, even though i already had the sinking suspicion there was nothing in it that really made it give you 5 hours of energy. thanks to you, now i know.

    and i bought organic bananas for the longest time, until my mom emailed me the list of foods to splurge on and foods not to splurge on.

  5. I agree on the 100 calorie packs. Those are ridiculously expensive for what you get.

    I was surprised about the gluten free thing and gaining weight. I didn’t see that one coming. Then again, I’ve read that people who drink diet soda are more likely to be overweight too.

  6. Katie G

    Disagree about the organic veggies. It’s not just the pesticides–organic farming practices mean better soil for the plants, which in turn means better flavor and much more nutritious produce than non-organic.

  7. I think pre-sliced fruit is a rip off. You can get a small little container of watermelon for around $5.99 or a whole watermelon for around the same price. Plus it’s way more fun to work on my Fruit Ninja skills slicing up a watermelon myself.

    Double Stuffed Oreos on the other hand are worth every penny!

    • So true on the fruit. Also, I was unaware that Fruit Ninja was a proper name. Nice! I am often a victim to Publix sliced fruit for lunch, I will admit. Also, I’m pretty sure I’d give my first born for those Oreo Big Stuffs to come back on the market.

  8. These are really interesting. I’ve heard about the organic fruits and veggies before and how some of them are much more important to buy organic, but some of them it doesn’t even matter. Actually, here is the Web MD link for a similar article Interesting stuff!

  9. I find any energy drink to be disgusting. I try to buy the “dirty dozen” in organic, but sometimes I’m just too cheap. Gotta die of something, right?

  10. Those energy bottles are such a rip off!! And the 100 calorie packs too. Nice review!

  11. Suzanne

    Who is out there buying and eating Funyuns? How are these “onion flavored rings” (gag) still on the market? This is one that is going to keep me up at night – much like the question of how is Radio Shack still in business?

  12. Though they can be tasty, I think that boxed cake and brownie mixes are a huge ripoff. I know it’s all hard and stuff to measure out the flour and cocoa and whatever at home, but it tastes SO much better and is probably cheaper in the end.

  13. Tiff

    The dollar store by my house sells 5hour energy for $1 each!! I tried one and I thought they were fine.

    I buy an “off brand” of Red Hot candy for $1.50 and the same size of name brand results are 3.29. Rip offs!!!!! I will stay with off brand 🙂

  14. Word on the 100 cal packs. total money rip off and total satisfying food rip off!

  15. I don’t know if it qualifies as a “rip off” but one thing that I think is WAY overpriced are the juice mix packets, either for 2 quarts or 20 ounces. WAY too expensive for a drink of non-water.

  16. biggest supermarket ripoff… the WONDERFUL whole grain bread freshly baked, but in a circular shape so there are only like 5-6 pieces in the middle that are big enough to make sandwiches with, and then what the heck are you supposed to do with the rest that are all tapering down in size? I usually toast thema nd put tuna salad on them but still… i awnt a dang sandwich.

  17. So I was Googling the ifitness belt under images tonight and a picture of you pointing to your boobs with the words “my boobs” across it came up. Hilarious!

  18. I hate, hate, hate, hate how 5-hour energy brags about how ‘natural’ and ‘full of vitamins’ it is. Honestly, I’m scared of the stuff.

    On organics, even though it’s okay to eat non-organics that you peel, Organic is still better for the environment (and a better life for the farmers that don’t have to be around chemicals), so if the price differential isn’t too great, I go for organic no matter what the product.

  19. Mammabird

    Not to worry about pesticides any longer. They are benign
    compared to radiation from Japan powerplants that will be
    in our food supply for years to come.

  20. Good post! I love reading about people who are trying to sneak into my wallet 🙂

    I agree with you on the 100-calorie packs – those things are so expensive! Plus, if I want an Oreo, I’m not going to be satisfied with crackers that “taste” like Oreo. Give me the real thing!

    I almost never buy any toiletry or cosmetic item from a grocery store. Always so expensive! Target is the go-to for that kind of stuff (and pretty much everything else I don’t need).

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